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Women’s Nike Metcon 7 Latest Styles

Let’s look at the new Nike Metcon 7 Women’s training shoe. The new Nike Metcon 7 is stronger and more stable than earlier versions and is considered the gold standard for weight training. It is created to deliver stability under any circumstance. The shoe is also stylish and comes in different colorways for women. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike Metcon 7 Women’s – Overview What’s new? Metcon 7 has an updated flat and wide base with a plate that disperses pressure under the heel to the border of the shoe to keep you firmly planted while you lift any weight. Together with an open spring air unit, this new design feature enables the heel to tighten without constricting the foot. Another update is the addition of Nike React foam cushioning in the midsole. This brings more support and bounce to your step, making it a huge upgrade for running and HIIT workouts. It provides grip at every angle. The triangular rope wrap has been revised and reaches the top of the medial [Read more …]

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Nike React Metcon Turbo in New Colorway

The Nike React Metcon Turbo from Nike is now available in a new colorway – Red! The Nike React Metcon Turbo has both stability and responsiveness in a lightweight package so you can hit your next PR efficiently. To minimize weight, every detail from the cushioning underfoot to the rope wrap at the instep is downsized while boosting function and durability. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike React Metcon Turbo – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel: Here’s another review that compares the React Turbo to the Reebok Nano X1: Nike React Metcon Turbo – Overview The Nike React Metcon Turbo uses Nike React foam, making it lightweight and responsive for agile, repetitive movements like box jumps and double unders. The instep of the upper is thin and light but still firm to handle abrasion. It is breathable and maneuverable and highlights an asymmetric construction to provide outstanding performance and durability. Nike React Metcon Turbo has a minimal heel-to-toe drop [Read more …]

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Wall Balls

Let’s look at Wall Balls. We’re going to provide an overview of several different products, available from several manufacturers. The wall ball exercise is a functional, full-body movement that you can incorporate into any cardiovascular or strength workout. This exercise is commonly done as part of a CrossFit workout. But because of the outcomes it provides, this exercise is now an accessory in most fitness facilities. Here are some of the wall balls we are going to look at. We’re also going to look at Wall Ball accessories – like targets, and more. Wall Balls – Overview Wall balls are different from medicine balls and slam balls. Wall balls are generally made of vinyl, with a padded outer layer that makes them easier to catch. They come in a diversity of weights, varying from about 6 to 20 pounds. Wall ball exercises will test your cardio beyond what you’re presumably used to, and you’ll gain some serious shoulder and leg strength. The whole body takes a whipping with wall balls. The squat part of the exercise concentrates on the lower-body [Read more …]

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What is an Obstacle Course Race (OCR)?

What is an OCR? Do you want to challenge your strength, skills, endurance, speed, and even your mental strength in a lively and exciting way? Then OCR is for you. But what is OCR? OCR is short for Obstacle Course Racing, also known as Mud Run and Adventure Racing. It is a sport that challenges you to defeat your opponents while also conquering a set of obstacles. This is an out-of-the-gym activity where you will run miles on dirt paths, in muddy water, and past semi-insane obstacles.

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Bonehead Ruck Weights from Fringe Sport

Liven up your ruck march with the new Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates. Rucking is an excellent alternative to anyone who wants to develop strength and cardio capacity but doesn’t want jumping and running in their workout. Rucking is as simple as putting on the right rucksack/backpack with the proper rucking weight plates and walking around your town or anywhere. What’s a ruck weight plate? It’s a weight that fits in your rucksack AKA backpack. Fringe Sport shook up the bumper plate game by launching their comical line of Olympic plates – and now they are bringing the same vibe to the rucking crowd. Here are some of the sizes that are availble now: Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates – Overview How to commence with rucking? Start light. If you are a 200-pound man, start with 20 pounds of weight plate in your rucksack. From there, you can add more pounds after a week until you move up to 50 pounds. Making your rucking a fun activity is important for you to keep going. Walking along with your dog is one way [Read more …]

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Nike Metcon 6 for Women

Let’s look at the latest styles of the Nike Metcon 6 for Women. Metcon lovers can attest that the line is known for its excellent stability and durability for functional movement. Since 2015, Nike has been working to produce other versions of the shoe to help master skills like agility ladders and lateral cuts. Each Metcon includes unique characteristics that make them exceptional for particular movements and workouts, making sure there is a Metcon for every athlete. Let’s take a look at the sixth silhouette and new styles of Metcon for women. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike Metcon 6 for Women – Overview If there is one update in Metcon 6 that would genuinely appeal to athletes, it would be the more breathable upper. Metcon 6 sports an 18% more breathable upper, making it the most breathable version. It keeps your foot cool when you’re going full steam and stands up to the push and pulls of lifting and high-intensity workouts. Having so much rubber on the sole and side of the [Read more …]