Nike Metcon 7 Versus Nike Metcon 6

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Let’s compare the Nike Metcon 7 to the Nike Metcon 6.

Now that the Nike Metcon 7 Mat Fraser has dropped we finally have something to compare against the Nike Metcon 6.

Nike Metcon 7 Versus Nike Metcon 6
How does the new Nike Metcon 7 stack up against the Nike Metcon 6? That’s what were going to talk about in this comparison…

At long last we have the Nike Metcon 7. It looks good (just remember this is the Mat Fraser Personal Edition – so it always looks a bit “dramatic”).

Has Nike revolutionized the CrossFit shoe that millions know and love?

We’ll compare this shoe to its very popular predecessor.

This is Nike Metcon 7 vs Nike Metcon 6. And here’s where you can get these shoes:

Nike Metcon 7 Mat Fraser (Black/Black-Black-Metallic Gold) Here's the shoe you've been waiting for - the Nike Metcon 7. Gone are the Hyperlifts and perforated upper, but Nike has given us React foams and rock-solid stability in return. It's also 1 ounce lighter than its predecessor.
Nike Metcon 6 Here's the Nike Metcon 6. Compared to the M5 this shoe is heavier, but it breathes better, and it is just as tough and versatile thanks to the dual-density cushion in the midsole and hyperlifts (choose between 4 or 12 mm of drop.)
Nike Metcon 7 X Men’s (Pollen/Volt/Pale Coral/Black) Nike Metcon 7 X Men’s - The Nike Metcon 7 X is also available, but we haven't gotten our hands on it - yet. Expect that it will perform exactly like any other Nike Metcon 7.

Let’s get right into the comparison.

Nike Metcon 7 – Overview

Let’s start from the bottom up. The outsole on both shoes is all rubber, has flex grooves, and a very firm heel.

Nike Metcon 7 Versus Nike Metcon 6 Outsole Comparison
Outsoles are similar – both are flat, high traction and all-rubber. Both have a very, very firm heel. (This also makes them noisy shoes.)

There’s deep pre-formed flex grooves in the forefoot of both shoes.

The M6 had a diamond-shaped heel, and with the M7 the heel is noticeably wider.

This is good – because the main mission of the Nike Metcon shoes is heavy weight lifting.

Nike Metcon 7 Vs Nike Metcon 6 Heel
The heel is WIDER than the M6.

A wide heel makes for a stable heel.

How about the rope wrap? That’s the part of the outsole that wraps up around the side at the midfoot. Both shoes have a big rope wrap. Aesthetically I like what they’ve done in the new M7. It’s less obvious – but still very sizable.

Nike Metcon 7 vs Nike Metcon 6 Rope Wrap
Close-up of the rope wrap on the new Nike Metcon 7. Still quite sizable, but it’s not quite as dominating of a visual feature.
Nike Metcon 7 vs Nike Metcon 6 Rope Wrap side by side.
I felt that the rope wrap was too big and too ostentatious on the M6 . And frankly, very few people are serious rope climbers.

Let’s talk about the heel a bit more.

The heel in the Nike Metcon 7 is wider than the M6, but it’s also firmer.

The exterior is very firm and inside is React foam – supplemented with an inner plate.

Subjectively, the M7 feels less-cushioned and firmer than the M6.

Nike Metcon 7 Versus Nike Metcon 6 Noise
The super firm heels on both these shoes is great for heavy lifting – but it also makes them noisy shoes.

Isn’t React foam supposed to be super springy and bouncy feeling? Yes, but only if there is a lot of it. There’s just not very much React foam in these. It’s not at all like the running shoe.

Here’s a similarity between the two – both shoes are very, very noisy – thanks to that super-firm heel.

You’ll make a clip-clop noise on any hard surface like the gym floor, wood floors, etc. The M7 is slightly less noisy than the M6.

But, it’s still MUCH noisier than the Reebok Nano X1 or the Nano X.

The Nike Metcon 7 is 1 full ounce LIGHTER than the Nike Metcon 6.

Nike Metcon 7 Versus Nike Metcon 6 Weight
My size 11.5 Nike Metcon 6 weight in at 14.6 ounces. The size 11 Nike Metcon 7 are a full 1 ounce ligther at 13.6 ounces (per shoe).

For the upper, Nike has ditched the ultra-perforated upper that they used in the Metcon 6.

That’s a disappointment for me – I work out in Florida – and it’s hot all year round.

The upper of the Nike Metcon 7 is more like that of your typical shoe.

Nike M7 vs M6 - Upper
Nothing wrong with the upper of the Nike Metcon 7, but it’s not super-perforated like it was on the M6.

There’s FlyWire wrapped around the base of the laces on one side of the shoe. This provides for a more snug fit. The M6 had FlyWire on both sides of the shoe. I doubt you’ll feel any significant difference.

