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Nike Romaleos 4 In New Color

Need a SOLID Oly lifter for your CrossFit workout? Here’s the newest Nike Romaleos 4 colorway. Romaleos 4 is Nike’s newest version for its weightlifting shoe line and now also comes with a new colorway. This Olympic weightlifting shoe is created for weightlifters who need an excellent shoe that will endure daily abuse. The strap and upper material are changed, and let’s see other improvements made to this version. Want it? Get it from Rogue: Nike Romaleos 4 Review – Our Review To test this product, we got hands-on and in-depth. Here’s what we found: Romaleos 4 is a training shoe designed for strength and stability. It highlights a supportive midsole, a wide, flat outsole, and adjustable straps at the midfoot. The Nike Romaleos is the most impressive squat shoe in the powerlifting world. It is heavier on the feet than in the earlier rendition, but it promotes more power in lifting and squatting. A wide heel forms a stable base for heavy lifts, while its rubber tread delivers durable traction to meet the needs of your sport. It offers [Read more …]

Nike Romaleos 4 SE worn
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Nike Romaleos 4 SE Weightlifting Shoe

Here’s the newest color option of the Nike Romaleos 4 SE from Nike. The Nike Romaleos family is known for two things – strength and stability. These are Olympic weightlifting shoes that are heavier, with a flat sole and midfoot straps for a tight fit. They enable you to push into the floor with less effort, producing more power throughout a lift. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike Romaleos 4 – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel: Here’s our earlier hands-on review of the Rom 4: Nike Romaleos 4 SE – Overview The upper of Nike Romaleos 4 SE is made mainly from a woven type of fabric that is solid but flexible. The material is a bit hard and needs a little time to break-in, and when it does, it becomes comfortable. The toebox of the shoe arches nicely for split jerks without curving easily. The Nike Romaleos 4 SE highlights a broad, flat base and a supportive foundation. [Read more …]

Nike Savaleos Weightlifting Shoe Review (26)
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Nike Romaleos Versus Nike Savaleos

For the first time in a long time, Nike has two Oly lifting shoes available. Let’s compare them head to head – because there are some BIG differences between the two. This is Nike Savaleos Versus Nike Romaleos. Nike Romaleos and Nike Savaleos are both designed for Olympic weightlifters. From a quick look, they almost appear identical. But what differs one from the other? Let’s examine closely. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Time to compare these shoes side by side. Romaleos Versus Savaleos YouTube Review See these shoes side by side and sole to sole here: What’s the big differences? The Romaleos 4 continues to be rock solid and the most heel raise. In comparison the Savaleos is lighter, has a bit more cushion, less drop – but it’s also quieter, easier to walk in – and cheaper. I’d say go with the Romaleos 4 if you want the ultimate in rock-solid stability – otherwise the Savaleos is an excellent Oly lifter too. Romaleos Versus Savaleos – Overview Both the Romaleos and Savaleos [Read more …]

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Nike Savaleos New Weightlifting Shoe – First Look

Here’s the upcoming Nike Savaleos weightlifting shoe. It’s available NOW from Rogue Fitness. Word on the street is that it has less drop as compared to the Nike Romaleos 4 Oly lifter. Check out our full review of the Nike Savaleos weightlifting shoe.