GORUCK GR1 26L worn by an athlete

GR1 and GR2 Updated with New Back Panel

Let’s take a look at GR1 and GR2. When athletes travel, they want to carry something durable and versatile because they know challenges on the road are inescapable. That’s the point of GORUCK rucksacks. They are proven in the most brutal territories in the world and made to Army Special Forces standards. GORUCK rucksacks are the absolute best for everyday carry, rucking, and traveling. GR1 is the toughest rucksack ever built. It is streamlined using Special Forces quality materials, making them ideal for everyday carry (EDC) daypack. GR2 is arranged following the design of Special Forces medical rucks with plenty of compartments for organization. It is TSA-compliant and hands-free, with different sizes to choose from. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: GR1 GR1’s durability has been proven at thousands of GORUCK Events as the greatest rucksack ever made. GORUCK has given GR1 its first significant update to make it more durable and versatile. The back panel and shoulder straps are now reinforced with all-new 210D HT (High Tenacity). The shoulder straps and top handle [Read more …]

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