Nike Metcon 4 Versus Nike Metcon 6 – Is it Time to Upgrade?

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Still rocking the Metcon 4? It’s a great shoe, but Nike has improved some things since the 4 came out.

What’s the benefit of upgrading to the Nike Metcon 6 from the Nike Metcon 4?

Nike Metcon 4 Versus Nike Metcon 6 Training Shoe - Is it Time to Upgrade?
This is Nike Metcon 4 Versus Nike Metcon 6 – What’s the benefit of getting the latest version of NIke’s Metcon shoe? Read on to find out…

That’s what we’ll cover in this review.

We tested both these shoes side by side – so read on to find all about it.

Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at:

Nike Metcon 6 Men's Available now is the launch colorway of the Men's Nike Metcon 6. What's new? The upper is super-breathable - and this shoe looks HOT!

Nike Metcon 4 Versus Nike Metcon 6 – Video Review on our YouTube Channel

Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel:

(Spoiler alert: the Nike Metcon 6 is the Best CrossFit Shoe for the year 2020.)

Nike Metcon 4 Versus Nike Metcon 6 – Overview

There’s a lot of similarity between these two shoes.

Both have a flat, all-rubber outsole.

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 4 - Sole to Sole
Both use a tough all-rubber outsole that gives great grip. The 4 used the tri-star pattern while the 6 is more subdued. Both are great.

There’s a “rope wrap” at the midfoot – mild in the 4 and massive in the 6.

Nike Metcon 6
The NIke Metcon 6 is a good looking shoe. This is one of the launch colorways. Check out that massive rope wrap at the midfoot!

Nike Metcon 4 Rope Wrap
In contrast, the Nike Metcon 4 has a smaller (but not tiny) rope wrap. That seemed radical at the time the shoe came out.

Both use regular laces, with FlyWire for additional security.

Nike Metcon 4 - Laces with Flywire
Laces with Flywire (which might be hard to see here because it’s black on black.)

Nike Metcon 6 Laces and FlyWire
In contrast, the FlyWire is easy to see on this colorway. Those bright green vectran filaments help secure the whole shoe around your foot when you tighten the laces.

And overall you can see the shoes share the same general layout.

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 4 - Heel
You might be thinking these shoes are more alike than different – but there are some major changes in the 6.

But that’s not the interesting part.

Let’s talk about where the shoes differ.

Nike Metcon 4 Versus Nike Metcon 6 – Noise

Both these shoes are noisy.

First of all, the rim of the heel on both is rock solid and very firm.

Nike Metcon 6 - outsole
The very firm, very hard outer rim of the rubber heel on the 6 is loud on any sort of hard surface – such as asphalt, concrete, tile, and more.

This makes for a lot of clip-clop sound anytime you are on a hard surface.

Asphalt, concrete, tile, wood floors – you’ll be clip-clopping around like you are wearing a pair of Olympic lifters.

The sound seems louder with the Metcon 6.

Nike Metcon 4 - Outsole
The heel of the 4 has that same very firm, hard rim on the heel – but makes less noise. But, make no mistake this is a noisy shoe.

Having said that, the Metcon 4 makes another noise entirely.

It’s a victim of the “Metcon Squeak”.

The drop-in midsole tends to rub against the interior of the shoe and can make a lot of squeaking noises (really more like a “scrunching”.)

Nike Metcon 4 - Dropin Midsole squeak
Here’s the drop-in midsole that rubs against the outsole. This is the source of the dreaded “Metcon Squeak”. These make a lot of noise when you walk, jump, run – basically anything except sitting still.

When does it do this? Just about anytime you are moving the shoe.

Check out our YouTube video to hear the noise.

Does it matter if your gym shoes are noisy?

Not really. But all the other shoes on the market are quiet – such as the Reebok Nano X.

The missing “Metcon Squeak” is a great improvement that Nike first brought to the line with the 5, and it continues on with the 6.

Nike Metcon 4 Versus Nike Metcon 6 – Cushion

Nike has refined the cushion in the Metcon 6 as compared to previous iterations of the shoe.

It’s a big step up over the Nike Metcon 4.

There’s more foam in the midsole – and the forefoot foam is much softer in the 6.

Nike Metcon 4 Vs Nike Metcon 6
Both shoes use a removable midsole. But the 6 has one that’s significantly thicker – and made with different materials.

The heel has more foam too – and it’s slightly more comfortable – yet still stable enough for heavy weight lifting.

Nike Metcon 6 Versus Nike Metcon 4 - Heel Foam
See how much thicker the foam is on the 6 (on the left)? The same goes for the forefoot. It’s more foam, and it’s different than that in the 4.

As such, the Nike Metcon 6 is a more versatile shoe.

The improved forefoot cushion makes it better for sprinting, jump rope, box jumps, and a whole lot more.

At the same time, the heel is slightly more cushioned than the 4, but not so much that you can squat, deadlift, and Oly lift with these.

Nike Metcon 4 Versus Nike Metcon 6 – Drop

Heel to toe drop in both shoes is 4 mm.

