Reebok Nano OG Shoe Review

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Reebok has brought back the original version of the Nano CrossFit training shoe – it’s called the Reebok Nano OG.

Reebok Nano OG
Reebok Nano OG – The original Nano CrossFit shoe is back! How does it stack up to the Nano X / Nano 10? That’s what we’ll cover here.

In this review, we’ll compare the Reebok Nano OG to the latest and greatest Nano – the Reebok Nano X.

How has the shoe evolved over the years? That’s what we’ll talk about.

We’ll also figure out if the Nano OG can run with the big dogs in the gym.

Here’s some of the styles that are available now:

Nano OG (Legacy Red/Black/White) The first version of Reebok's Nano CrossFit training shoe is back - as the Nano OG. Here it is in Legacy Red/Black/White.
Nano OG (Black/True Gray 7/Pewter) The Nano OG - here in Black/True Gray 7/Pewter
Nano X PR (White / Pure Grey 2 / Silver Met.) The newest version of the Reebok Nano X is made with lightweight materials that help you get an extra rep or PR. Coming 10/8/2020.
Nano X Froning (Men's - Black / White / Reebok Lee 7) Known as The Fittest Man in History, Rich Froning Jr., joins the Nano franchise with these men's shoes. They were designed to fulfill all the needs of an elite athlete. Coming July 21st - these WILL SELL OUT!
Reebok Nano X (Black/White/Vivid-Orange) Men's Training Shoe in Black/White/Vivid-Orange
Reebok Nano X (Cool Shadow/Black/White) Men's Training Shoe in Cool Shadow/Black/White.
Reebok Nano X (Black/White/White) Men's Training Shoe in Black/White/White
Vertex Micro Crew Ultra-Light Cushion (Darn Tough) You know what kind of sock works best with a lightly cushioned cross trainer like the Nano OG? Get a running or athletic sock with some padding in the heel and fore foot - like these from Darn Tough. Merino wool/Nylon/Lycra Spandex - made in the USA

Let’s take a look.

Reebok Nano X OG Shoe Review – On Our YouTube Channel

Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel:

Find out more about the Nano X (the new one) here:

By the way, we have high expectations for this shoe. The Reebok Nano X was a runner-up in our Best CrossFit Shoes for 2021 review.

Reebok Nano OG Shoe Review – What’s New and Improved?

Trick question – nothing is new and improved, after all this is the Nano 1 repackaged as the Nano OG.

That said, let’s take a look at the shoe.

Here’s the original Nano shoe, in all of it’s glory – like it came out of a time machine from the year 2012:

Reebok Nano OG - side profile
From the heel we can see the distinctive Reebok logo on the side.
Reebok Nano OG - Front View
The Nano has ALWAYS had a super-wide toe box – you can see that easily from the top. This is the best shoe for people with wide feet.
Reebok Nano OG
Good old shoe laces – nothing works better for a secure, precision fit.
Reebok Nano OG - Outsole
The outsole is all rubber – and tough. This means great grip, and long life span.
Reebok Nano OG - RopePro
As you can see from the side, the Nano has always had a wrap around rope grip area at the midfoot (Known officially as RopePro)

Reebok Nano OG Versus Reebok Nano X

Ok, that was a nice trip down memory lane. How does it compare to the latest and greatest – the Reebok Nano X?

The Nano OG is lighter – it’s in the 11.4 ounce range.

That’s 2.7 ounces lighter than the Nano X.

Reebok Nano OG Versus Reebok Nano X
Both shoes are similar in size, but the Nano X is much heavier.

Where’s all that weight in the Nano X? Probably in the taller collar, and all that rubber protection wrap around the heel and midfoot.

There’s also a much more effective heel cup on the inside of the Nano X.

All that extra material adds up to extra weight.

Reebok Nano OG vs Reebok Nano X - Side by Side
The Nano X is taller, has a rubber protection wrap, and a much stiffer heel cup inside.

The outsoles look similar at first glance – all rubber, flat, with high traction.

But, the Nano X has a trick up it’s sleeve – it uses a decoupled midsole and outsole to help reduce the shock that travels forward from heel strikes.

Reebok Nano OG Versus Reebok Nano X Outsole
Both outsoles are all-rubber and give great grip. The Nano X uses a decoupled outsole and midsole, that is supposed to help reduce the shock that travels forward when you heel strike. Both have about the same amount of forefoot flexibility (which is minimal.)

Regarding the uppers – the Nano X looks sophisticated, it’s breathable, and it’s comfy.

In contrast, the Nano OG looks quite dated – and it definitely does not breathe as well.

(I test side by side by wearing two different shoes.)

Reebok Nano OG Versus Reebok Nano X - Uppers
The upper on the Nano X is better all around. There’s really no upside to the Nano OG’s upper other than nostalgia.

You can see that the Nano OG has the nice, wide toebox that is a hallmark of the Nano line.

You can also see that in the newest iteration the toe is shaped more traditionally, rather than looking like a paddle or a flipper.

To Reebok’s credit, the Nano X looks better, and it has just as much (if not more) toebox room.

Reebok Nano OG Versus Reebok Nano X - toebox
The toebox in both is very wide. The Nano X has more point to it, but is just as roomy. I prefer it.

Drop in both is 4mm.

Reebok Nano OG Vs Reebok Nano X
The Reebok Nano OG is a nice trip down memory lane, but much progress has been made in this shoe since 2012. I’d recommend the Nano X over the Nano OG in almost any situation.

Reebok Nano OG Shoe Review – In Summary

The Reebok Nano OG is the original Nano shoe – just as it was sold in 2012.

It’s a nice trip down memory lane, but the Nano line of shoes certainly has improved since 2012.

It’s a competent CrossFit shoe for sure, but the Nano X is still the better choice.

Reebok Nano OG - Hero Yellow/Black/White
Reebok Nano OG – Hero Yellow/Black/White

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Reebok Nano OG - Women's
This Women’s color combo is Fluid Blue/Black/White

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