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Nike Metcon 6 AMP

Let’s review the new Nike Metcon 6 AMP from Nike. The Nike shoe known for superior stability and durability for functional movement now comes with new exciting colorways with the Nike Metcon 6 AMP. This shoe will bring motivation and thrill to your adventure away from home. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike Metcon 6 AMP – Overview No matter how heavy or high your workout intensity is, Nike Metcon 6 AMP stands up with you, providing durability and stability. It keeps your foot cool even if you go all out with your sets. The colorful pattern of curved shapes gets its design from luggage, celebrating your next competition or qualifying event away from home. This version has lightweight mesh allowing air to freely flow while keeping your foot relaxed. It is 18% more breathable than the Metcon 5, with a durable screen-print that strengthens the mesh without losing breathability. The foam under the heel is more rigid for a solid feel and softer in the forefoot to cushion high-impact moves. The heel is [Read more …]

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Bumper Plate Storage

Let’s look at Bumper Plate Storage options. CrossFit, Olympic-style lifts, and power-focused exercises call for bumper plates. And if you have bumper plates, you know that they don’t come cheap. Aside from keeping things tidy in your garage or gym, these plates need to be stored properly to maintain their quality and so you can use them for a longer time. Bumper plates are big, heavy, and take up a good amount of space. But these solutions help you store them with ease. Here are some of the gym equipment we are going to look at: Bumper Plate Storage – Overview Racks and storages bring order to things at home and offices, and the same thing goes with the pieces of equipment you have in your garage, especially for your bumper plates. They, too, should be stored properly to bring order and convenience. There are different ways to keep your bumper plates, and choosing the right one for you depends on your situation and personal preference. The Plate tree is one of the most common ways to store your bumper [Read more …]

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Rogue Ohio Bar

Let’s look at the Rogue Ohio Bar. The Ohio bar is a very versatile bar – it’s great for CrossFit because you can use it for Oly lifting, or traditional strength training. Rogue Ohio Bar has made a name for itself, making it one of the most popular barbells in the world. It is a superior barbell with high tensile strength, consistent spin, and refined knurl at a reasonable price. Recently, Rogue presented the newest addition to the line – the Rogue Ohio Bar 2.0S, which is Rogue’s quietest barbell to date. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Rogue Ohio Bar 2.0S – Overview When you are in the gym, it is normal to hear loud and annoying sounds when someone drops the bar. Not anymore. Rogue introduces the Ohio Bar 2.0S as the first barbell to feature built-in sound dampening properties. When dropped in the same conditions, the 2.0S measures 10 decibels quieter than typical bars, which is 50% quieter than what you would expect from standard barbells. Aside from this amazing innovation, [Read more …]

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Trap Bar for the Garage Gym

Let’s look at Trap Bars – also called hex bars. Trap bars are bars bent into angles and welded into a hexagonal shape. The hexagon has two large handles combined in the center, so you can step in the middle and pick it up by the handles instead of putting it on your back. The trap bar strengthens and grows the glutes, quads, hamstrings, low-back muscles, traps, lats, and your grip, and other muscle groups. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Trap Bars – Overview Trap Bars require less technical proficiency and are simple to learn, so you can enjoy less stress on your lumbar spine than when using barbell deadlifts. Trap bars are more useful when you are learning to lift because they are user-friendly, assist with positioning, and train you about correct leg drive. The trap bar activates the quadriceps more, and this is because you are closer to your center of gravity, so your body is in a better position to lift. It is a great option if you want to [Read more …]

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Workout Apparel

Rep Apparel for Women

Let’s take a look at Rep Clothing for Women. Wearing appropriate workout clothes can help you stay comfortable and cool during the heat of your workout. To help you choose the right outfit, Rep Fitness offers a wide variety of Rep Apparel for your workout inside the gym or on the road. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Rep Clothing for Women – Overview Workout outfit need not be complicated but should definitely be comfortable and feels great when worn. When it’s cold, it should keep you warm, and when it is hot, it should keep you dry from your sweat. Here are some workout outfit recommendations from Rep Fitness to pull off your workout no matter how hard it is or how many miles you run. Rep Winter Beanie Rep Winter Beanie keeps you warm in cold weather but can also be used to flaunt your stylish side, making it multi-seasonal. You can wear it in different ways, and it easily matches your attire. It is also a good companion when you are [Read more …]

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Nike Free Metcon 4 – New Styles for Women

