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Let’s review the newly launched Rucker 4.0 from GORUCK.

I ordered one as soon as it dropped, and it’s here. Let’s take a tour of the features.

GORUCK Rucker 4 Review 49
Rucker 4 – in Tropic MultiCam (500D Cordura). Looks good. Just don’t forget where you set it down…

The latest version of GORUCK’s Rucker is the ultimate fitness training backpack. It now comes in Tropic Multicam or Black for dope style and practicality.

Get it now – only from GORUCK:

Rucker 4.0 (Tropic Multicam) Get Tropic Multicam and you'll get a tough backpack made with 500D Cordura. Available in 20L and 25L sizes - and the bigger one comes with a hip-belt.
Rucker 4.0 (Black) Fly under the radar with the Black color and you get the legendary 1000D Cordura.
Rucker Long Range (Coyote Brown) 25L not enough for you? Go with the new Long Range model and you can get 33L or even 39L of capacity.
Rucker Long Range (Black) Rucker Long Range - also available in Black.
Rucker 3.0 (Multicam) You can still get the Rucker 3.0. Here it is in MultiCam. This is a versatile camo pattern made for the modern era. But, if you are interested in one you probably like it because it looks cool - and that's OK.
Rucker 3.0 (Black Multicam) The only thing cooler than Multicam is MultiCam Black. This dark and foreboding pattern looks good and is a little less obvious. I love this color.
Bonehead Ruck Weight Complete Set (Black) You could get the GORUCK Ruck plates - but why not have more fun with the Bonehead collection from Fringe Sport? Let's face it - a lump of iron is a lump of iron. BUT these are lumps of iron shaped like skulls!

Let’s take a closer look.


I took this bag out to stomp around in the woods.

GORUCK Rucker 4 Review 34
This is my kind of test drive.

First, understand they’ve carried over all the cool new stuff from the Rucker 3.

Like what? Tons of handles, drain grommets, low-abrasion shoulder straps, low-abrasion hip belt, and two interior pockets for plates.

GORUCK Rucker 4 Review 82
Many handles on this 25L Rucker 4. Great for PT (Physical Training) AND convenience. You can carry this thing like a suitcase!
GORUCK Rucker 4 Review 84
Drain grommets – and bottom handle.
GORUCK Rucker 4 Review 78
MOLLE on the outside, and exteriod sides.
GORUCK Rucker 4 Review 52
Do you need the hip belt and chest strap. Yes – they are seriously helpful for long distance AND for keeping the bag in place during PT (Think jumping jacks, etc.)

They’ve made it better – primarily by removing all the interior zippers.

So – you use Velcro (aka hook and loop) instead.

It works just fine. But, it’s NOISIER and it takes longer to open and close.

GORUCK Rucker 4 Review 73
Mesh pocket now uses velcro. It works fine. But it is noisy and slower to open/close.

I think that’s OK – this is a tool for fitness – not stealth.

GORUCK Rucker 4 Review 70
Velcro up here too.

They’ve also added more foam padding in the interior to better protect your head from sliding ruck plates.

When you do bear crawls and other such silliness you tend to get plates sliding around a bit.

They’ve also helpfully added more D-rings on the interior. There’s 3 now.

GORUCK Rucker 4 Review 80
The reflective stripe is there, but the slant pocket is not. RIP slant pocket – I’ll miss you. Even if you didn’t fit very much you were still convenient, if nothing else.

My only complaint? The external slant pocket is gone. I liked that one. It didn’t fit much, but it was convenient.

Maybe they’ll bring that back in the Rucker 5.

GORUCK Rucker 4 Review 96
Rucker 4

Overall, I’m pleased with this iteration.

I just wish they’d bring some of these great new features to the GR1. When are we getting that?

GORUCK Rucker 4 Review 55
My only other complaint? GORUCK has now made the Rucker ALMOST better than the GR1. It’s cheaper, super-tough, more versatile. Really only missing the laptop compartment and the MADE IN THE USA feature. GORUCK! Get on that ASAP!

Rucker 4.0

First of all, let’s understand the 4.0 is an evolution of the Rucker 3.0

GORUCK Rucker 4.0 Tropic MultiCam inside
Rucker 4.0 – What’s new? Interior zippers replaced with velcro for ultra-toughness. Padding at the top so you don’t bonk your noggin with a ruck plate, and the outside pocket is gone – that dang zipper was always the first thing to go anyways…

As such, all the great improvements from the 3.0 are here – better framesheet, handles, non-abrasive straps and back panel, lumbar support – and more.

