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Check out the new Raptor AirBike - only from Fringe Sport.

Let’s take a look at Raptor AirBike.

Air bikes are a great option if you are looking for a full-body workout. If you are also looking for a quick workout that increases your heart rate quickly, air bikes work well too. With air bikes, you generate more resistance when you pedal faster, and they can make you sweat and burn fat in 10 to 20 minutes.

Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike with a user 2
Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike with a trainee

Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at:

Raptor AirBike – Overview

The Raptor AirBike is over-designed and over-built for a fitness-crushing performance with extreme durability and lifespan. This air bike is very comfortable to ride in with its ten adjustable seat height positions, and you can go forward and backward to fit the bike to your wingspan. It is belt-driven, which means it has no chain, giving you a lifetime of maintenance-free performance.

Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike dimension
Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike dimension

Have a smooth and quiet ride while listening to your favorite music and podcast or watch your favorite movie. It has a large monitor that is fast, accurate, and easy to use with Bluetooth capabilities that function with almost all trackers. It tracks your goal time, distance, calories, watts, and RPM.

Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike console
Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike console

This air bike also has a comfortable seat giving you an easy ride, and has a water bottle holder to hydrate yourself with cold water or hot drink. It has metal pedals that will last for a long time and metal handles for easy mobility on rough concrete, gravel, dirt, and even soft grass. The Raptor Airbike comes with a three-year warranty and top-notch customer service.

Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike fan
Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike fan

Raptor AirBike – In Summary

That’s our close-up look at Raptor AirBike.

If you are looking for a bike that will make you sweat and work as hard as you should, the Raptor AirBike will not fail you. It is overbuilt and overdesigned and provides an easy ride and a great workout. It gives you a great cardio workout, makes you lose weight, and pushes you to new heights in your strength journey.

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Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike with a user 1
Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike with a user 1

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Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike side view
Fringe Sport Raptor AirBike side view

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