Here’s the latest styles of the Nike Free Metcon 4 for Women. The Nike Free Metcon series is designed to bring into one shoe the durability and stability of Metcon and the flexibility and comfort of Nike Free. Now on its fourth iteration, let’s see what this shoe offers as well as its new styles for rough women who win over pain every day. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike Free Metcon 4 Review How do these work? Pretty well. They are a great new CrossFit shoe option. That’s a review of the men’s shoe – but the women’s shoe will be very similar. Nike Free Metcon 4 for Women – Overview Combining stability and comfort, Nike Free Metcon will be your everyday favorite for casual lifting or workout class. Compared to the third version, Free Metcon 4 has the same outstanding flex, comfortable and supportive cushioning, and broad platform for ground contact, but now has a more solid, lockdown fit and the classic nostalgic aesthetic. It also has an updated “chain-link” mesh [Read more …]

Fringe Sport 30 lb Ruck Weight Plate lifting

Bonehead Ruck Weights from Fringe Sport

Liven up your ruck march with the new Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates. Rucking is an excellent alternative to anyone who wants to develop strength and cardio capacity but doesn’t want jumping and running in their workout. Rucking is as simple as putting on the right rucksack/backpack with the proper rucking weight plates and walking around your town or anywhere. What’s a ruck weight plate? It’s a weight that fits in your rucksack AKA backpack. Fringe Sport shook up the bumper plate game by launching their comical line of Olympic plates – and now they are bringing the same vibe to the rucking crowd. Here are some of the sizes that are availble now: Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates – Overview How to commence with rucking? Start light. If you are a 200-pound man, start with 20 pounds of weight plate in your rucksack. From there, you can add more pounds after a week until you move up to 50 pounds. Making your rucking a fun activity is important for you to keep going. Walking along with your dog is one way [Read more …]

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AirPlus Runner from Xebex

Need a non-motorized treadmill? Check out the Xebex AirPlus Runner. A curved treadmill is a modernized curved-shaped running machine powered entirely by your legs and created for natural human movement. It is very identical to outdoor running because it doesn’t use electricity and no top speed. Because of its curved, slatted running surface, you can move the treadmill belt using the balls of your feet, pushing your body ahead as you do. Here are some of the equipment that is available now: Xebex AirPlus Runner – Overview These curved treadmills are versatile and have many applications that include Aerobic Fitness, Anaerobic Power and Capacity, Speed Training, Rehabilitative Locomotor Patterning, and Decreased Ground Reaction Force Training. A curved treadmill engages more muscle groups than traditional treadmills, and you can only increase the pace by working out harder. It is also less harmful to the joints because the rubber surface of a curved treadmill absorbs the impact on your joints and connective tissue, avoiding injuries often connected with hitting the ground. You can also burn 30% more calories on a curved treadmill. [Read more …]

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Nike Metcon 6 for Women

Let’s look at the latest styles of the Nike Metcon 6 for Women. Metcon lovers can attest that the line is known for its excellent stability and durability for functional movement. Since 2015, Nike has been working to produce other versions of the shoe to help master skills like agility ladders and lateral cuts. Each Metcon includes unique characteristics that make them exceptional for particular movements and workouts, making sure there is a Metcon for every athlete. Let’s take a look at the sixth silhouette and new styles of Metcon for women. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike Metcon 6 for Women – Overview If there is one update in Metcon 6 that would genuinely appeal to athletes, it would be the more breathable upper. Metcon 6 sports an 18% more breathable upper, making it the most breathable version. It keeps your foot cool when you’re going full steam and stands up to the push and pulls of lifting and high-intensity workouts. Having so much rubber on the sole and side of the [Read more …]

Rep Fitness Stackable Wood Plyos main photo

Plyo Boxes from Rep

Let’s look at the Plyo Boxes available from Rep Fitness. Plyometric boxes, or plyo boxes for short, are boxes used to perform different kinds of exercises. They come in various shapes, sizes, types and are made of tough and high-strength materials. Box jump training has diverse and long-term benefits to make you strong and healthy. Here are some of the types we are going to look at: Plyo Boxes from Rep – Overview Plyo boxes can be used for more than jump box exercises. A plyo box can also be used to support a powerful variety of strength, conditioning, and movement exercises. Training with box jumps, though, is a more advanced exercise that should be done with care. You can slowly incorporate it into your workout, and the key is to begin with a low box to get familiar with the movement. Box jumps demand the engagement of the lower body and core, as well as coordination and concentration to complete the exercise correctly. Training with plyo boxes increases muscle and power, enhances sports performance, better balance and stability, and [Read more …]