GORUCK GR1 26L worn by an athlete

GR1 and GR2 Updated with New Back Panel

Let’s take a look at GR1 and GR2. When athletes travel, they want to carry something durable and versatile because they know challenges on the road are inescapable. That’s the point of GORUCK rucksacks. They are proven in the most brutal territories in the world and made to Army Special Forces standards. GORUCK rucksacks are the absolute best for everyday carry, rucking, and traveling. GR1 is the toughest rucksack ever built. It is streamlined using Special Forces quality materials, making them ideal for everyday carry (EDC) daypack. GR2 is arranged following the design of Special Forces medical rucks with plenty of compartments for organization. It is TSA-compliant and hands-free, with different sizes to choose from. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: GR1 GR1’s durability has been proven at thousands of GORUCK Events as the greatest rucksack ever made. GORUCK has given GR1 its first significant update to make it more durable and versatile. The back panel and shoulder straps are now reinforced with all-new 210D HT (High Tenacity). The shoulder straps and top handle [Read more …]

GORUCK Simple Side Pocket on the ruck

GORUCK Simple Side Pocket

Let’s take a look at the Simple Side Pocket. Use this to add internal or external storage to your Rucker, GR1, GR2 – or anything with MOLLE. When you’re rucking or hiking, you don’t want to stop just to get something inside your rucksack—you want your essentials to be easily accessible at all times. This is the purpose of the Simple Side Pocket. It is an invaluable gear that is underrated and often neglected but essential to your missions. Simple Side Pocket in “Coyote” or Black: Simple Side Pocket – Overview Just because it is called Simple Side Pocket doesnt mean it can only be used on the side of your rucksack. For as long as there is a place to attach it, you can also use the Simple Side Pocket on the back or inside. You can easily connect it to the MOLLE webbing outside your ruck for fast access to things you want on the go. Or equip yourself with a better internal organization when you’ve got your ruck open and need to get something quick. The front [Read more …]

GORUCK Indestructible Grid Fleece Full Zip worn by an athlete

GORUCK Indestructible Grid Fleece Full Zip

Just in time for winter is the new Indestructible Grid Fleece Full Zip from GORUCK. GORUCK apparel, rucksacks, and gear are worth the investment because of their high-quality materials, structure, and functionality. The Indestructible Grid Fleece Full Zip is not an exemption. Its design and fabrics make it ideal for backpacking and other activities in cold weather. GORUCK Indestructible Grid Fleece Full Zip: GORUCK Indestructible Grid Fleece Full Zip – Overview The Polartec® Power Grid™ fabric has lightweight, hi-tech warmth, while the ToughDry® Fabric made with nylon has high abrasion resistance. These two tough-performance fabrics are combined to make the Indestructible Grid Fleece Full Zip. The patented grid structure knit of the Grid Fleece intensifies performance efficiency by improving warmth and breathability while also decreasing fabric mass. These geometric patterns improve compressibility and sweat-wicking and add technical style. With the reinvention of thermal warmth possibilities, Power Grid™ enhances fabric performance while delivering a minimalist design. The ToughDry fabric reinforces the elbows and shoulders of the Indestructible jacket for additional abrasion resistance underneath your ruck and during low crawls. This is [Read more …]

GORUCK GR0 - 16L Compact Rucksack - Made in the USA with dogs

GORUCK GR0 – 16L Compact Rucksack – Made in the USA

Let’s take a look at the GORUCK GR0 Compact Rucksack. If you are looking for a smaller rucksack/backpack for your EDC or daily essentials, the GORUCK GRO is the perfect pack. It is a brilliant pack that fits a laptop of up to 13″, an iPad, batteries, and a few extras for a day of hiking. It is also rigid, reliable, and minimalist, yet ready to face any challenge. The GR0 – only from GORUCK: GORUCK GR0 Compact Rucksack – Overview The GRO is one of the original three rucks of GORUCK, derived from GR1 but made for smaller frames and essentials. Extremely made well in the USA, the GORUCK GRO is efficient, compact, reliable, and rugged, prepared to confront demanding activities. This pack opens flat, making it easier to pack and organize, and it has extra padded shoulder straps and a top handle, so you can carry heavier loads more comfortably. Though small, GRO has a bombproof laptop compartment next to your back that is extra strengthened and has a false bottom so your laptop won’t be noticed when [Read more …]

Mystery Ranch Blitz 30 Pack Forest main

Blitz 30 Packs

Let’s take a look at the Blitz 30 Packs from Mystery Ranch. The Blitz 30 Pack has plenty of brilliant design features that make this bag one of the more versatile Mystery Ranch backpacks. This pack can move anywhere from the jungle to the office because of its tactical appearance and features. From Mystery Ranch: Blitz 30 Packs – Overview The Blitz 30 Pack has a 1770 cu-ins volume that can be compressed when not full so as not to look too big when you have to bring it to the city. It is made from durable 500D CORDURA® fabric fused with valuable features and clever organization, making it a cross-functional EDC. It has a low-profile, removable webbing waist belt that allows you to have access when you want it or keep it simplified. This pack provides quick access through the body panel and gets you straight to the necessary tools. It also comes with a padded floating laptop sleeve that fits laptops up to 15”. Three main pockets and ample PALS webbing are available to keep you organized while [Read more …]

