Nano X Froning Training Shoes Review

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The new special edition of Reebok’s CrossFit shoe – the Nano X Froning men’s training shoe is now available.

Reebok Nano X Froning - Special Edition Training Shoe for CrossFit
World’s fittest man Rich Froning gets his own special edition of the Reebok Nano X training shoe for CrossFit – now available.

This shoe joins the Nike Metcon 5 Mat Fraser edition as being a shoe specifically associated with a high-performing CrossFit athlete.

This shoe has all the great features of the Nano X but it definitely has a crisp look to it.

Here’s some of the places you can get the shoe (Note: We are an affiliate of these sellers)

Nano X Froning (Men's - Black / White / Reebok Lee 7) The Nano X Froning special edition is selling fast - if you like them, better get them now.

Nano X Froning (Men's - Vector Navy / Ftwr White / Court Blue) New colorway of the Froning training shoe - same great performance features..

Nano X Froning – Video Review on YouTube

Why read when you can watch?

Here’s a hands-on look at the Reebok Nano X Froning – and a side-by-side comparison to a regular Nano X!

The Nano X is an excellent cross training shoe – it was the runner-up in our Best CrossFit Shoes for 2021 review.

Nano X Froning Training Shoe – Overview

Who is Rich Froning Jr.?

Rich Froning Jr. World's Fittest Man
Rich Froning Jr. – Several times the world’s Fittest Man – now he’s got his own shoe to prove it.

He is known as The Fittest Man in History – thanks to his many CrossFit games wins (and when he finished with individual competition his team Mayhem continues to crush competitions).

Reebok Nano X Froning Ultimate Training Shoe
The ultimate training shoe – made with the help of the world’s fittest man – Rich Froning Jr.

These shoes were designed to fulfill all the needs of an elite athlete. They incorporate an innovative lacing system that has three parts to symbolize Froning’s three priorities in life: his faith, his family, and fitness.

Nano X Froning – What’s New

Let’s see what they’ve done to make this shoe special.

According to Reebok, the key features of the Reebok Froning Nano X include:

  • Bootie construction for increased comfort
  • Forefoot strap that keeps wearers secure and locked in – a technical update to the standard NANO X silhouette that also playfully pays homage to Froning’s reputation for rarely tying his shoes in the early days of his career
  • An innovative three-string rope lacing system that provides added security while dually serving as nods to both Froning’s dominance on the rope as well as the three pillars he credits in guiding his life – faith, family and fitness
  • Strong stability provided by traction on sole that offers sure-footed feel for wide range of movements

Reebok Nano X Froning - Special Edition CrossFit Training Shoe - Other Side
What’s new in the Nano X Froning? They’ve added a mid-foot strap, and an updated lacing setup. It also looks good!

The obvious addition is the midfoot strap.

At first glance this looks a lot like the strap on an Oly lifter shoe.

In shoes like the Reebok Legacy Lifter II the midfoot strap let’s you get a locked in fit and feel across the midfoot.

Unfortunately on this shoe, it’s more for aesthetics – form over function.

Reebok Nano X Froning - Forefoot strap
The most obvious visual feature of the Froning edition is that forefoot strap. Unfortunately it doesn’t really do anything – it uses an elastic anchor that means there really is no practical tightening when you use the strap. But, it looks nice.

The strap is anchored on one end with a very piece of stretchy elastic – so there’s really no practical effect to tightening the strap.

The lacing details are different – we can see some nice premium shoe laces, and the three string system that reflects Rich’s dominance in the rope climb.

Reebok Nano X Froning Edition - Laces
The premium laces look nice and work well. The 3 string lacing system is a nice visual touch as well.

It looks like the tongue is now an integral part of the shoes upper.

Reebok Nano X Froning - Side View
There’s no tongue on this shoe – it’s more of a tight fitting slip fit – but still has laces. It works.

That’s the “bootie construction” that Reebok marketing was referring to.

This is a pretty tight fitting shoe – that’s also why there is a pull tab on the heel.

Reebok Nano X Froning Pull Tab on the Heel
A pull tab on the heel makes it easier to get this tight fitting shoe on.

So, while it’s true the forefoot strap doesn’t really do anything – that’s OK because you have a tight fit from the start – and the laces work perfectly.

Reebok Nano X Froning - Special Edition CrossFit Training Shoe - Quarter View
The lacing system is different, and the tongue looks to be fused into the upper. But, the heel and outsole look to be unchanged.

The outsole/midsole/insole of this shoe are unchanged from the regular Nano X.

THat’s OK, it’s a combination that works.

Reebok Nano X Froning Outsole
The outsole and midsole on the Froning Edition is unchanged. That’s OK, it’s a stable shoe that’s great for the CrossFit WOD. I wouldn’t use them for running long distance though – they are light on cushion.

For those that don’t know – these are great shoes for CrossFit style workouts that involve weight lifting, body weight exercises, box jumps, jumping rope, etc.

