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Reebok Nano X PR Shoe Review

Reebok has released the Reebok Nano X PR shoe. Like the other versions of Reebok’s 10th CrossFit training shoe it is packed with features you need for the CrossFit WOD. But, the Nano X PR is made from light-weight materials. Does it make a difference? That’s what we’ll uncover here – we’ll also tell you more about the Nano X and why these are great CrossFit WOD style shoes. Here’s some of the other styles that are available now: Let’s take a look. Reebok Nano X PR Shoe Review – On Our YouTube Channel Here’s an in-depth review of the Nano X PR, from our YouTube channel: By the way, we have high expectations for this shoe. The Reebok Nano X was a runner-up in our Best CrossFit Shoes for 2021 review. Disappointed that the PR isn’t really light-weight? Check ou the Reebok Nano X Unknown – this is 1 ounce lighter than the regular edition Nano X and the Nano X PR. Reebok Nano X PR Shoe Review – Is It Lightweight? We did a weigh-in and compared the [Read more …]

Nike Metcon 6 - the Best CrossFit Shoe for 2020
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Best CrossFit Shoes for 2022

Let’s review the best CrossFit shoes for 2022. We’ve compared all the major cross training shoes that have released in 2021 (and now in 2022) to see which is the best for functional fitness, and CrossFit style WOD workouts. Based on our in-depth testing, we believe the Nike Metcon 6 is the best CrossFit shoe for 2022. But, as with many things, whether or not it is the right shoe for you depends on a few factors. In this article, we’ll give you all the pros and cons of the best shoes – and help you decide which is perfect for you. What are the contenders? We’ve extensively tested all of these major brands, and we’re ready to speak on this topic. Here are the top CrossFit shoes for the year 2022, ranked in order: Want to deep-dive on each shoe? Continue reading, and we’ll talk about how we tested – and what we found out. Best CrossFit Shoes for 2022 – Criteria What’s a CrossFit shoe? To be clear, nobody can market a “CrossFit” shoe without approval from CrossFit [Read more …]

Nike Metcon 6 X What the Metcon Knows Shoe Review another view
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Nike Metcon 6 X Training Shoe Review

The Nike Metcon 6 X represents a radical new style of Nike’s top of the line training shoe. Here’s the Nike Metcon 6 X, also known as the Metcon Knows or What the Metcon edition shoe: Whoa – what’s up with the crazy styles? The Nike Metcon 6 is an amalgamation of classic Metcon shoes – and that’s where the styling cues from from. But, at the same time, it is an excellent training shoe – because it’s really just a Metcon 6! (We consider the Nike Metcon 6 to be the Best CrossFit Shoe for 2020.) Let’s take a deep dive into this shoe. Here it is, the Nike Metcon 6 X – and some more styles that you might prefer (NOTE: These are affiliate links) Let’s review this shoe. Nike Metcon 6 – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Why read when you can watch? Here’s a video review of the Nike Metcon 6 X from our YouTube channel: We’ll have an update with the Nike Metcon 6 X soon. The above video includes on feet, a detailed [Read more …]

GORUCK American Training Shirt
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GORUCK American Training Shirt Review

GORUCK’s Black Friday sale is live! Check out their deals on rucksacks, apparel, boots, and more! Let’s review the GORUCK American Training Shirt. This is my new favorite workout shirt. Why? It’s stretchy, tough, fits well, and it is made in the USA (with a lifetime guarantee.) Want to find out much more? Read on… Here’s some of the styles tested: Let’s review this high-performance training apparel for men. GORUCK American Training Shirt Review – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel: (Coming Soon) GORUCK American Training Shirt Review – Overview First of all, let’s talk about the fit and cut. This shirt is cut for an athletic fit with short sleeves. I don’t want long baggy sleeves on a workout shirt, but short sleeves sometimes ride up too. The sleeves on this shirt do tend to ride up a bit, and if you are rucking with a GR1 rucksack or similar, this can lead to some abrasion from those tough straps – but you can just [Read more …]