So what’s the big deal about the 4.0?

More padding at the top:

GORUCK Rucker 4.0 Tropic MultiCam internal
See the top of the bag? That’s more foam padding so you don’t conk your head on a ruck plate. How would that happen? Maybe when you are doing bear crawls or ruck drags, etc. There’s really several ways to do that.

Here’s the real big deal though – if you use your Rucker as intended – meaning you sling it around with lots of weight for exercise – you’ll eventually kill the interior zippers.

So they’ve gotten rid of those, and replaced them with hook and loop.

GORUCK Rucker 4.0 Tropic MultiCam inside 2
Indestructible velcro flaps replace the zippers. You can’t kill these.

You can’t kill hook and loop…

Also, they’ve removed the slant exterior pocket too – for the same reason.

GORUCK Rucker 4.0 black full front
Exterior slant pocket (and zipper) is gone.

Available in 20L and 25L – these are great for short trips.

Rucker Long Range

If you are going the distance – you might need to step up to the new Rucker Long Range.

Two sizes – 33L and 39L. This is a substantial boost in capacity.

The Rucker Long Range is made for GORUCK Selection and other endurance events. This is a comfortable rucksack that will make a heavier load more bearable even as you move out for miles and miles on end. It has padded straps and the fabric placed on the back panel and bottom of the shoulder straps not to cause friction burn. You can even wear it shirtless, and it plays excellently with soft fabrics like Merino.

GORUCK Rucker Long Range coyote 33L athletes
GORUCK Rucker Long Range coyote 33L athletes

To support the natural curve of your back, there is also Lumbar Support through an added 10mm of EVA foam padding along the bottom section of the back panel. The Rucker Long Range has two large compartments and multiple pockets, so you have plenty of room for supplies and keep things tidy. It is available in 33L and 39L with a Training Sternum Strap and hydration tube exit port under the top handle of the ruck.

GORUCK Rucker Long Range black 33L running
GORUCK Rucker Long Range black 33L running

GORUCK Rucker 3 Multicam – Our Review

While we wait, let’s reflect back on all the HUGE improvements GORUCK made with the Rucker 3.0

We reviewed the Rucker 3.0 a while back. Here’s what we found:

GORUCK created Rucker 3.0 to provide several updates and improvements from Rucker 2.0’s flaws. If you decide to go shirtless during your rucking, Rucker 3.0 will not hurt your skin and shoulders.

GORUCK Black Multicam Rucker 3 Review (131)
Less abrasive shoulder straps? I like it!

Thanks to its all-new 210D HT (High Tenacity) CORDURA® on the back panel and underside of the shoulder straps. It has two different sizes so you know what to use for your everyday grind.

GORUCK Black Multicam Rucker 3 Review (121)
20L and 25L. If you are tall – go with the 25L.

The Small Frame 20L Rucker is 1.5″ shorter than the Standard 20L Rucker, ideal if you are smaller or have a small torso. The Standard Frame 25L is taller and can accommodate taller people up to 6 feet.

GORUCK Rucker 25L vs 20L
That’s a 20L Rucker 3 on the right, and a 25L Rucker 2 on the left. You can clearly see the size difference.

Want to find out more? Check out our hands-on, in-depth GORUCK Rucker 3 – Small Versus Standard review.

GORUCK Black Multicam Rucker 3 Review (118)
Put up to 2 ruck plates in to this beast (25L)

Let’s hope that Rucker 4.0 comes soon…

GORUCK Rucker 4.0 Summary

That’s our preview of the Rucker 4.0.

Ruckers from GORUCK are made to be abused on rucking events and are also made to rock your travel adventures. They are tough enough to endure tossing and dragging and comfortable enough to be worn shirtless. They are available in different sizes to conform to different workouts and come in Scars Lifetime Guarantee.

This evolution of the Rucker should be tougher than ever. Check back in mid-March – and we’ll let you know.

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GORUCK Rucker 4 Review 100
Rucker 4 – the terrain for the test.

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GORUCK Rucker 3.0 black multicam running
GORUCK Rucker 3.0 black multicam running

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In the swamps

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