Nike Air Zoom SuperRep - Training Shoe for classes, circuit training, HIIT, and more
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Nike Air Zoom SuperRep Training Shoe Review

Let’s look at Nike’s new Air Zoom shoe for HIIT, circuit training, classes, and more – the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep. This is a training shoe – meant for indoors use – and bodyweight workouts. It specializes in providing a lot of cushion – and outstanding lateral (side to side) support. Here’s some of the styles available now, get them at Road Runner Sports (we are an affiliate): Let’s take a look at these training shoes. Nike Air Zoom SuperRep – Super Cushioning and Side to Side Support First, let’s start with the main point of these training shoes – cushioning. This is a Nike Air Zoom shoe. Air Zoom is Nike’s cushioning system that utilizes pressurized air bags. There are two Zoom units in the Air Zoom SuperRep – both are upfront in the forefoot. Not only does Air Zoom act like a shock absorber, but it also has tensile fibers within it – to give you a little bit of energy return – and to put some spring in your step. There’s also tons of foam cushion to [Read more …]

GORUCK MACV-1 Black Leather Generation 2 Boot
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GORUCK MACV-1 Generation 2 Rucking Boot (Black Leather) Review

GORUCK has released the Generation 2 version of their lightweight jungle rucking boot – the MACV-1. Here’s this brand new boot – 6″ high in black leather. This is a great boot – it is not a hard-core all-terrain boot, but rather a more well rounded, comfortable boot. And it is meant to go the distance. We’ll review all the special features of this boot in this review. Let’s take an up-close look. MACV-1 Generation 2 – What’s New? We mentioned this is the 2nd generation of the MACV-1 boot, so let’s talk about what is new and improved first. Perhaps the biggest improvement is the new all-terrain outsole. GORUCK took feedback from the wearers of the original boot and made a more aggressive lug pattern on this version. Here’s one thing you should probably know about the MACV-1 – because it is a lightweight boot, the sole is integrated with the shoe and is not replaceable separately. (But, the boot is covered by GORUCK’s Scars lifetime guarantee – and they don’t expect too many people will be able to [Read more …]

GORUCK Simple Pants for Men
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GORUCK Simple Pants Review

Here’s our review of GORUCK Simple Pants. What are Simple Pants? They look like jeans – but they are actually a very different sort of apparel. Simple Pants are lightweight, comfortable, tough and made for activity. These are pants meant for physical activity – like a GORUCK challenge event – or just about anything else. But given that they are cut like jeans (and have pockets and belt loops) mean these are very versatile pants you can wear in a lot of different situations. We’re going to tell you more in depth, here’s the styles available now from GORUCK: We’re going to use a lot of GORUCK supplied photos here – because it is hard to take good pictures of pants. I’ll upload custom photos soon. Before we move on, let’s say a quick few words about rucking as physical exercise. GORUCK Simple Pants – Pants for Rucking GORUCK is the rucking company. What’s rucking? It’s hiking with a loaded backpack – aka a rucksack in military parlance. Ruck marches are the foundation of physical conditioning in the US armed [Read more …]

GORUCK MACV-1 Lightweight Rucking Boot in Coyote Suede (6")
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MACV-1 Lightweight Gen2 Boot Review – GORUCK

GORUCK, the rucking company, makes a lightweight jungle boot they call the MACV-1. And they’ve now launched the 2nd generation of this lightweight, comfortable boot. The newest MACV-1 boot has an improved rubber outsole for better all-terrain performance, and an upper made out of improved leather. But there is much more to this pair of boots – and that’s what we’ll talk about in this review. We’ve just received our pair of MACV-1 boots (6″ in Coyote Suede) and our hands-on (feet-on?) testing has begun. Consider this to be a “first look” and we’ll update with further details as we find out more about this great new footwear. Here’s the products we’ll be reviewing: Let’s take a close look. MACV-1 Lightweight Rucking Boot – Sizing Let’s talk about fit and sizing, because that is what most people want to know about. GORUCK says that the MACV-1 boot runs true to size. But, they also recommend that you might want to order 1/2 size up from your normal size – to accommodate for the inevitable foot swell you’ll get on a [Read more …]

GORUCK Challenge Pants
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Challenge Pants from GORUCK Review

Let’s look at Challenge Pants from GORUCK. What are Challenge Pants? These are a super-tough cargo-style pants made by GORUCK. GORUCK specializes in “rucking” gear – also known as a “ruck march”. What’s rucking? It’s simply walking for distance with a heavily loaded backpack (aka rucksack – hence the name.) Do you need GORUCK pants to go on a ruck march? No, you don’t. But GORUCK has created something super-functional and useful to make what are now my favorite pair of pants- For just about anything. So, ruck if you want to – but these pants can do so much more. As I write this, I’m sitting in a hotel room at 3:52am, about to head to SEATAC to fly back home. And, of course, I’m wearing my Challenge Pants. Why? Because they are the best pants for travel. So, no matter if you are looking for workout pants, rucking pants, or just plain good athletic pants these will work. Let’s take a closer look. We’re going to use a lot of GORUCK supplied photos here – because it is [Read more …]

