Reebok Nano X Cross Training Shoe Now Available

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Reebok has launched the Reebok Nano X (Get it now!) – the 10th iteration of their excellent CrossFit training shoe.

It is available now to Reebok Unlocked members – but will be available globally on May 5th.

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Reebok Nano X - CrossFit Shoe new for 2020
The Reebok Nano X is now available (as of 4/28) for Reebok Unlocked members, and 5/5 for everyone else.

We’ve ordered two pairs (both mens and womens) with express shipping.

Check back here for a full hands-on review, and on our YouTube channel soon.

In the meantime, here’s take a close look at what’s new with this CrossFit shoe.

Here’s some of the launch styles that are available now:

Reebok Nano X (Vivid Orange/Black/White) Men's Training Shoe in Vivid Orange/Black/White

Reebok Nano X (Black/White/Vivid-Orange) Men's Training Shoe in Black/White/Vivid-Orange

Reebok Nano X (Cool Shadow/Black/White) Men's Training Shoe in Cool Shadow/Black/White.

Reebok Nano X (Black/White/White) Men's Training Shoe in Black/White/White

Reebok Nano X Women's (Violet Haze/Mystic Orchid/White) Women's Training Shoe in Violet Haze/Mystic Orchid/White

Reebok Nano X (Cold Grey 2/Cool Shadow/White) Women's Training Shoe in Cold Grey 2/Cool Shadow/White

While we wait, let’s take a look.

Let’s start with the side profile – the Nano x is taller – specifically in the heel and tongue/collar.

Reebok Nano X - Side Profile
The Reebok Nano X has grown – it’s taller in the Tongue/Collar area.

The upper is “upgraded Flexweave” – it looks different than the original Flexweave.

It’s described as being a soft woven textile upper.

Reebok Nano X - Top Closeup
The upper (the part that covers your foot) uses upgraded Flexweave – it’s a soft, woven textile.

Reebok is claiming a “minimal drop outsole.” At the moment, I’m assuming that means it is unchanged from the Nano 9 at 4 millimeters.

(The “heel to toe drop”, “offset”, or “profile” all refer to the height difference between your heel and your toes.)

Reebok Nano X
Heel to toe drop? Reebok is saying it’s "minimal" – we assume that means it is unchanged at 4mm.

Historically, running shoes often have a drop of 10mm or so – whereas training shoes typically go less for versatility.

Reebok claims the comfort is improved with the enhanced collar – that uses foam for comfort.

Reebok Nano X - rear quarter
Improved collar uses high-density foam for comfort.

What’s on the inside?

Reebok is calling the shoe “runnable” – we assume that means MORE cushion than the Reebok Nano 9.

Reebok Nano X - Runnable?
The midsole should offer more cushion than the Nano 9 – Reebok is claiming it is "runnable".

How will this be accomplished?

Lightweight EVA foam cushioning is used, along with a compression molded midsole.

We won’t really know how cushioned it is (or isn’t) until we get hands on.

Having said all that, this is a cross trainer – so don’t expect pillow-like cushion – otherwise you couldn’t lift heavy with the barbell.

The outsole (or the sole) looks unchanged.

Reebok Nano X - outsole
The outsole looks to be unchanged – which is OK – it works.

The meta-split is still there – that refers to the two piece construction.

If it’s anything like the Nano 9 it will be very flat, very grippy, and very tough.

Check back after 4/30 and we should have a full hands-on write up, including YouTube video review of the Nano X.

Reebok Nano X - Top
From the top, it looks to have the very wide toebox. Yes!

Reebok Nano X Now Available – In Summary

The Nano X is here – the 10th evolution of Reebok’s excellent Cross Training shoe.

How does it compare to the Reebok Nano 9? We’ll know soon – check this space.

We’ll also compare it to the Nike Metcon 5, Nike React Metcon, Nike Free Metcon 3, and the UA TriBase Reign.

Reebok Nano X

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Reebok Nano X - Upper Closeup

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