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Here’s the newly launched Nike Metcon 7 X. This is an exclusive for Nike Members only – but expect other retailers will have the shoe in about 1 week.

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Nike Metcon 7 X Men’s laces
Nike Metcon 7 X Men’s laces

Metcon, Nike’s ultimate, functional cross-training shoe, now comes with new colorways for its 7th iteration. Available for men and women, this shoe offers better stability and durability than its predecessors. Aside from its breathability and comfort for distancing running and improved flexibility for sprints and jump boxes, let’s see what other outstanding features of this new shoe are.

The other version of the shoe you can get right now is the Nike Metcon 7 Mat Fraser PE.

Here are some of the styles we are going to look at:

Nike Metcon 7 X Men’s (Pollen/Volt/Pale Coral/Black) Nike Metcon 7 X Men’s -Rogue is calling this the CrossFit Games colorway.
Nike Metcon 7 X Women’s (White/Pollen/Bright Crimson/Black) Nike Metcon 7 X - Also available in Women’s colorways - and packing all the same great features of the men's shoe.
Nike Metcon 7 Mat Fraser PE Available for a very limited time (it will sell out!) is the Mat Fraser version of the Nike Metcon 7. Get it before it's gone...

Nike Metcon 7 Launch Colorways – Overview

What’s new? The Hyperlift heel is upgraded, making lifting a pleasant adventure. It helps stabilize and support the base of the shoe with its rugged, built-in TPU heels. Metcon 7 has a radical change in its built-in midsole using Nike’s E-TPU material, React. The insoles provide excellent underfoot cushioning, but when you remove them, you’ll notice that it is firm but responsive and still provides superior shock absorption.

Nike Metcon 7 X Men’s quarter view left
Nike Metcon 7 X Men’s quarter view left

The tongue is also something else. It stays where it should be without adjusting it and provides relief and satisfaction on the front part of the ankle. It has a tab that confines the laces with a hook-and-loop closure to keep them out of the way. The lateral side has raised outsole sidewalls for feet containment and rope grip, as well as overlays that fuse into the swoosh.

Nike Metcon 7 X Women’s side view left
Nike Metcon 7 X Women’s side view left

You will also find the extended rope guard on the middle side of the shoe. The rubber that wraps up the arch is revamped for extreme grip during rope climbs, and the rubber tread gives you traction on different platforms. The outsole rubber is sturdier and stickier than the earlier versions, with flex points to alleviate tension from the back part of the rubber.

Nike Metcon 7 X Men’s outsole
Nike Metcon 7 X Men’s outsole

Nike Metcon 7 X Launch Colorways Review – In Summary

That’s our first look at the Nike Metcon 7 X.

We’ll have our review pair soon – so check back for details on that.

When it comes to weight training, Metcon 7 is the gold standard. It is more rigid and more stable than its predecessors and, with the addition of React foam, heightens the comfort for your sprints and high-intensity cardio. The wide, flat heel gets even more stable with an inner plate that disperses weight from side to side. It also tightens to make it suitable for cardio intervals. Metcon 7’s latest colorways are Pollen/Volt/Pale Coral/Black for men and White/Pollen/Bright Crimson/Black for women.

Nike Metcon 7 X Women’s top view
Nike Metcon 7 X Women’s top view

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Nike Metcon 7 X Men’s back view pair
Nike Metcon 7 X Men’s back view pair

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