GORUCK Simple Pants for Women
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GORUCK Simple Pants for Women Review

We’re going to take an in depth look at the GORUCK Simple Pants for women. What are Simple Pants? In short, they are GORUCK’s all-around tough and comfortable workout pants for women (there’s a version for men too.) These pants were purpose built for rucking (walking long distances with a heavily loaded backpack), travel, and more. They are expensive (relatively speaking) but they are pretty good – they may quickly become your favorite active wear. Let’s dive right in. This is a review of the following products: What is Rucking? Before we start, let’s talk about Rucking. Rucking is walking (hiking – but not just in the countryside) with a loaded backpack. The so-called “ruck march” is a key element of military and special forces training. it is simple, relatively low-impact and easy to get started. The extra weight in the backpack (we’d recommend 10 to 20 lbs for most females) provide additional resistance for your legs – but also for your upper back and upper body in general. Walking 3-5 miles with a 20 lb “rucksack” (aka a backpack) [Read more …]

GORUCK Challenge Pants
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GORUCK Challenge Pants Review – Pants for your Workout, Rucking, or Travel

We’re going to take an in depth look at the GORUCK challenge pants. What are challenge pants? In short, they are GORUCK’s all-around tough and comfortable workout pants for men (and women.) These pants were purpose built for rucking (walking long distances with a heavily loaded backpack), travel, and more. They are expensive (relatively speaking) but they are pretty damn good. Let’s dive right in. This is a review of the following products: Why GORUCK Products? We are a GORUCK affiliate – so if you order clothes, shoes, or equipment after clicking the links in this article we receive monetary compensation. But that’s not why we recommend GORUCK. It’s because their equipment is innovative, built to last, and much of their best stuff is made in the USA. They are the driving force behind rucking not just as exercise, but as a way to make people better. And that’s why we love them. Photo Credits Some product photos on this page are provided by, and property of GORUCK. Other product photos are property of the manufacturer, and provided by the [Read more …]

Dwayne Johnson Leads The Charge with His Latest Project Rock Collection
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New Performance Apparel from Under Armour: Dwayne Johnson Leads The Charge with His Latest Project Rock Collection

Under Armour and Dwayne Johnson have teamed up again to bring you the Project Rock Collection. What’s Dwayne Johnson’s philosophy for success? It’s simple: put in the work. The newest updates and additions to the UA Project Rock collection reflect that attitude and goal. This is training gear and apparel that has been engineered to help you push past boundaries, to set PRs, and to put in the work – the sweat equity that brings great things. This is all part of UA’s overarching 2020 mantra: “The Only Way is Through”. How do you find momentum and push yourself to be better than what you ever thought possible? Laser focus on the work. Here’s words of wisdom from the man himself: “My new collection is built for the hardest workers in the room. I don’t care how old you are, what you do for a living, or what your bank account says. This collection is designed for the ones who know that success comes one way—through the work.” So what’s int he line? It’s Under Armour gear – so you [Read more …]

Casual wear of the Hylete Workout Pants for CrossFit - Flexion Pant in Black
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Best Men’s Workout Pants for CrossFit

Want workout pants for CrossFit? We’re going to review the best men’s workout pants for CrossFit in this article. Why pants? Well – sometimes it is cold – or your tan isn’t up to par. Or maybe you have a case of chicken legs. No matter the case – who are we to judge? – just get some workout pants and move on. Here’s the workout pants for men that we’ll be reviewing: Men’s Flexion Workout Pants from Hylete The Flexion jogger-style workout pants from Hylete are made with a 94% Polyester and 6% Spandex blended fabric. Polyester is a great synthetic material – it’s durable, it’s comfortable – and it is very lightweight. The spandex content of this fabric gives this workout pant just the right amount of stretch – for both a comfortable fit, and no restriction on your range of motion. Let’s talk about what makes these jogger style workout pants so great. First of all, what do we mean by “jogger style”? Well – that’s the trendy look now-a-days and the keep features are a tapered, [Read more …]

Upstairs in the gym with Hylete Flexion Workout Pants for Women - Heather Slate
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Best Women’s Workout Pants for CrossFit

Let’s look at the best women’s workout pants for CrossFit. This isn’t leggings, tights, or yoga pants – but rather pants proper. This is workout apparel – so they’ll all be high on the close and comfortable fit scale – but again – we’re not looking at leggings that fit like a “second skin”. Why pants then? These are a more modest option than leggings – and in some occasions that’s the right style. Workout pants tend to be more versatile as well – so you can wear them around quite a bit rather than just to the gym or CrossFit box. We’re going to be looking at the women’s workout pants options from Hylete – they make excellent performance apparel and active-wear. Here’s the workout pants we’ll be reviewing in this article: Let’s take a look. Flexion Pants Hylete offers some great workout pants in the Flexion Pants for women. These are made from 94% polyester and 6% spandex – so they have a slight stretch fit that looks great – and dries fast when needed. Because this is [Read more …]