Nike Metcon 6 AMP Review

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The first AMP colorway of the excellent Nike Metcon 6 is now available: the Nike Metcon 6 AMP is a bold colorway option for those that want to stand out.

(And proudly proclaim “I am not a robot”?)

Nike Metcon 6 AMP Review
The Nike Metcon 6 AMP is here – this bold color option is the first AMP option for the Metcon 6 CrossFit shoe.

What’s the difference between the regular Nike Metcon 6 and Nike Metcon 6 AMP?

The AMP versions of the shoe offer bold style options that stand out.

Otherwise, it’s the same excellent cross training shoe you expect.

Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at (including the regular editions:)

Nike Metcon 6 AMP (Women's) Here's the women's version of the Nike Metcon 6 AMP - it's a bit colorful, but underneath it is the excellent Nike Metcon 6.

Nike Metcon 6 X Men's Available now the Nike Metcon 6 X or WHAT THE METCON is going to sell out fast!

Nike Metcon 6 Men's Available now is the launch colorway of the Men's Nike Metcon 6. What's new? The upper is super-breathable - and this shoe looks HOT!

Nike Metcon 6 FlyEase (Black/White/Light Solar Flare Heather) Nike brings FlyEase to the Metcon shoe line for the first time ever. This is the colorway you see in most of the photos in this article.

Metcon 6 AMP (Black/Metallic Pewter/Ice/Metallic Pewter) This is the newest AMP version of the Nike Metcon 6. It looks slick.

Nike Metcon 6 AMP – Video Review on our YouTube Channel

The Nike Metcon 6 AMP is a bold colorway option, but under the covers, it is still a Nike Metcon 6.

Want to know more about this great cross training shoe? Check out this video from our YouTube channel:

By the way, we declared the Nike Metcon 6 to be the best CrossFit shoe for 2020.

You may also want to check out the other AMP versions that Nike has made available.

Nike Metcon 6 AMP – Overview

Let’s take a look at this special looking shoe.

There’s both a Men’s and Women’s option – the Women’s is more colorful.

We’ll look at that first.

Nike Metcon 6 AMP Women's Side Profile
Here in the side profile you can see the colorful outsole – which wraps up around at the midfoot to provide friction protection (and grip) when doing rope climbs. The Metcon 6 is the king (or queen) of the rope climbing shoes – nothing else was a rope grip area this big.

Nike Metcon 6 AMP Women's - Other Side
Check out the swoosh – it’s visible , but not too big. You also get a glimpse of the super-breathable upper – that’s brand new with the Metcon 6.

Nike Metcon 6 AMP Women's Outsole
The all rubber outsole provides excellent traction and it’s durable. It’s gonna be tough to wear out these shoes. (My Nike Metcon 5s are still going strong!) Notice also the diamond shaped heel – that gives you a little extra width for lateral stability.

Nike Metcon 6 AMP Women's Top View
The Top view shows the general outline of the shoe.

Nike Metcon 6 AMP Women's - Midsole
The removable midsole is the secret sauce that makes the Metcon 6 shine. Cushioned up front, but stable in the heel – that’s what makes this shoe a standout in the CrossFit WOD. It’s also colorful!

This shoe has reflective details for safety at night too.

Nike Metcon 6 AMP Women's Side Reflector
Side reflectors (also the laces)

Now, let’s look at the men’s shoe.

Nike Metcon 6 AMP Men's - Quarter
The Nike Metcon 6 AMP Men’s is a more subdued style.

Nike Metcon 6 AMP Men's -  I am not a robot
I am not a robot!

Nike Metcon 6 AMP Men's - dual density midsole
Here’s a great look at the dual-density midsole – and the hyperlifts. The hyperlifts let you go from 4 mm of drop to 12 mm (Men’s or 10 mm in Women’s) by simply dropping these small wedges under the removable midsole.

Nike Metcon 6 AMP Men's -  Heel Closeup
Here’s a closeup of the heel.

Nike Metcon 6 Regular Editions

Ok, so you can proudly declare “I am not a robot” with the new Nike Metcon 6 AMP.

But, it’s really just a Nike Metcon 6 under the covers – and that’s OK because it is a great CrossFit style training shoe.

Here’s some photos and description of the regular editions of the shoe – which we’ve tested extensively.

Nike Metcon 6
I honestly believe the Nike Metcon 6 is overall a more versatile, and improved shoe. I think it is worthwhile to upgrade from the 4. It’s less clear if you should upgrade from the 5 – as the only real difference is the upper.

Nike Metcon 6 - Sunlight
See all that light shining through? These perforations are very big and that makes for great airflow.

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5 - midsole is the same
Here’s the removable dual-density midsole from the shoe. This is where the cushion (or lack thereof) comes from. It’s firm in the heel, and cushioned in the forefoot – which makes the 6 a very versatile cross trainer – just like the 5 was.

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 6 FlyEase
By the way, Nike has made a FlyEase version of the Metcon 6 available for 2020. You can put these on and take them off hands free. Other than the heel, the FlyEase version is just like the regular edition shoe.

Nike Metcon 6 FlyEase
It’s definitely quick and easy to put this shoe on, or take it off – without using your hands.

Nike Metcon 6 AMP – In Summary

The Nike Metcon 6 AMP is a bold color option of the excellent Metcon 6 cross training shoe.

This is the best functional fitness shoe for 2020 – because of the versatile cushioning, the variable heel to toe drop, and the excellent comfort and breathability.

And no matter whether you get the premium AMP colorway, or a more subdued option – you’ll be pleased.

Nike Metcon 6 AMP Men's - Other Side
Nike Metcon 6 AMP – this is the men’s shoe.

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Nike Metcon 6 AMP Women's Heel closeup
Nike Metcon 6 Women’s

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Nike Metcon 6 AMP Women's reflective laces
The laces reflect.

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