Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge HIIT Shoe Review (40)
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Differences Between Nike SuperRep Shoes

Let’s review SuperRep Shoes from Nike. There are several different shoes in the SuperRep line – and different shoes for different purposes. How do you choose the best SuperRep shoe for you? It depends on what you want to do in the gym. In this article we’ll compare and contrast the many SuperRep shoe options. Nike presents a useful and sensible line of sneakers created particularly for calisthenics, endurance, full-body workout, and HIIT exercises. The SuperRep line is custom-made for those active movements, giving targeted comfort at the forefoot, utilizing two Air Zoom pods concealed by a stronger crash pad than standard rubber. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: SuperRep Shoes from Nike – Overview Not only is the SuperRep line suitable for action-packed exercises, but whatever your style or preference of fitness is, there’s a SuperRep match for it. They are made for active moves in high-impact and high-intensity classes and do the job they’re intended to do. The technology used in the sole unit sets them apart from the others, and with [Read more …]

Nike SuperRep Go Training Shoe - Arcs
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Nike SuperRep Go Training Shoe Review

Let’s take a look at the Nike SuperRep Go. This is a training shoe meant for circuit workouts or classes – whether in a fitness studio, hotel, or your living room. Here’s a few of the colorways available. Get them from Road Runner Sports (we are an affiliate.) This is our hands-on review of these shoes. Nike SuperRep Go Hands-On Shoe Review on YouTube Why read when you can watch? Check out our hands-on review on Youtube: Nike SuperRep Go Sizing and Fit The Nike SuperRep Go runs true to size. A Men’s Size 11 (my normal size) fits me perfectly. The length is perfect, and so is the width. This shoe fits tightly, but that’s by design. (My only real complaint is that I wish the shoe had a pull tab on the heel – that would make it easier to put on and take off.) I’d recommend you order these in your normal shoe size. Nike SuperRep Go – Cushion and Lateral Support This shoe really has two standout features – the cushioning and the lateral support. Let’s [Read more …]