Women’s Workout Leggings – Nimbus Capri from Hylete Review

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Leggings are great for your CrossFit workout – they are light-weight, comfortable, and they don’t limit your range of motion – thanks to their flattering stretch.

What’s a capri? Capris are cropped pants where the leg ends just above the ankle.

They can help keep you cooler – and they are a trendy look right now.

Just remember that they tend to “shorten” your legs – so they can be somewhat unflattering on the wrong physique.

But having said all that – there are some excellent workout capris for your CrossFit workout – we’re going to take an in-depth look at the Nimbus Capri from Hylete.

Hylete makes high-performance apparel for the gym and CrossFit WOD.

Here’s the women’s workout capris we’ll be reviewing in this article:

Nimbus Capri Tights (Heather Black/Black) The Nimbus Capris from Hylete are a 90/10 Polyester/Spandex blend and offer a trendy look with their just above the calf leg opening. Shown here in Heather Black/Black - it offers a sophisticated look.

Nimbus Capri Tights (Olive/Olive) With a trendy capri leg opening - that is just above the calf - these are great workout leggings for CrossFit. They also have a zippered pocket for versatility. Shown here in Olive/Olive.

Nimbus Capri Tights (Heather Lagoon/Lagoon) The heathered options offer a sophisticated look - and all the other great features of these capris - like the zippered pocket. Shown here in Heather Lagoon/Lagoon.

Nimbus Capri Tights (Navy) Also available in Navy - these are some great looking workout tights.

Nimbus Caprite Tights (Heather Eggplant/Eggplant) Can't decide between a capri length or a full-length workout tight? The Caprite from Hylete let's you pick.
Easily extend the mesh for a full tight length - or use as capri length. These have all the great features of the Nimbus Capri regular yoga pants.

Nimbus Caprite Tights (Heather Olive/Olive) The Nimbus Caprite is also available in a good looking Heather Olive/Olive combination.

Nimbus Caprite Tights (Heather Black/Black) The Nimbus Caprite is also available in a good looking Heather Black/Black combination.

Nimbus Capri Workout Tights – Materials

The Nimbus Capri tights are made from a a 90% Polyester / 10% Spandex blend.

Synthetic materials like Polyester and Spandex are a necessity in performance wear – they are lighter, more breathable, and not as absorbent as cotton. They also dry much, much faster.

Do you want to walk around sopping wet? Neither do I…

Why spandex? That’s what give these tights their stretch – and still return to shape every time.

Nimbus Capri Tights from Hylete - Great for CrossFit - in the gym
The spandex ensures a slimming compression effect – and the stretch you need to keep moving the right way.

That’s what help makes for a perfect fit and it ensures there are no limitations to your range of motion when exercising.

Not only that, spandex also makes for a very flattering fit – on all body types.

Flattering lines with the Hylete Nimbus Capri Workout Leggings for Women - Heather Lagoon/Lagoon
Spandex means a flattering fit – for just about everyone.

Polyester is the other key component. Polyester is a synthetic material that is very resistant to shrinking and wrinkling.

But, more importantly it is thin and light (but durable) and it dries lightning fast.

And you are probably wondering – are these see-through?

NO – they are not see-through – even when subjected to the squat test.

No see-through when squatting with the Hylete Nimbus Capri Workout Leggings for Women - Heather Lagoon/Lagoon
Are the Nimbus Capris see-through? NO – even when squatting deep you are covered.

Several of these are available in a heathered look – which blends two distinct colors in a sophisticated and attractive pattern.

Heathered material closeup of the Nimbus Caprites in Heather Black/Black
"heathered" looks blend two distinct two colors together for a very sophisticated look. This is the Nimbus Caprite in Heather Black/Black.

Nimbus Capri Workout Tights – Fit & Cut

First of all, these capri pants are built for intense training sessions – but they also offer flattering lines to highlight your natural curves.

With it’s shorter inseam, this capri style pant is perfect for warmer weather.

The leg opening is right around the calves – so show them off with ease.

Overall these offer a flattering fit – and the stretch fabric we highlighted earlier is a 4-way stretch material.

Nimbus Capri Tights from Hylete - Great for CrossFit - Heather Black/Black in the gym
Thanks to the 90/10 polyester/spandex blend the Nimbus Capri have a stretch that means comfort, range of motion, and good looks.

That means superior mobility and good looks.

And they have side pockets that are strategically placed to sit high on the hip.

This helps secure your items and keep them out of the way. The pockets are large enough to secure items as large as your smartphone.

These pockets have a zipper too – so you can securely store your cell phone, credit card, or car keys.

Pockets of the Nimbus Capri Tights from Hylete - Great for CrossFit - Heather Black/Black
The Nimbus Capri tights from Hylete have a zippered pocket – because it is just so useful.

The side pockets have a mesh outer layer for style – but that is backed with a solid fabric – so the contents of your pockets are not visible.

With the YKK semi-auto lock zippers you don’t need to worry about losing your stuff when you lean back – or go inverted.

On the beach with Hylete Nimbus Capri Workout Leggings for Women - Heather Lagoon/Lagoon
Nimbus Capris are great outside the gym too – for all the same reasons.

Can’t decide between a full-length tight and a capri?

Hylete also has the caprite.

That’s a workout tight that lets you easily convert to either style – with on quick zip.

Mesh cuff of the Nimbus Caprite Yoga Pants for the Gym - Heather Eggplant
Caprites can be a regular length capri – or a full length workout tight. The choice is yours.

And it has all the same great features as the regular Nimbus Capri – like that zippered pocket, 4-way stretch material, and more.

To use the adjustable length – the mesh cuff can be easily tucked awway for capri length – or use for the fuller coverage of a full-length tight.

There’s bottom zippers to allow for any size calf to fit perfectly.

zip to adjust Nimbus Caprite Yoga Pants for the Gym
Adjust the Caprites quickly and easily.

Nimbus Capri Workout Tights – Care

Machine wash these on cold, with tumble dry low.

Don’t bleach them, and don’t iron them.

Nimbus Capri Workout Tights – In the Gym

Nimbus Capri Tights from Hylete - Great for CrossFit - in the gym
The Nimbus Capri tights in the gym – great for kettlebell swings -and just about anything else you want to do.

Bridging with the Nimbus Capri Workout Leggings from Hylete - Navy
Nimbus Capris are great for any workout – including yoga.


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Nimbus Capri Tights from Hylete - Great for CrossFit - in the gym
In the gym these capris can’t be beat.

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