Can you run in these? Yes – but I wouldn’t run in them for long distances. Being cross trainers they have minimal cushion.

The heel pull tab has Gal 6.14 on it – a shout out to Galations 6:14 – Rich’s favorite Bible verse.

Reebok Nano X Froning Edition
Galations 6:14 on the heel tab.

The upper material is very nice too – it’s meshy up in the front, and it is a very textured pattern in the back.

Reebok Nano X Froning Upper
The upper is nice looking and is a step up from the stock Nano X.

Overall, what’s the verdict?

The shoe has all the great features of the Nano line – and it looks very crisp and unique.

This is one good looking shoe!

Reebok Nano X Froning Edition
Reebok Nano X Froning – a good looking shoe.

Nano X Froning Sizing & Fit

How does the sizing run?

Just like the regular Nano X , these run true to size.

Reebok Nano X Froning - True to Size
These run true to size – so order your normal shoe size.

My normal size in running shoes (Men’s Size 11) fits perfect.

I recommend you order your normal shoe size.

One of the things I love about the Nano is the super-wide toe box. It’s comfy and should even work for people with very wide feet. (The Nano is the best CrossFit shoe for people with wide feet).

Reebok Nano X Froning Edition
The toebox is nice and wide on the Nano X.

Overall, I’m pleased with the fit and comfort of these shoes.

Reebok Nano X Froning Edition
Look good and feel good in the limited special edition Reebok Nano X Froning.

Let’s compare these head to head with the regular Nano X.

Nano X Froning Versus Nano X Shoes for CrossFit

In comparison the standard Nano X doesn’t have the midfoot strap.

Reebok Nano X Cross Training Shoe
The Reebok Nano X is here – this is the 10th version of Reebok’s cross trainer shoe meant for functional fitness (like CrossFit.)

But it does have all the other great features you need in a CrossFit shoe.

The outsole is flat, and grippy.

Reebok Nano X Froning Versus Nano X - Outsole
Both shoes have the same outsole (and midsole). The outsole is a de-coupled design that is flat, grippy, and all-rubber. It’s tough as nails – just like it was on the Nano 9.

These shoes have a minimal “heel to toe drop” – because that makes for a more versatile shoe.

One thing I can say for certain, the new upper on the Nano X is outstanding.

It is stretchy, comfortable – and it’s a big step up in aesthetics as compared to the Nano 9.

I find the regular Nano X upper to be stretchier and more comfortable than the Froning (but I think the Froning looks better).

Reebok Nano X Froning Versus Nano X Regular - Upper
The updated Flexweave upper on the regular Nano X is super-comfortable – but doesn’t look as nice as the upper on the Froning. I’m a fan of both.

Underfoot, in the midsole and outsole, there’s not really any difference from the Nano 9 though.

That’s OK, because the stable heel and minimal cushion are what make these such great shoes for CrossFit and functional fitness style workouts.

Reebok Nano X Froning Versus Regular - Heel
Both shoes fit and feel similar. There’s honestly not too many performance features on the Froning – it’s more of a visual improvement.

Reebok Nano X Versus Froning
Both shoes are winners in my book – but the regular shoe will be easier to find in your size – and it’s cheaper.

There are a lot of different styles available for the regular Nano X.

Reebok Nano X Cross Training Shoe - Two color options
There’s multiple colorways available for the Reebok Nano X. These are two of my favorites (and consequently the ones I ordered.)

Nano X Froning Versus Nike Metcon 5 Mat Fraser

Guess who else gets their own special edition CrossFit training shoe?

The current World’s Fittest Man – Mat Fraser.

Nike Metcon 5 Mat Fraser
Current World’s Fittest Man Mat Fraser has his own Nike shoe. This is the 2019 Nike Metcon 5 version. It’s good.

The Fraser edition Metcon 5 sold out quickly.

It packs all the great features of the Nike Metcon 5 shoe in a good looking package.

Nike Metcon 5 Mat Fraser - Drop-in midsole
The Nike Metcon 5 has a dual-density midsole – shown here. It’s cushioned up front for sprints, runs, jumping rope – and firm in the heel for lifting heavy.

How do the two line up?

Both shoes are really a visual improvement over the regular editions – there aren’t any extra performance to be had with either.

Nike Metcon 5 - Mat Fraser
Coolest thing about this shoe – look at that translucent outsole and Mat’s signature… cool stuff.

Nano X Froning – In Summary

The Nano X Froning is a premium version of Reebok’s premier CrossFit training shoe for the year 2020.

It looks good, and it performs well too – because it’s based on an excellent cross training shoe for CrossFit.

The improvements are mostly visual and non-functional – but it does look great!

Reebok Nano X Froning
The Reebok Nano X Froning is a special edition shoe with a unique look. Get it while you can!

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Reebok Nano X Froning - Heel
Closeup for the heel

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Reebok Nano X Froning
Reebok Nano X Froning

Reebok Nano X Froning - On Foot
Reebok Nano X Froning – On Foot

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