Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5 – What’s the Difference?

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The Nike Metcon 6 is here – Nike’s newest CrossFit and functional fitness training shoe for the year 2020.

Did you notice it looks a lot like the Nike Metcon 5?

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5 - What are the Differences?
The Nike Metcon 6 looks an awful lot like the Nike Metcon 5. What are the differences? That’s what we’ll show you in this article. Read on…

What’s the real difference between the Nike Metcon 6 and Nike Metcon 5?

We’re going to compare and contrast these two training shoes – this is Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5.

Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at:

Nike Metcon 6 Men's Available now is the launch colorway of the Men's Nike Metcon 6. What's new? The upper is super-breathable - and this shoe looks HOT!

Let’s compare the Nike Metcon 5 and the Nike Metcon 6.

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5 – Video Review on our YouTube Channel

Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel:

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5 – Overview

Let’s cut right to the chase.

These shoes look similar for a reason.

The Nike Metcon 6 re-uses all the major parts of the Nike Metcon 5 … except for 1.

Nike Metcon 6 vs Nike Metcon 5 - pretty much the same
These shoes share a LOT in common – the shape, the look, the basic dimensions, and more.

Nike Metcon 6 vs Nike Metcon 5 - heel is the same
The heel is the same. The texture of the material looks nicer and there’s a big Metcon M on it, but functionally it is the same. Both have the TPU heel clip – for minimum wall drag when doing hand stand push-ups.

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5 - Outsole comparison
The outsole is the same in both – two rubber compounds (firm in back, sticky up front), same shape, same flex grooves and tread pattern.

The real difference is the upper.

Nike Metcon 5 versus Nike Metcon 6 - upper
The upper of the 5 was a double layer material. It’s comfortable, but not super-breathable. It’s also covered with a tough 3D haptic print.

And here’s that new upper.

Nike Metcon 6 vs Nike Metcon 5 Upper is better on new
The upper on the 6 has perforations. These are so big you can see your socks through them …

It’s tough, but more importantly it’s got very large perforations.

These are so big that sunlight can shine through them (and you can see through them).

Nike Metcon 6 vs Nike Metcon 5 - sunlight through the upper
… and the sun will shine through them too. That’s super-breathable.

Nike Metcon 6 vs Nike Metcon 5 side by side
Here’s they are side by side. No light shines through the 5s.

That means an unparalleled amount of breathability.

This is certainly going to be the best CrossFit shoe for hot weather.

Nike Metcon 5 versus Nike Metcon 6 - Upper 1 of 3
Here’s a view of the midfoot point of the new upper – note it’s not perforated here (only in the toe area), but it looks consistent.

Nike Metcon 5 versus Nike Metcon 6 - Upper 2 of 3
The collar height and shape is the same – it comes up pretty low.

Nike Metcon 5 versus Nike Metcon 6 - Upper 3 of 3
Both shoes use regular laces and Flywire.

So the major diference is the upper. Let’s compare and contrast some more. How do they work?

Nike Metcon 6
Nike Metcon 6 – your new training shoe for 2020.

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5 – Sizing

Given that the Metcon 6 has the same shape, midsole, outsole, and more as the Metcon 5 – the sizing advice is basically the same too.

The Nike Metcon 6 (and the Nike Metcon 5) are not wide shoes.

They both run a bit narrow up in the toe area (actually right after the midfoot point).

As such, I recommend you go 1/2 size up on the Nike Metcon 6 – exactly as I recommended for the Nike Metcon 5.

It might be a tiny bit long, but I’d rather have shoes that are slightly too long than shoes that are tight in the toes – because that is really uncomfortable.

Also consider this – if it fits tight right away – it’s going to be even worse after a long walk, run, or after a long day when your feet have swelled up a bit.

My only other comment here is because these are so much like the Metcon 5 – if you are happy with the way your 5s fit – get the same size.

Makes sense right?

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5 – Running

Part of the secret to the success of the Nike Metcon 5 shoe is the dual-density midsole.

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5 - midsole is the same
Here’s the removable dual-density midsole from the shoe. This is where the cushion (or lack thereof) comes from. It’s firm in the heel, and cushioned in the forefoot – which makes the 6 a very versatile cross trainer – just like the 5 was.

This provides the proper level of cushioning you need.

Nike Metcon 5 versus Nike Metcon 6 - midsole cushion
Nike gives us durometer numbers on the midsole – soft and cushioned up front – firm in the heel – just like the Metcon 5.

These shoes have a decent amount of cushion in the forefoot.

I’d call it slightly less than “medium” cushion – because the forefoot part of the midsole is pretty thin.

