Nike Romaleos Versus Nike Savaleos

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For the first time in a long time, Nike has two Oly lifting shoes available. Let’s compare them head to head – because there are some BIG differences between the two.

This is Nike Savaleos Versus Nike Romaleos.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (27)
Savaleos versus Romaleos – what’s the difference? About $80 – but there’s much more to the story. Read on to find out…

Nike Romaleos and Nike Savaleos are both designed for Olympic weightlifters. From a quick look, they almost appear identical. But what differs one from the other? Let’s examine closely.

Here are some of the styles we are going to look at:

Time to compare these shoes side by side.

Romaleos Versus Savaleos YouTube Review

See these shoes side by side and sole to sole here:

What’s the big differences?

The Romaleos 4 continues to be rock solid and the most heel raise.

In comparison the Savaleos is lighter, has a bit more cushion, less drop – but it’s also quieter, easier to walk in – and cheaper.

I’d say go with the Romaleos 4 if you want the ultimate in rock-solid stability – otherwise the Savaleos is an excellent Oly lifter too.

Romaleos Versus Savaleos – Overview

Both the Romaleos and Savaleos are weightlifting shoes, so it’s natural for them to come with a stable base and proper heel to support your lifting.

Romaleos Vs Savaleos - drop
Both have lots of heel raise, but the Romaleos has 5mm more.

However, Savaleos is more than just a weightlifting shoe; it is also a crosstraining shoe. The Savaleos highlights a broader sole and sturdier grip around the toe-box, which is a valuable inclusion when doing box jumps and most lateral movements.

Nike Savaleos black outsole
Nike Savaleos black outsole

The Savaleos highlights a raised heel for entry-level weightlifters or weightlifters that has ankle mobility concerns. Compared to Romaleos (19mm), the height of Savaleos is reduced to 12.7 mm to evolve from Olympic weightlifting exercises to gymnastic exercises for a more natural movement.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (35)
There’s about 15mm of heel raise in the Savaleos. Probably enough for most people.
Nike Savaleos black heel
Nike Savaleos black heel

Romaleos has a dense but flexible upper material. It is a little stiff but will soften up over time. It has two straps – one to protect the ankle and the other to protect the metatarsal area.

Romaleos versus Savaleos upper
Personally I like the textile upper of the Romaleos 4 as compared to the rubbery feeling synthetic of the Savaleos. Neither are breathable.

The Savaleos, on the other hand, has a lightweight perforated upper and rigid construction to provide excellent power transfer from the ground. One strap was removed from the Savaleos to eliminate any unessential weight keeping it light and fast. It also has a hook-and-loop strap that locks down your midfoot to hold you in safely during your heaviest lifts.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (26)
The two straps of the Romaleos let you dial in the fit with more precision. So that’s a point in favor of the Romaleos 4.

The Romaleos 4’s heel is a TPU comb design, sturdy and rough with an extra layer of synthetic leather reinforcement wrapping around the heel just above the TPU cup.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (13)
The Savaleos heel clip is optimized for HSPUs – this won’t drag too much against the wall.

The Savaleos has a handstand push-up clip on the heel, which is its most prominent standout element. This heel clip helps avoid added friction against the wall, so you can do handstand push-ups quickly and more smoothly. Like the Romaleos, the Savaleos also has a hook-and-loop strap that keeps the foot secured during heavy lifts like thrusters or clean & jerks.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (17)
Both are good looking shoes, in my opinion.

Nike Weightlifting Shoes Review – In Summary

That’s our review of the Romoleos versus the Savaleos

Though both weightlifting shoes, Nike Savaleos provides more versatility as it is also a cross-training shoe. If you will do a cross workout after your weightlifting session, there’s no need for you to change your shoe. The Savaleos can handle them both with its flat, wide sole and elevated heel positions for a stable base. The Romaleos also does the job well with its supportive midsole, a wide, flat outsole, plus the adjustable straps at the midfoot securing your foot during your most intense workouts.

Want to go deeper? Check out our Savaleos Oly Lifter Review.

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (21)
Both are pretty good. Your budget may dictate the winner – as the Savaleos is much cheaper.

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Side profile of the Savaleos

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