Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge Workout Shoe Review

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Let’s review the new Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge from Nike.

Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge HIIT Shoe Review (1)
Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge HIIT Shoe Review (1)

Get a surge of cushioning, breathability, performance, and responsiveness with the Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge Workout Shoe. From strength training to the treadmill to the rowing machine, you gain the receptive cushioning of Nike ZoomX foam and containment comfort from an arc on the side to keep you forward of the curve.

Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge HIIT Shoe Review (25)
The SuperRep shoes have lots of foam cushion. This shoe is no exception, but it’s using Nike’s ZoomX foam.

Here are some of the styles we are going to look at:

Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge – Video Review on our YouTube Channel

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Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge – How Well Does It Work?

Think of this shoe as a running shoe.

It’s using ZoomX foam, and lots of it, and has a 10mm heel to toe drop (or offset).

Weight is middle of the road at 12.2 ounces (US Men’s Size 11) – that’s typical for a running shoe with a lot of foam cushion.

Can you run in these? Yes.

Nike stresses these are great for the treadmill, rower, and other indoor workouts, but because of the tough rubber on the outsole, you can run with these outdoors as well.

Overall, I’ll say it’s a good body weight, distance/endurance training shoe.

It should NOT be used for lifting weights – it’s simply too mushy and not stable enough in the heel.

If you are lifting heavy weights – go look at a cross-trainer like the Nike Metcon 6 or Nike React Metcon Turbo.

(But those aren’t nearly as pleasant for running or long-distance walking – because of the minimalistic cushioning.

How does ZoomX compare to Nike’s React foam?

ZoomX is supposed to provide the maximum in energy return, but for me personally it feels mushier as compared to React foam. React foam is another energy returning foam, but it’s meant to last longer, and it feels to be more crisp to me.

Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge – Overview

Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge is lightweight and has a dynamic ZoomX foam that spurs any workout in a training shoe engineered for supreme execution from treadmills to machines to group classes. It grants balance, cushioning, and a relaxed range of movement for multiple exercises and activities.

Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge HIIT Shoe Review (5)
The SupreRep Surge has a wide base (outsole) for great lateral stability.

It is coated with robust, breathable mesh, with a TPU heel clip rendering a locked-in fit on a rowing machine. It is made of synthetic and textile upper and lining/rubber and synthetic sole. The shoes have mesh divisions to keep your feet feeling relaxed and cozy, while the plush ankle collar provides great convenience plus the Nike Swoosh branding complements the design.

Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge HIIT Shoe Review (14)
This shoe uses lots of mesh – it’s quite breathable.

Its defined rubber puts a focused grip underfoot for friction in even the most excruciating floor exercises. Nike ZoomX foam converts every heel punch into responsive, explosive forward movement. The side arc support helps support your foot for strength training intervals. It also has a detachable cushioned insole that allows for custom orthotics.

Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge HIIT Shoe Review (31)
This view shows the side arc at the heel – for exceptional lateral stability.

In the view above you can see the rower clip as well – watch our video review to see how that is used.

Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge – In Summary

That’s our review of the Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge from Nike.

You can get the most of your workout with Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge. ZoomX foam provides you the biggest potential energy return of any Nike foam to keep the bounce in your step, whether your movement is set to an easy jog or all-out sprint. Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge will supply you the “energy” that comes from an exclusive sensation that blends the flexibility of a cushioned shoe that is strong, responsive, and has a fast turnover.

Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge HIIT Shoe Review (3)
Here’s another view of the shoe – showing the shape and side arc.

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Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge HIIT Shoe Review (8)
Side view

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Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge HIIT Shoe Review (14)
This shoe uses ZoomX foam to provide cushion – and there’s a lot of it.

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  1. My workout is F45 and I’ve been doing this workout for about a year now.I have been having major problems with my heels and left knee. I bought these Nike ZoomX shoes thinking “ok, maybe I will see some sort of improvement”.They are fantastic!I never do reviews but I have to tell the world about these workout shoes. If your workout is HIIT get these. You will feel the difference immediately.Thank you NIKE!!!!

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