Bonehead Ruck Weights from Fringe Sport

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Liven up your ruck march with the new Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates.

Rucking is an excellent alternative to anyone who wants to develop strength and cardio capacity but doesn’t want jumping and running in their workout. Rucking is as simple as putting on the right rucksack/backpack with the proper rucking weight plates and walking around your town or anywhere.

Fringe Sport Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates 45lbmain
Fringe Sport Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates 45lb – This is the largest size plate they have available. This would be a good weight for an advanced rucker. If you are just starting out we’d recommend the 20lb.

What’s a ruck weight plate? It’s a weight that fits in your rucksack AKA backpack.

Fringe Sport shook up the bumper plate game by launching their comical line of Olympic plates – and now they are bringing the same vibe to the rucking crowd.

Here are some of the sizes that are availble now:

Bonehead Ruck Weight 10 lb (Black) Bonehead Ruck Weight 10 lb. This is a good size if you have a smaller frame or if you are just beginning.
Bonehead Ruck Weight 20 lb (Black) Bonehead Ruck Weight 20 lb. Most GORUCK events will require a 20 lb weight for anyone weighing less than 150 lbs.
Bonehead Ruck Weight 30 lb (Black) Bonehead Ruck Weight 30 lb. If you are over 150 lbs, or a more advanced rucker - this is the size for you.
Bonehead Ruck Weight 45 lb (Black) Bonehead Ruck Weight 45 lb. For a true challenge, you can go for this big dog. Just keep in mind you are probably going to be packing 10 lbs of gear and hydration on a long ruck march - and add it all up and this might be too much weight... you've been warned.
Bonehead Ruck Weight Complete Set (Black) Bonehead Ruck Weight Complete Set. Can't decide which is right for you? Get them all - and then you have many options.

Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates – Overview

How to commence with rucking? Start light. If you are a 200-pound man, start with 20 pounds of weight plate in your rucksack. From there, you can add more pounds after a week until you move up to 50 pounds. Making your rucking a fun activity is important for you to keep going. Walking along with your dog is one way to do so, or you can listen to music, audiobooks, and podcast. You can also do it with your friends so you can catch up with them while burning those calories. Rucking improves your posture as it stretches your shoulders and back into correct alignment and puts you into proper posture. It also builds strength and raises your heart rate. It also tones the shoulders and back muscles simultaneously because of the weight worn during rucking. The back, core, and shoulder muscles must be continuously involved to support and maintain the load while your legs keep you moving forward. It also burns 3x more calories than just walking.

Fringe Sport Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates 20lb main
Fringe Sport Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates 20lb

Weight Plates from Fringe Sport are made of solid cast iron and coated in a black powder coat. They are tough and made to fit in standard rucksack sizes. Except for the thickness of the weight, all dimensions for each weight are equivalent. Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates are versatile and adaptable, and you can use and incorporate them in different kinds of workouts.

Fringe Sport Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates 30lb with a trainee.

In times when you are not rucking, you can use them when you do squats, deadlifts, lunges, bent-over rows, box step-ups, or use them as kettlebell swings and dumbbells for push presses. There are many other exercises and movements where you can include them getting your blood pumping and taking your workout out to a whole new level. Fringe Sport made four weight options – 10, 20, 30, and 45 lbs and you can get them all as a complete set saving you more money.

Fringe Sport Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates complete set
Fringe Sport Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates complete set – save some money and have plenty of options.

Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates Review – In Summary

That’s our review of Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates from Fringe Sport.

The ruck weights occupy very minimal space and give the most freedom and options for workouts at home or on the road. They are very functional and provides several benefits. The two handles give you the ability to swing or lift them and do various other exercises.

Fringe Sport 30 lb lifting
Fringe Sport 30 lb lift

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Fringe Sport Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates 45lbmain
Fringe Sport Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates 45lb – this is the big dog. For advanced ruckers only.

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