Nike React Metcon – New Color Combo for Men 2020 – Light Blue

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Nike’s React Metcon shoe is the first Metcon shoe to incorporate their proprietary React foam cushioning system.

Nike React Metcon Men's Training Shoe Light Blue
The Nike React Metcon is the first shoe in the Metcon line to use React foam. This is a new color combo for 2020 – it looks good.

Why? For high-impact comfort AND stability.

The Nike React Metcon takes a lot of inspiration from the Nike Metcon 5.

You’ll notice the outsole and rope wrap are identical.

Nike React Metcon Men's Training Shoe Light Blue
Look familiar? That’s the same outsole as the Nike Metcon 5 – which means monstrous grip in the gym – but with flex in the forefoot. It’s a metcon shoe so OF COURSE you can lift heavy in it -the heel is very stable.

And this means you get the stability and traction from the training original.

Buy you also get Nike’s most comfortable cushioning – React foam.

With this, you can tackle any high-impact (box jumps, sprints, jump rope, etc.) and lifting workouts with a light, breathable upper and durable grip to keep you going.

Here’s the outsole. See the similarities?

Where’s the React foam? It’s on the inside, in the midsole.

Nike React Metcon in Light Blue
You can’t see it here, but within the shoe is the drop-in midsole – and it’s made from one piece of single density React foam. It’s a subtle improvement over the Metcon 5 but it doesn’t feel quite like the React running shoes – as there isn’t nearly as much foam.

You’ll notice from the top view that this shoe takes the same basic shape as the Metcon 5.

The upper is made from FlyKnit – which is Nike’s knit yarn-like material.

Just be aware that it is a double layer FlyKnit -so it is not quite as lightweight as the running shoes that use FlyKnit.

Nike React Metcon Men's Training Shoe Light Blue
The upper (the part that covers the foot) is made from FlyKnit – which is Nike’s yarn like, stretchy knit fabric. It’s pretty good – but it is a double layer upper – so it is not as light and airy as the React running shoes that use a single layer FlyKnit.

Where are the laces?

This shoe doesn’t use traditional laces.

You’ll see that the quick-pull lacing system lets you make adjustments on the fly so you can focus on your training.

Nike React Metcon Men's Training Shoe Light Blue
Who needs laces? This is a tight fitting slip fit shoe with a quick pull system. You won’t be able to tighten it quite as much as regular laces – but it should be enough.

It’s a “slip fit” style of shoe – and those pull tabs on the heel will help you put them on.

Traction all over the place with this shoe – see that massive wraparound section at the midfoot?

This should be a great shoe for rope climbs – or heavy lifting.

The heel is very stable – even with the use of the React foam.

Nike React Metcon Men's Training Shoe Light Blue
Heavy weights are not an issue with the Nike React Metcon – that wide, diamond shaped heel is cribbed from the Metcon 5 – where it is a proven winner. You can also see the good looking METCON logo along the back – it looks great!

Give the Nike React Metcon a try – you make like it.

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