But, remember that just like the Metcon 5 the 6 comes with “Hyperlifts”.

Nike Metcon 6 Hyperlift
4mm drop not enough? Add 8 mm with the removable Hyperlifts. Nike debuted this with the 5 – and it continues as a feature in the 6.

These are firm wedges that you drop in under the removable midsole to give you an extra 8 mm of heel raise (6mm for women).

That mean’s a total of 12 mm of heel to toe drop (also sometimes called offset).

Nike Metcon 6 Hyperlift in Action
Here’s the hyperlift in action. See how much heel raise that adds? 4mm + 8mm = 12 mm total. That’s a good amount (but remember most Oly lifters offer 19mm or 20mm of drop).

What’s this good for?

Anything where you can benefit from less ankle flexion – pistol squats, thrusters, squats, and really anything where the bar starts on the floor.

Best of all – you’re not stuck with all that heel raise at all times – just pop the hyperlifts back out.

Having said all that, the Hyperlifts are compatible with the Metcon 4.

They can be placed in the heel of the shoe (under the midsole) just like in the 6.

Nike Metcon 4 Versus Nike Metcon 6 – New Upper

The Nike Metcon 6 has an all-new upper.

What’s the big change? It has perforations so large you can see through them – for greatly increased airflow.

Nike Metcon 6 Upper
The big change in the Metcon 6 (from the 5) is the all-new super-breathable upper.

At the same time, it’s not a lightweight material and it is reinforced with a very tough, rubber-like substance in high wear areas.

Nike Metcon 6 - Sunlight
See all that light shining through? These perforations are very big and that makes for great airflow.

In my side by side testing (Florida, August, outdoor workouts) it makes a difference you can feel.

Nike Metcon 4 Upper Closeup
The Metcon 4 has 3-d haptic print for toughness. It’s not a bad upper, it’s just not as breathable as the 6.

The Metcon 4, with it’s thicker double layer mesh results in feet that feel warmer, and toastier – and not in a good way.

Nike Metcon 4
In contrast, the Nike Metcon 4’s double layer mesh upper isn’t horrible, but it’s solid – no light shines in.

Nike Metcon 4 Versus Nike Metcon 6 – Weight

Through this process, the Nike Metcon has gained some weight.

The Men’s Size 11 Nike Metcon 4 shown in these pictures weighs 11.4 ounces.

Nike Metcon 6 - Weight
This Men’s Size 11.5 Nike Metcon 6 weights 14.0 ounces.

The Metcon 6 (which is a size 11.5) weighs in at 14.0 ounces – that’s over 2.5 ounces more.

THere’s more to the shoe – more rope wrap, more tongue, more foam, and the shoe overall looks bigger too.

Nike Metcon 4 - Weight
This Men’s Size 11 Nike Metcon 4 weights 11.4 ounces.

These extra materials add up, and hence the shoe weighs more.

It’s a difference you can feel, but it’s not so much you can’t live with it.

Personally, I feel like the weight gain is worthwhile considering the extra versatility of the shoe.

Nike Metcon 6 Men’s Updated

Your favorite all-rounder shoe that surpassed expectations in all measures now comes with two different sets of colors – LT Smoke Gray/DK Smoke Gray/Summit White and White/Black/Gum Dark Brown/Gray Fog. It gives you the same comfort, support, grip, stability, and breathability but a different look.

Nike Metcon 6 Men White Black Gum Dark Brown Gray Fog quarter view pair left
Nike Metcon 6 Men White Black Gum Dark Brown Gray Fog quarter view pair left

Nike Metcon 6 is a superior training shoe that delivers well across a series of activities from CrossFit to jump rope and sprints to the rock wall. Metcon 6’s standout feature is its improved airflow that conquers all the difficulties of different kinds of workouts.

Nike Metcon 6 - Mens White Black Gum Dark Brown Gray Fog back view pair
Nike Metcon 6 – Mens White Black Gum Dark Brown Gray Fog back view pair

Nike Metcon 4 Versus Nike Metcon 6 – In Summary

In summary, I see a lot of benefit in upgrading to the Nike Metcon 6.

Nike Metcon 6
I honestly believe the Nike Metcon 6 is overall a more versatile, and improved shoe. I think it is worthwhile to upgrade from the 4. It’s less clear if you should upgrade from the 5 – as the only real difference is the upper.

The changes are not subtle (or lightweight).

First, the cushion in both the forefoot and heel has been refined in the 6 – to make this shoe even more versatile.

The new upper is more breathable, and there are other features like the super large rope wrap.

It’s true the shoe has gained some weight, but most cross training shoes are built like a tank – and heavy.

Lastly, Nike banished the “Metcon Squeak” with the 5th version of the shoe – and the Metcon 6 doesn’t have the problem either.

It’s got a loud heel – especially on hard surfaces, but you are already use to that with the Metcon 4.

Nike Metcon 4 Overview
The Nike Metcon 4 was a great shoe for it’s time – but Nike has made improvements in the newer models. It’s time to upgrade.

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