Nike Metcon 7 vs Nike Metcon 6 FlyWire
FlyWire is used on one side of the M7.

Here’s something interesting about the tongue. The M7 has a tab to lock your laces in. It’s a simple hook and loop strap that you can use to cover up the laces. Neat, but not essential.

Nike Metcon 7 vs Nike metcon 6 tab for laces.
Lock your laces in place with this hook and loop strap.

Nike Metcon 7 Where’s the Hyperlifts?

There are no Hyperlifts included with the Nike Metcon 7.

The shoe says “Hyperlift” on the inside, but that’s just marketing jargon.

Nike Metcon 7 Vs M6 Hyperlifts.
If you look close, you’ll see it says "Hyperlift" but I don’t know what they are referring to.

The Nike Metcon 6 came with drop-in wedges that you could use to change the heel-to-toe drop (or heel raise) of the shoe from 4mm to 12mm in the men’s shoe.

They weren’t essential, but lots of people used them for all types of moves that benefit from reduced ankle range of motion – think picking the bar up off the floor, squats, pistols, wall balls, etc.

Nike Metcon 6 AMP Metallic Shoe Review - midsole
The Nike Metcon 6 shoes come with the drop-in midsole and removable hyperlifts – which add heel raise. That’s the hyperlift under the midsole.

I feel like the absence of the Hyperlifts is a net loss.

But, I guess they aren’t compatible with the React foam? Nike has never included Hyperlifts with any version of the shoe that used React foam (Such as the Nike React Metcon Turbo.)

There’s only a thin insole – no removable midsole.

Nike Metcon 7 Insole.
Midsole is not removable, there’s just a thin insole.

With the Nike Metcon 7 you get 4 mm of heel to toe drop.

Nike Metcon 7 Vs Nike Metcon 6 – Fit and Sizing.

How about fit and sizing?

The Nike Metcon line has always felt narrow to me. The length is fine, but the width is just too cramped in my normal shoe size.

So far, it feels like the Nike Metcon 7 continues the trend. The pair shown in this article are US Men’s Size 11 – which is the size I wear in just about every shoe.

Nike Metcon 7 Vs Nike Metcon 6 - Fit and Sizing
Both shoes fit narrow. I’ll be going 1/2 size up on my next pair of M7 to get more width in the toes.

The Nike Metcon 6 are 11.5. They feel like a better fit. The M7 are not unwearable, but my toes/foot are too cramped.

I’ll be grabbing a pair of 11.5 Nike Metcon 7 to further confirm.

Here’s another good thing about the Nike Metcon 7 – they brought the collar height up just a bit.

The Nike Metcon 6 gave me the sensation of heel slippage, because the collar was too low for my heel – especially when the Hyperlifts were in.

The Nike Metcon 7 give me a better fit in the heel.

Nike Metcon 7 vs Nike Metcon 6 - Collar Height
The collar was too low in the Nike Metcon 6 (for me). The Nike Metcon 7 is a better fit in the heel.

I’m looking forward to testing another pair of M7 that is 1/2 size up… stay tuned for results.

Nike Metcon 7 Versus Nike Metcon 6 – In Summary

That’s our comparison of the Nike Metcon 7 to the Nike Metcon 6.

Overall, I feel like this shoe is more solid, more stable, and less cushioned than the Nike Metcon 6.

That should make it a better match for lifting heavy weights.

But remember, it’s 4mm drop – and that’s it. There are no removable Hyperlifts included.

Lastly, despite the use of React foam (there’s not much of it) it actually feels LESS cushioned than the Nike Metcon 6.

I would not recommend running in these shoes, and they may not have enough cushion for activities with lots of impact (jump rope, box jumps, running on asphalt,etc.)

But, they’re great for squats, deadlifts, cleans, jerks – etc.

Nike Metcon 7
Overall the Nike Metcon 7 feels very different than the Nike Metcon 6 but I feel like it’s given up a little bit of versatility. On the other hand, hard core weight lifters will like this shoe more, I think – except for the missing hyperlifts.

Find out more about the Nike Metcon 7 Mat Fraser or the Nike Metcon 7 X.

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Nike Metcon 7 Versus Nike Metcon 6  Side by Side
Nike Metcon 7 Versus Nike Metcon 6

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  1. Personally, I wouldn’t use these for deadlifts either. The heel drop is a no-no. I’d rather be barefoot than have an degree of elevation to my heel increasing the ROM of my pulls. If I want to do deficit pulls, I’ll do deficit pulls. I’d rather not turn every lift into one.

    Squats, c&j, etc they’d work well enough for though I suppose. Shame about the no hyperlift inserts though, it seems they’re built into the heel of the 7 and not removable. So they become some weird lifter/non-lifter frankensteins monster that excels at nothing.

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