Reebok Nano X1 Grit Training Shoe Review

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The new for 2022 Reebok Nano X2 is available April 1st.

The new Reebok Nano X1 Grit Training Shoe has arrived.

Reebok Nano X1 Grit (9)
The Reebok Nano X1 Grit is here – this is our review.

This is the 11th version of Reebok’s Nano cross-training shoe.

It’s no longer hyper-focused on CrossFit, but rather it is now a more well-rounded fitness shoe – the shoe of fitness is what Reebok is calling it.

There’s two different uppers available – one that is knit and one that is “Grit” – meaning a tougher upper.

We’re going to laser-focus in on the Grit version of the shoe in this review.

Here’s some of the styles that are available now:

Nano X1 Grit Men's Training Shoes (Grey / Core Black / Orange Flare) Here's the Grit upper - it's more akin to the Flexweave upper that was on the Nano X. This will be tougher than the knit upper. This is the colorway shown in most of the photos in this review.
Nano X1 Men's Training Shoes (Black/True Grey 8/Pewter) This is the "I'll Call You Back" edition - and it is available now. It's sporting a subtle and dark color theme with a knit upper.

Let’s take a look.

Reebok Nano X1 Grit Training Shoe Review – Video from our YouTube Channel

Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel:

The video above compares the shoe to the Nano X – its predecessor.

Nano X1 Grit Sizing

Looking for sizing advice? The Nano X1 runs true to size, with a nice, wide toe box that is nearly unchanged from the Nano X.

Visually there’s a small difference because the outsole is wider in the X. I explain in-depth in this video:

There I recommend you order the same size as your Nano X – or whatever your normal shoe size is.

There’s no sizing differences between the Knit and Grit versions.

Reebok Nano X1 Grit – Overview

Reebok Nano X1 Grit (32)
Here’s the Reebok Nano X1 Grit. Lots of changes as compared to last year’s Nano X.
Reebok Nano X1 Grit (3)
Here’s the outsole. It’s looking nice in a two-tone color scheme on this shoe. It’s flat, all-rubber and very grippy.
Reebok Nano X1 Grit (1)
Reebok dropped the decoupled midsole for this version of the Nano. But that’s OK the improved cushion makes the X1 better for running.
Reebok Nano X1 Grit (14)
The Nano X1 has the Floatride Energy system and an EVA foam midsole. It has noticeably more cushion than the Nano X.
Reebok Nano X1 Grit (10)
It’s also got more drop too – 7mm of heel to toe drop.
Reebok Nano X1 Grit (15)
That TPU frame that encases the heel improves the rigidity and stability of the shoe.

Let’s focus on the Grit now – the upper.

Reebok Nano X1 Grit Versus Knit - Grit upper
The Grit upper is tougher, and perhaps best of all there is no weight penalty.
Reebok Nano X1 Grit (5)
The laces are flat and quite nice. The tongue is not very padded, and somewhat skinny in width.
Reebok Nano X1 Grit (11)
There’s a very firm heel cup inside and the comfort collar comes up high. It is angled inwards though, and as such may contact the back of your heel / ankle when running.
Reebok Nano X1 Grit (25)
Compare the curved heel of the X1 (in the background) to the straight up version of the Nano X…
Reebok Nano X1 Grit (35)
One more shot of the heel…

Reebok Nano X1 Grit Training Shoe Review – In Summary

That’s our review of the Reebok Nano X1 Grit Training Shoe from Reebok.

I like the Grit upper better than the Knit.

There’s really no weight penalty (it weighs the same), it’s tougher, and it looks better – in my opinion.

You may also want to check out the Reebok Nano X1 with Knit upper too.

Reebok Nano X1 Grit (30)
The Reebok Nano X1 is a winner – less weight, more drop, and more cushion makes it a more well-rounded fitness shoe.

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Reebok Nano X1 Grit (16)
The Grit upper is the better looking option, in my opinion.

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