Men’s Workout Shorts – Vertex II Shorts from Hylete

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Let’s look at some of the best men’s workout shorts for functional fitness and CrossFit style training – the Hylete Vertex II workout shorts.

Hylete makes high-performance workout apparel – and the Vertex II is part of their performance workout shorts line.

These are shorts made for the active individual – and we’ll tell you (and show you) just how they do this.

Here’s the workout shorts we’ll be reviewing:

Vertex II Workout Shorts (Black) The Vertex II workout shorts from Hylete are made with "Flex-Knit Fabric". This is a 90% polyester and 10% spandex blend that has the right amount of stretch, but the cut is tailor made for athletes as well - these will not restrict your range of motion.

Vertex II Workout Shorts (Navy) The Vertex II workout shorts also come in Navy. You can see the waistband here - it's a super-stretchy material that will give you a perfect fit every time.

Vertex II Workout Shorts (Cool Gray) The left and right zipper pockets featuring high quality YKK zippers. The pockets are optimally placed high on the hip of each leg to suppress the movement of any stowed items - and they won't get in the way of a barbell. You can see the zippered pocket location easily on this color - Cool Gray.

Vertex II Workout Shorts (Olive) With a two-way drawstring design you can get a perfect fit every time. What's even better is that you can tie inside or outside the shorts thanks to the innovative patented waistband.

Ok, let’s take at what we believe are some of the best workout shorts for CrossFit.

Vertex II Workout Shorts for Men – Fit & Cut

First of all, these are performance shorts designed specifically for CrossFit, HIIT, and other types of functional fitness workouts.

How so? These shorts incorporate generous cuts where you need range of movement and freedom.

Battle ropes with the Men's workout shorts from Hylete - Vertex II - Olive
Vertex II shorts from Hylete are made for the gym (or the CrossFit box.)

Think hip hinge type of movements – such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, and more.

Those sort of exercises are common in the CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) and all require a lot of hip or knee flexion – or both!

Ever seen anyone try to do lunges in pants?

You likely never will – because they are simply too restrictive – they bind up well before your knee hits the gym floor.

The Vertex II shorts are cut to provide extra room in the hips, thighs, and rear.

Kettlebell swing with the Hylete Vertex II men's workout shorts for the gym - black
Vertex II shorts in the gym – with kettlebells.

The Vertex II is available in Above the Knee, Regular, and Long lengths.

“Above the Knee” is the shortest version – but it is NOT a “quad cut” – so you’ll need to look elsewhere if you are showing off a lot of skin above the knee.

Here’s another feature we consider required – the large integrated pockets on the left and right – with zippers.

The openings for these pockets are on the side of the leg – but the internal pocket compartment lies towards the backside of your leg.

And that means your iPhone or earbud case will stay out of the way.

(And with the zipper closed you can lean back or go inverted without spilling the contents of your pockets all over the gym floor.

Back view of the Hylete Vertex II workout shorts for men - cool gray
Here’s the zipper pocket on the Vertex II shorts. Notice it is up high – and you can’t really see this but the pocket compartment lies towards the back of the leg – to keep your stuff AWAY from the barbell. It works great!

(I love this feature, I’ve spent enough on cracked phone screens in this lifetime.)

Quite frankly, the zippered pockets make these more versatile as well – in case you want to use them for non-gym casual wear.

What’s the benefit of these strategically placed zipper pockets?

It means you can easily drag a barbell up your thighs without the contents of the pockets getting in the way.

Consider the deadlift, or the 2nd pull of the clean and jerk – etc.

I don’t recommend you have your phone in your pocket for Oly lifting – but you might as well have that as an option.

These pockets aren’t small – they will easily fit the largest Android and iPhones.

Front view of the Men's workout shorts from Hylete - Vertex II - Olive
The Vertex II is available in a variety of solid colors. With pockets and the ability to route the drawstring INSIDE the shorts you can use these as casual wear outside of the gym too!

Like most of Hyletes “board short” style shorts the Vertex II utilizes a slick patented waistband.

It can stretch up to 4 inches in circumference – so you will get a perfect fit every time.

If you put on any weight in the “off season” – that’s no reason to have to run out and buy new clothes.

It gets even better though. Old fashioned drawstrings are a pain – first of all they can be lost – or if they are pulled out of the shorts it can be a real pain to get them back in.

The Vertex II have a "two-way drawstring".

Front view of the Hylete Vertex II men's workout shorts for the gym - navy
The drawstring can be routed INSIDE or OUTSIDE these shorts – thanks to the patented waistband design. These shorts offer outstanding comfort as well.

This is a very slick feature.

There are two individual draw strings – one on the left, one on the right. They are stitched into the waistband of the shorts. You’ll never lose them.

But perhaps more importantly – having two strings means you can easily tighten them individually as needed.

No cinching, no scrunching – you get a perfect fit.

You can also route the ends of the draw string inside or outside the shorts.

Want the clean look? Keep the drawstring inside.

That will keep the knot away from interference and ensure it doesn’t come untied.

The drawstrings themselves are silicone textured and have great grip. They’ll likely stay tied even if you elect to tie them outside the shorts.

as worn Hylete Vertex II men's workout shorts for the gym - navy
The Hylete branding down the leg is somewhat subdued on certain color combinations – but will really "pop" on ligther colors of these shorts.

Vertex II Workout Shorts for Men – Material

The Vertex II workout shorts are made from Hylete’s “Flex-Knit” fabric.

It’s an ultra-durable fabric – and it is way better than cotton.

It is a Polyester (90%) and Spandex (10%) blend.

Synthetic materials are a necessity in performance wear – they are lighter, more breathable, and not as absorbent as cotton. They also dry much, much faster.

Do you want to walk around sopping wet? Neither do I…

In the gym with the Hylete Vertex II workout shorts for men - cool gray
Vertex II shorts are built to be in the gym.

Why spandex? That’s what give these shorts their stretch – and still return to shape every time.

That’s what help makes for a perfect fit and it ensures there are no limitations to your range of motion when exercising.

Polyester is the other key component. Polyester is a synthetic material that is very resistant to shrinking and wrinkling.

But, more importantly it is thin and light (but durable) and it dries lightning fast.

Vertex II Workout Shorts for Men – In the Gym

How do they work in the CrossFit box?

They work as advertised.

The waistband, two-way drawstring and pockets with zippers work as advertised.

(I prefer to NOT carry things in my pocket while working out – but sometimes you have to – especially for a smartphone or earbud carrying base.)

It’s nice to have the option – and quite frankly having pockets make these a viable option for every day casual wear too.

The two way drawstring ties tightly and stays put – especially if you route it through the inside using Hylete’s unique patented waistband design.

The grippy silicone on the drawstring is an excellent touch as well.

And rest assured you have maximum mobility for squats, deadlifts, lunges, and anything else you do in the gym.

All those exericses are not a problem.

Vertex II Workout Shorts – Care and Laundering

Machine wash cold and Hylete recommends you tie the drawstring and turn them inside out.

For drying – put them on tumble dry low – and not bleach or iron them (who irons shorts???)

Rock climbing with the Men's workout shorts from Hylete - Vertex II - Olive
You know where you need unrestricted range of motion? When you are rock climbing. But you don’t need to take things to the extreme to enjoy these high quality and well thought out workout shorts.


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