And remember this is plain foam – there’s no inflated air bags (like Nike’s Air Zoom) and no magical gravity-defying foam (such as Nike’s advanced React foam).

It’s cushion, but not a ton of cushion.

In the heel, it’s a different story.

Nike Metcon 6 - Heel is wide
These shoes have a flat, grippy outsole. The heel is wide and diamond shaped for maximum support. But perhaps more importantly the outsole rubber and the midsole heel are both very firm.

The heel foam is very firm, very stable (for lifting weights).

As such, there’s a good deal of impact shock transmitted to your legs on every heel strike.

These aren’t as firm as Oly lifters, of course, but I wouldn’t want to run long distances in them.

And at the end of the day – the foam is the same between the Nike Metcon 5 and the Nike Metcon 6 – there are no differences (other than the color).

Did you like running in your 5s?

The running experience is going to be the same in the Nike Metcon 6.

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5 Running
Running in the Metcon 6 feels exactly like the Metcon 5 – because the outsole and midsole are equivalent.

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5 – Lifting

Similarly, the weight lifting experience is the same.

Same foam, same midsole, same wide heel – both shoes feel identical.

And that’s OK – because the Metcon 5 were excellent shoes for lifting weights.

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5 - Outsole comparison
Liked lifting in your 5s? You’ll like the 6s. Just like the running experience – everything is unchanged. The wide diamond shaped heel, firm outsole, and firm midsole in the heel are all back again in the 6 . The Nike Metcon 6 is on the bottom in this photo.

Bodybuilding, power lifting, or Oly lifting – they work for all those things.

And we’re not talking 5 lb pink dumbbell lifting – I mean heavy barbell training.

And because all these key attributes are the same, the Nike Metcon 6 is also great for whatever form of heavy resistance training you are doing.

The only other comment for lifting is that the shoes don’t have much heel raise.

The heel to toe drop (or “drop”) is only 4 mm – meaning your heel is 4 millimeters higher than your toes.

But, just like the Nike Metcon 5, the Metcon 6 comes with Hyperlifts.

Nike Metcon 6 and Nike Metcon 5 Hyperlifts are the same
See the small hyperlift wedge under the heel? That adds 8mm of heel to toe drop. The Nike Metcon 5 also had the Hyperlifts. Nothing has changed.

What’s a hyperlift?

It’s a small, firm wedge – you drop this into the shoe (underneath the midsole) and it props up your heel a bit.

For the men’s shoe this gives you an additional 8 mm of drop, for women it’s 6.

That means a total of 12 mm (or 10mm) and that’s a good amount.

And unlike a running shoe with a 12mm drop – this is very firm support – great for when that heavy barbell is on your back, over your head, or in the rack position like a front squat.

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5
Lifting weights is a natural fit for the Nike Metcon 6.

Nike Metcon 6 FlyEase

Here’s another big difference – you can get a version of the Nike Metcon 6 with FlyEase technology.

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 6 FlyEase
Other than the heel, the FlyEase version is just like the regular edition shoe.

Developed for adaptive athletes, this shoe has laces – but you might only need to tie them once.

The shoe has a collapsible heel – so you can press the heel down with one foot, and slide the other in.

It’s quite easy to put these shoes on or take them off – without using your hands.

Nike Metcon 6 FlyEase - Collapsible Heel
The large grey piece is labeled "step". You can step on that with one foot, then slide your other foot into the shoe. It will pop back up into place afterwards.

(The tradeoff is that the heel feels a bit loose in the FlyEase shoe – and there’s no reinforcing heel cup within.)

If you want to find out more about the FlyEase, check out our Nike Metcon 6 FLyEase Review

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5 – Should I upgrade?

If you are happy with your Nike Metcon 5s and you haven’t worn them out – there’s not much reason to upgrade to the 6.

After all, it’s pretty much the same.

But shoes do wear out – so when it comes time to replace your 5s – you’ll know what to expect.

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5 – In Summary

The Nike Metcon 6 carries forward all the excellent features of the Nike Metcon 5.

As such, it’s a great shoe for CrossFit style workouts, functional fitness, bodybuilding, and powerlifting.

But, the real difference is in the new super-breathable upper.

It’s tough but highly breathable – and that should make a difference when the heat is on.

(It also looks pretty darn good too.

Nike Metcon 6 versus Nike Metcon 5
Which shoe is the champ? I like the new breathable upper. It looks good and it works well – and it is still tough as nails.

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Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 5
This shoe is a worthy successor to the Nike Metcon 5.

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Nike Metcon 5 versus Nike Metcon 6
Nike Metcon 6 Camo – A great new CrossFit shoe option for the year 2020.

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