GORUCK Ruck Rain Cover lime worn by an athlete

GORUCK Ruck Rain Cover

The GR1 and other bags from GORUCK aren’t water proof – they are only water resistant. That’s why you need a Ruck Rain Cover to keep your stuff dry (from the outside). Your GORUCK rucksacks are water-resistant, but you can make them 100% waterproof and protected with the Ruck Rain Cover. It is lightweight, tearproof, packable to the size of a beer can, and the most rigid rain cover on the market. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Ruck Rain Cover – Overview The Ruck Rain Cover adds an extra layer of protection when rucking or traveling to make your rucksack last longer. Not only does it protect from the rain but also from woods, thorns, and other elements when hiking and rucking in the woods. Minimal exposure of your rucksack to water and debris can extend its life and keep it clean for other activities. By simply taking your Rain Cover out and pulling it over your rucksack can make it completely waterproof. It has a 70D ripstop weaving that makes the rain [Read more …]

Mystery Ranch Treehouse 20 wood main

Treehouse 20 Pack from Mystery Ranch

Get the drop from up in the canopy with the new Treehouse 20 Pack from Mystery Ranch. The Treehouse 20 is made with usability, organization, and silent operation to provide a fun and dynamic adventure for treestand hunters and whitetail lovers. It is exceedingly durable, water-resistant, and wilderness quiet, with two colors to choose from. Bringing fuzzy polyester to the backpack game – only from Mystery Ranch: Treehouse 20 Pack from Mystery Ranch – Overview The Treehouse 20 Pack is a hanging gear quiver especially created for treestand hunters looking for a fast run and gun mission. It is made from custom-designed fuzzy polyester backed with Nylon 210D laminate fabric that dampens sound, making it super-quiet. This fabric is also water-resistant and provides easy access to the interior without giving away your location. The top-loading access has various interior sleeves and cinch pockets for organization and customized accessory attachment. The pack’s lid highlights a deep shelf on its interior, allowing fast access to your most important tools. It also opens away from the tree for easy access to the inside [Read more …]

Mystery Ranch Gunfighter 14 SB Pack open

Gunfighter SB Backpacks from Mystery Ranch

Get a highly functional, tactical backpack with the Gunfighter SB Packs from Mystery Ranch. Mystery Ranch unveiled the new limited-edition set of backpacks ready for streetwear and have lightweight design. Mystery Ranch creates better, more robust, flexible, durable, and more comfortable backpacks. They make tactical backpacks for soldiers, firefighters, skiers, hunters, climbers, and everyday users with challenging activities. From Mystery Ranch: Gunfighter SB Packs from Mystery Ranch – Overview The Gunfighter SB or Special Blends Packs have a low-profile, minimalist structure for brief missions. The packs are available in two sizes—14L and 24L. 14L is compact at 2.3 lb, measuring 16.75″x10.25″x9.25″, and is perfect for a day tour. 24L is bigger at 2.9 lb, measuring 21.21″x10.25″x10.25″, and is ideal for an overnight getaway. 14L has a 2-zip, rip-zip style opening, while 24L has a 4-zip, rip-zip style opening, both used for fast, full access to the main pack. These packs have a lightweight design and are made from 330D Cougar Nylon with DWR and PU coatings for ultimate durability and protection from weather and UV rays. Both sizes have laser-cut [Read more …]

GORUCK Rucker 4 tiger pocket

Rucker with Camo Interior

Here’s a new option for the Rucker – you can get a Rucker with Camo Interior. The Rucker is now upgraded for a more comfortable rucking and to make it even easier to maintain your equipment. It is the most comfortable rucksack ever made and the tool to make you stronger if you train hard on dirt, grass, and concrete. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Rucker 4 Review The Rucker 4 is great – check out my in-depth Rucker 4 review. This is not the camo interior model – but this camo exterior model works just the same. Rucker with Camo Interior – Overview What significant change did GORUCK make in Rucker 4? All interior pockets are now velcro closure with huge pull tabs, so you can work them even with gloves on, even when it’s cold out. This makes your Rucker more durable than ever before. The top padding of the interior Ruck Plate Pocket is reinforced, so your ruck will naturally slide forward a bit on your back when you do [Read more …]

GORUCK Sandbags - 120 Lb and 150 Lb with an athlete 2

GORUCK Black Friday Sale 2022

GORUCK has GORUCK Holiday Deals – all month long. This is the Black Friday sale for 2022 – if you want great rucking gear at the best discounts of the year. Get up to 40% discount on your most coveted rucksacks, sandbags, and more on GORUCK’s Black Friday Sale. Everything is available while supplies last, and particular rucksacks can sell out earlier. Get them before they’re gone. GORUCK Holiday Deals: GORUCK Holiday Deals – Black Friday Sale 2022 – Overview When it comes to rugged and bulletproof backpacks/rucksacks, one name that stands out is GORUCK. GORUCK builds the best, most rigid rucking gear to equip the rucking revolution. Not only are their rucksacks tough, but their footwear, apparel, and equipment are equally tough and indestructible. And because they are made from excellent materials, their products also come with a high price tag. But you don’t have to worry because these products will last you a lifetime, especially since they are all backed with GORUCK’Scars Lifetime Guarantee. The Black Friday Sale is the best time of the year to take advantage [Read more …]