Bonehead Ruck Weight Plate Review

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Let’s review the Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates from Fringe Sport.

What’s a Ruck Weight Plate? It’s a heavy weight that you put in your rucksack (aka backpack) to add resistance and therefore burn more calories when you walk, hike, or “ruck” (as it’s known in the military).

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It’s a simple concept – put heavy weight into backpack – burn more calories and build upper body strength when you walk/hike/ruck. Here you can see the beauty of the purpose-designed ruck weight plate – it fits nicely in your average backpack and leaves plenty of room to spare.

Can’t you just use a barbell plate or a dumbbell?

Ruck weight plates are a better option because they are a shape and size that will actually fit into your backpack.

And leave you enough room to pack other important stuff.

DISCLAIMER: Fringe Sport provided the equipment in this article for review.

Here’s the complete set of Ruck Weight Plates that Fringe Sport has to offer:

Bonehead Ruck Weight 10 lb (Black) Bonehead Ruck Weight 10 lb. This is a good size if you have a smaller frame or if you are just beginning. But more importantly, this is such a small size you can use it add a small, reasonable increment when you want to add weight. So get one!
Bonehead Ruck Weight 20 lb (Black) Bonehead Ruck Weight 20 lb. Most GORUCK events will require a 20 lb weight for anyone weighing less than 150 lbs.
Bonehead Ruck Weight 30 lb (Black) Bonehead Ruck Weight 30 lb. If you are over 150 lbs, or a more advanced rucker - this is the size for you.
Bonehead Ruck Weight 45 lb (Black) Bonehead Ruck Weight 45 lb. For a true challenge, you can go for this big dog. Just keep in mind you are probably going to be packing 10 lbs of gear and hydration on a long ruck march - and add it all up and this might be too much weight... you've been warned.
Bonehead Ruck Weight Complete Set (Black) Bonehead Ruck Weight Complete Set. Can't decide which is right for you? Get them all - and have all the fun.

Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates – Overview

The Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates are made from solid cast iron, and receive a black powdercoat finish.

The most important thing about these is the weight. After all, we use plates to add resistance to work harder and grow stronger.

All of these weigh in at or over the advertised weight. That’s good because if you are participating in a GORUCK event – weight matters.

All the Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates
Here’s the whole family – side by side.

They look good too.

Let’s face it – we were long overdue for someone to bring a little sense of style into this market.

I like the skull motif.

I’m not sure, but there may be some deeper meaning here too – only a true bonehead would carry a 45 lb slab of iron through the woods for “fun”.

THere’s a handle at the top and bottom.

It’s a good design – the handles on competitor products are a bit unwieldy. I can get a safe, secure grip with my average-sized hands.

You are only going to get a single-hand grip on these though – there’s no room for a two-handed grip.

I can get a three-finger grip on the mini-10lb plate. That’s enough.

Next important thing – do they fit?.

I’ve confirmed these plates fit just in the Rucker 3.0 25L and the Rucker 3.0 20L rucksacks.

Bonehead Ruck Weight Plate
Here’s the big 45 in a Rucker 3.0 25L.

All sizes fit in the Rucker 3.0 – both the 20L and 25L models.

Bonehead Ruck Weight Plate 10 lb in pocket
Stick that little 10 lb plate in the other pocket. You’ll get more weight in – and NO clanking down the trail.

My first thought on the 10lb plate was that it would be too small to be useful ( I ruck anywhere from 30 – 50 lbs for up to 18 miles).

But, it’s great for beginners. The wife confirmed upper back soreness from a few miles with the 10lb plate – she’s not a seasoned rucker.

But more importantly, you can use this smaller plate as a great way to bump up the weight, and intensity in a gradual fashion.

Bonehead ruck plates two in rucker
Two plates for twice the fun.

Because the Rucker 3.0 has two separate plate pockets, you can load up two plates, and there’s no metal to metal contact.

(There’s nothing worse than a clanking sound for 18 miles.)

Bonehead Ruck Weight Plate fits in Rucker 3.0 20L
The Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates fit nicely in the GORUCK Rucker 3.0 20L.

Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates Versus GORUCK Ruck Plates

Of course we’re gonna compare these two side by side.

Both are iron, both have handles, both have a powdercoat finish.

The finish on the GORUCK plates and Bonehead plates are very close – if not identical.

Close-up of the powdercoat finish. GORUCK on bottom, Bonehead on top.

The handles on the GORUCK plates are a little too thick (and square!) such that it’s not as easy to handle.

But the GORUCK plates don’t have the sweet skull design.

The Boneheads are taller and thinner. It’s a form factor that works great in the Rucker line of rucksacks.

GORUCK versus FringeSport
The newest GORUCK plates have a shorter, thicker form-factor. That’s one on the left.

The Bonehead plates work in the GR1 too.

Thickness comparison GORUCK versus Bonehead
Comparing thickness on the GORUCK 30 Lb Ruck Plate (bottom) and the Bonehead 30 Lb on top.

One thing the GORUCK plates have going for them is that they are shorter and thicker for a reason – the idea being to get the most weight up HIGH on your back – to make things harder.

Sounds good on paper, but honestly, it makes little difference. You’ll be cursing the plates after about 10 miles no matter what shape or size they are.

Ruck plate versus Bonehead - weight up higher?
The more compact shape of the GORUCK plate theoretically means more of the weight is up high. But honestly it makes little difference in my experience.

GORUCK actually has two sizes of Ruck Plate. They have taller ones (formerly known as “Standard” plates) that are meant for the GR1.

The Bonehead plates are close in size to those old Standard plates.

GORUCK Ruck Plate Versus Bonehead Ruck Weight Plate
Comparing a 30 LB GR1 plate from GORUCK. This was formerly known as the “Standard” Plate.

Here you can see the relative thickness of each of the Bonehead plates:

All the Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates
That 45 lb plate is bringing the thickness…

The 45 Lb is pretty thick – of course.

Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates Review – In Summary

That’s our review of the Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates from Fringe Sport.

These ruck weight plates occupy very minimal space and give the most freedom and options for workouts at home or on the road. They are very functional and provides several benefits. The two handles give you the ability to swing or lift them and do various other exercises.

And if we’re gonna be in misery – why not have some fun with it. I like the “bonehead” skull motif.

Bonehead Ruck Weight Plate Review
Bonehead Ruck Weight Plate Review

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Fringe Sport Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates 45lb – this is the big dog. For advanced ruckers only.

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