Motiv II Workout Tights for CrossFit from Hylete Review

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Need the best women’s workout tights for CrossFit?

You should consider the Motiv II tights from Hylete.

These are a fantastic option – and we’ll tell you (and show you) just why these are so great.

Motiv II Tights (Black Fade/Black) The Motiv II Workout Tights for Women are like a breathable second skin - the Polyester/Spandex (83/17) blend has just enough compression for a slimming effect. The mid-rise waistband helps inspire confidence - because it won't roll down.

Motiv II Tights (Lagoon Fade/Lagoon) The high-performance fabric is light and breathable while the 2-way stretch moves with you, keeping the patterns looking bold and on point.

Motiv II Tights (Jungle Silver/Orchid) There's no pockets on this version - and that helps further the second-skin feeling. They've got some great prints and designs too.

Motiv II Vent Tights (Galaxy Olive) The Motiv II also comes in a Vent version with a contrasting mesh panel fabric for ventilation to the lower legs. These do have an internal waistband pocket - unlike the non-Vent tights.

Motiv II Vent Tights (Galaxy Plum) Here's the Galaxy Plum pattern for the Motiv II Vent Tight. It is designed for added comfort, mesh ventilation brings unique style while keeping you cool so you feel confident during those intense training sessions.

Motiv II Crop Tights (Chevron Black/Gray) Looking for a crop fit? Hylete has those too.

Motiv II Crop Tights (Jungle Navy/Lagoon) Here's another great looking crop print. These are made from the same second-skin fabric as all the other Motiv workout tights.

Let’s take a closer look.

Motiv II Workout Tights From Hylete – Material

The Motiv II line are minimalist tights.

This is all about breathable comfort – like a second skin.

Hylete Motiv II Workout Tights are great for any fitness activity.
Hylete Motiv 2 Workout Tights are meant to fit like a second skin. This gives a nice compression effect that feels good – and helps you look your best – in the gym or outdoors.

How does Hylete do it? By using a 83% Polyester and 17% Spandex blend.

That’s a high proportion of spandex – and that’s what gives these such a luxurious stretchy fit.

It’s a mild compression effect – that feels good but also has a slimming effect on your physique.

They also dry quick – thanks to these synthetic materials.

Back view of the Hylete Motiv II Workout Tights for Women CrossFit in Black Fade
The Motiv II tights in Fade Black/Black are a nice, basic workout legging. The darker color helps hide any imperfections – and the full length and mid-rise waistband further inspire confidence.

Motiv II Workout Tights From Hylete – Fit & Cut

Let’s talk about these tights – how they fit and how the material is cut.

All of these have a mid-rise waistband.

Closeup of the Motiv 2 Crop workout tights from Hylete in Jungle Silver/Blush
The mid-rise waistband on the Motiv II tights stays in place – and won’t roll down. The bold prints add style, too

That helps keep your tights from rolling down – and that means confidence as your tights stay put through even your toughest workouts.

The fabric is light and breathable and has a 2-way stretch.

It moves with you – and doesn’t restrict your freedom of movement.

Hylete offers attractive prints and designs – these partterns are bold and on point.

Looking for a version with mesh panels?

Then you want the Vent version of the Motiv II.

These are designed for added comfort.

Quad stretch with the Hylete Motiv II Vent Tight for CrossFit - Galaxy Black
The Motiv II also comes in a Vent version. A contrasting mesh panel fabric gives ventilation to the lower legs – and looks stylish.

The mesh ventilation panel brings unique style and keeps you cool so you feel confident.

The Vent version of the tights uses the same breathable Motiv II fabric tat made to complement your natural curves.

Thanks to the spandex, there’s just enough compression to create a slimming effect.

Back view of the Hylete Motiv II Vent Tight for CrossFit - Galaxy Black
With a mild compression effect – the Motiv II Vent tights are slimming.

There’s also a back yoke for additional flexibility. This allows for optimal movement while framing the back side in a flattering silhouette.

And the Motiv II Vent has the same great mid-rise waistband – so no rolling down around your belly or midsection.

The Motiv II Vent has an internal storage pocket too.

Another waistband closeup of the Hylete Motiv II Vent Tight for CrossFit - Galaxy Black
The Motiv II Vent tights do have a internal storage pocket around the waistband – unlike the non-Vent versions.

How about a crop?

Front view of the Hylete Motiv II Crop workout tights in Navy Lagoon
The Motiv II Crop is the perfect fit – and has bold patterns as well.

The Motiv II Crop brings a pop of color with HYLETE original patterns, to add variation to your training apparel.

And it is the same breathable, smooth, high-wicking fabric used in the regular Motiv tights.

The have the mid-rise waistband as well. It stays tight around your waist and belly to keep everything in and prevent the crop from riding down.

Motiv II Workout Tights From Hylete – In the Gym

How do these work in the gym?

The mid-rise waistband is a bonus – as it keeps your tights in place.

Barbell squat with the Hylete Motiv II crop for gym workouts - chevron black/grey
There’s no time to worry about your waistband when you are under a heavy barbell. The Motiv II Crop has the mid-rise waistband to keep everything in place.

The high spandex content of the fabric does indeed feel like a second skin.

With the compression effect you feel good, and the slimming effect boosts your confidence too.

CrossFit box pose with the Hylete Motiv II crop for gym workouts - chevron black/grey
Look good in the CrossFit box with the Motiv II Crop from Hylete. Shown here in Chevron Black/Grey.

With the pleasing patterns, these work just as well outside the gym too.

Motiv II Crop Workout Tights on the seashore
Motiv II Crop – they look good anywhere.

Motiv II Workout Tights From Hylete – Care

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, do not bleach, do not iron.

Wall squat with the Hylete Motiv II Vent Workout Tights in Galaxy Plum
Hylete Motiv II Vent Tights in Galaxy Plum print. Lookin’ great!


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