GORUCK Women’s Tough Leggings Review

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GORUCK is now making a super-tough workout tights for women – the Women’s Tough Leggings is now available.

Can’t find tough leggings for your workout?

These should work – we’ll explain.

GORUCK Women's Tough Leggings - finally workout tights tough enough for rucking - or CrossFit
GORUCK Women’s Tough Leggings – finally workout tights tough enough for rucking – or CrossFit.

GORUCK is the rucking company – and their GORUCK challenge events are some of the toughest workouts around.

Low crawls, bear crawls, squats, and general PT – none of these will be a problem in these soft, but tough workout leggings for women.

Here’s the styles available now (in sizes 2-16):

GORUCK Women's Tough Leggings (Black) Soft - but tough. These won't tear, rip, and they don't fail. Do your workout leggings have a lifetime guarantee? These do.

Let’s take a closer look.

Women’s Tough Leggings – Overview

First of all – these are workout leggings – so you expect they’ll be soft.

But, GORUCK also claims these are tough – and that they won’t rip, tear, or fail.

How do they do it?

The secret is in the fabric. Their ToughFlex fabric is not just soft – but it is lightweight, dries fast, and feels very comfortable.

What’s it made of?

GORUCK Women's Tough Leggings - Soft but Tough
Made with ToughFlex – this is a 70% nylon and 30% spandex fabric blend – it’s both soft and tough at the same time.

70% Nylon and 30% Spandex is the mix. The nylon makes them tough – but that spandex content is very high.

That is what gives these a nice 4-way stretch fit.

These synthetic materials also mean these leggings will be fast-drying and sweat wicking – which means more comfort even in the middle of a long ruck march – or tough CrossFit workout.

There is more to comfort than the material though – these also feature a wide, high-rise waistband.

GORUCK Women's Tough Leggings - High-rise waistband
The flattering waistband is wide, high-rise and keeps you covered – in any situation.

This helps keep you covered – no matter what you are doing – and it makes for a flattering look too.

The waistband also uses a hidden mesh fabric to help it keep it’s shape – and it is a very elastic waistband.

You won’t be constantly tugging these leggings up.

By the way, these have a full-length fit too – these are not capri length.

Are these see-through?

GORUCK Women's Tough Leggings - Wall Ball
These are NOT see-through – in any situation.

Nope – these are squat proof.

Real workout leggings can’t be see through when you squat down – that’s just not practical.

GORUCK Women's Tough Leggings - Barbell Deadlift
These aren’t just for rucking – these will stand up to your toughest CrossFit workout. Deadlift or squat – and NO – these aren’t see-through in any case.

Whether you use these on the ruck march or not – know that they have a sleek design.

That means a minimum of seams – and no pockets.

(Pockets can fill up with sand, dirt, and water).

These won’t pill against rough surfaces either.

(And that includes the 1000D Cordura of GORUCK’s backpacks – or from the knurling on a barbell).

Here’s one more cool detail – they have a subtle, reflective spearhead logo on the bottom right hem – that’s the GORUCK spearhead.

GORUCK Women's Tough Leggings - Reflective Spearhead
Rocking the GORUCK spearhead logo in style.

Where are these made?

These are proudly made in the USA.

That means quality – but what’s even better – these are covered by GORUCK’s Scars lifetime guarantee.

Yep – a lifetime guarantee.

Have you ever bought those $20 leggings off Amazon that got a hole the 2nd time you wore them.

These are NOT those kind of leggings.

GORUCK Women's Tough Leggings - Lounging
Made in the USA – and covered by GORUCK’s Scars lifetime guarantee.

GORUCK Women’s Tough Leggings – In Summary

The Women’s Tough Leggings from GORUCK are the toughest workout tights around.

With a full-cut and comfortable fit – they won’t leave you exposed in a tough workout.

They won’t rip, pill, or tear – and they have a lifetime guarantee.

GORUCK Women's Tough Leggings - with Sand Bag
GORUCK Women’s Tough Leggings.

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GORUCK Women's Tough Leggings - on the Ruck March
GORUCK Women’s Tough Leggings – on the Ruck March. Built for rucking – but tough enough for the CrossFit WOD too.

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