Nike Air Zoom SuperRep Training Shoe Review

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Let’s look at Nike’s new Air Zoom shoe for HIIT, circuit training, classes, and more – the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep.

This is last year’s shoe – check out the new Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 – this shoes uses Nike’s Air Zoom units.

This is a training shoe – meant for indoors use – and bodyweight workouts.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep - bodyweight workout shoe
Need a shoe for bodyweight workouts? This shoe should be great for circuit training, HIIT, cardio kickboxing, and just about any other indoor class too.

It specializes in providing a lot of cushion – and outstanding lateral (side to side) support.

Here’s some of the styles available now, get them at Road Runner Sports (we are an affiliate):

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep (Black/Volt/White) The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep has 2 Zoom Air units in the forefoot. These offer responsive cushioning.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep (Lemon Vemon/White/Black) There's also a foot length plate that provides stability and distributes pressure equally over the Zoom Air units.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep (Black/Team Orange/White/Laser Orange) This is a women's colorway - Black/Team Orange/White/Laser Orange. Note the split sole and arcs on the side. These supports side-to-side (lateral) movement.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep (Washed Coral/Magic Ember/Fire Pink) This is a women's colorway - Washed Coral/Magic Ember/Fire Pink. This shoe has a dynamic sculpted foam midsole. It adds a layer of comfort directly underfoot while foam at the heel helps absorb impact from high-intensity reps.

Let’s take a look at these training shoes.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep – Super Cushioning and Side to Side Support

First, let’s start with the main point of these training shoes – cushioning.

This is a Nike Air Zoom shoe.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep - Side View
The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep – there’s lots of cushion in this shoe. See how tall it is? That’s a lot of foam – but there’s also two Air Zoom units in the forefoot.

Air Zoom is Nike’s cushioning system that utilizes pressurized air bags.

There are two Zoom units in the Air Zoom SuperRep – both are upfront in the forefoot.

Not only does Air Zoom act like a shock absorber, but it also has tensile fibers within it – to give you a little bit of energy return – and to put some spring in your step.

There’s also tons of foam cushion to these shoes – that’s why they look so tall.

The other notable feature of this shoe are the “arcs” – as Nike calls them.

See the circular areas on the outsole? That’s the arc – or at least part of it.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep - Outsole view
See the circular area in the forefoot? Those are the "arcs" as Nike calls them – they cat like brake pads for side to side movement – but that’s also where the Air Zoom units are. Those give you a springy boost back into action.

This, along with the split sole, provide outstanding lateral support – for rapid side to side movement of your foot.

This is an area where a running shoe simply can’t match what the SuperRep series of shoes bring to the table.

You’ll see that the heel is wide too – that makes for very stable base.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep - Heel View
The heel is wide and supportive to – it makes a great base for fast and quick movements.

See that very large groove up the side in the forefoot?

That’s the “Burpee Break” – and it lets you fully flex your forefoot to be able to really dig in to mountain climbers.

It’s also great for planks and any other movement (such as burpees) that require some forefoot flexion.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep - Side View Women's
There’s a "burpee break" up the middle of the forefoot – this gives you great forefoot flexibility for mountain climbers, holding planks, and of course burpees as well.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep – In Summary

Need a shoe for high-impact, indoor workouts – such as circuit training, cardio, HIIT, kickboxing, boot camp and other fitness classes?

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep might be the shoe for you – it’s got outstanding lateral support for fast and hard side to side movements – and cushion as well.

Lifting weights in your class? Check out the Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge training shoe.

NIke Air Zoom SupreRep - Upper is soft and comfortable
The upper of the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep is Super-Comfortable too.

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Nike Air Zoom SuperRep
Closeup of the upper.

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Nike Air Zoom SuperRep - Quarter View
This shoe has a unique profile – because it brings some very unique things to the table.

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