Nike Pegasus Trail 2 Running Shoe - Side view 2
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Nike Pegasus Trail 2 Running Shoe Review

Nike just dropped the new Pegasus Trail 2 – this is a React foam based trail running shoe. It looks good, but what’s the practical difference between this and all the other trail running shoes that Nike has? (Like the Wildhorse 6, Terra Kiger 6, and Pegasus 36 Trail?) That’s what we’ll talk about here in our hands on review. We’ll also compare it to another running shoe that has a lot of React foam. Here’s the styles now available (We are a Road Runner Sports affiliate): Let’s dive in and take a look at this trail runner. Nike Pegasus Trail 2 – YouTube Review Why read when you can watch? Here’s a first look from our YouTube channel: Nike Pegasus Trail 2 – Overview Let’s start with the cushioning system – because that is the major defining feature of this shoe. The Pegasus Trail 2 uses React foam – and lots of it. It gives a very soft, cushioned feel – in both the heel and forefoot. (But there is more cushion in the heel for sure.) To get [Read more …]

Reebok Nano X Cross Training Shoe
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Reebok Nano X Cross-Trainer Shoe Review

Reebok has launched the 10th iteration of their CrossFit training shoe – the Reebok Nano X is now available worldwide. What’s new and improved in this cross training shoe? That’s what we’ve evaluated in our hands-on review. Read on to find out the details… YO! Why are you looking at the Reebok Nano X? This shoe is now 3 years old. Check out our Reebok Nano X2 review. The X2 is the successor to the Nano X. (There was an X1, but the X2 is better all around). Here’s some of the launch styles that are available now: Let’s take a look. Reebok Nano X Shoe Review – On Our YouTube Channel We’ve got two hands-on video overviews of this shoe on our YouTube channel: And this video compares it directly (and in-depth) to the Reebok Nano 9. Reebok Nano X Shoe Review – What’s New and Improved? Let’s start by calling out the differences with this shoe as compared to the Reebok Nano 9 (last year’s official CrossFit training shoe.) The visible change is the upper (the part that [Read more …]

Nike SuperRep Go Training Shoe - Arcs
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Nike SuperRep Go Training Shoe Review

Let’s take a look at the Nike SuperRep Go. This is a training shoe meant for circuit workouts or classes – whether in a fitness studio, hotel, or your living room. Here’s a few of the colorways available. Get them from Road Runner Sports (we are an affiliate.) This is our hands-on review of these shoes. Nike SuperRep Go Hands-On Shoe Review on YouTube Why read when you can watch? Check out our hands-on review on Youtube: Nike SuperRep Go Sizing and Fit The Nike SuperRep Go runs true to size. A Men’s Size 11 (my normal size) fits me perfectly. The length is perfect, and so is the width. This shoe fits tightly, but that’s by design. (My only real complaint is that I wish the shoe had a pull tab on the heel – that would make it easier to put on and take off.) I’d recommend you order these in your normal shoe size. Nike SuperRep Go – Cushion and Lateral Support This shoe really has two standout features – the cushioning and the lateral support. Let’s [Read more …]

Nike Wildhorse 6 - Trail Running Shoe with React foam
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Nike Wildhorse 6 Trail Running Shoe Review

Nike’s React foam based running shoe has now been launched in a 6th version – the Nike Wildhorse 6 is available now. Need a trail running shoe? This is a tough one, with an all-rubber outsole it also has tenacious grip. But the real appeal of the Wildhorse shoe is all that glorious React foam – this is Nike’s softest, most cushioned trail shoe. And we’d like to tell you all about it (and show you too!) You can get the Nike Wildhorse 6 from Road Runner Sports (We are an affiliate:) Let’s take a look. Nike Wildhorse 6 Hands On Review on YouTube We featured this shoe as part of our Nike Trail Shoe Shootout 2020: Nike Wildhorse 6 – Sizing, Fit, and Feel The Wildhorse 6 runs true to size. Men’s Size 11 fits me perfectly – and that’s the size I wear in most shoes. With that out of the way – let’s talk about that React foam. This is a very cushioned shoe – React foam is soft, but provides crisp rebound with every step. This [Read more …]

Nike Free Metcon 3 - New Cross Trainer for CrossFit in 2020
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Nike Free Metcon 3 Review – New Training Shoe

Nike’s new Nike Free Metcon 3 blends the “Free” running shoe line with the “Metcon” training shoe line to create something unique. And it is available now. This is the successor to the excellent Nike Free x Metcon 2. It is a fairly radical reboot – while staying true to the Free and Metcon features, of course. Read our full review to find out if it is the best CrossFit training shoe for you. (Spoiler alert: This shoe is our top pick for a WOD running shoe – see our review of the Best CrossFit Shoes for 2021 for details.) Get it at Road Runner Sports (we are an affiliate): Enough talk, let’s take a look. Nike Free Metcon 3 Shoe Review YouTube Want to see this shoe up close? Here’s our first look video from our YouTube channel: And here’s our long term follow-up. Nike Free Metcon 3 Shoe Review – Sizing Let’s get started with sizing, fit, and feel. This shoe runs true to size. I wear a Men’s Size 11 in the majority of athletic shoes I [Read more …]

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit - New Running Shoe for 2020
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Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit – New Running Shoe Review

Interested in this shoe? Nike just released the 2nd version – check out the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2. Are you a fan of Nike’s React foam? If so, you may want to check out the new Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit – the newest running shoe from Nike that uses React foam. Nike claims this shoe can reduce the occurrence of running related injuries. I don’t have a practical way to validate that claim, but I can tell you this is a very comfortable, highly cushioned running shoe. Let’s dive in and take a close look. You can get this shoe from Road Runner Sports (we are an affiliate): Let’s look at what makes these running shoes unique. Nike React Foam Cushioning Let’s start with Nike’s React foam – because there is a lot of it. Why does Nike purport this shoe to be great for avoiding injuries? The use of React is a big part of it (but there’s more reasons.) React foam provides outstanding softness and cushion. But, it also provides energy and rebound with every [Read more …]

Quarter view of Nike React Infiinity Run Flyknit in True White/White/Pure Platinum/Photo Blue
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Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit First Look – True White/White/Pure Platinum/Photo Blue

Here’s the new Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit running shoe in the True White/White/Pure Platinum/Photo Blue colorway. What’s the big draw about this shoe? Nike claims it can reduce the occurrence of injuries: “In testing, the Nike React Infinity Run reduced injuries by 52% compared to the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22. The Nike React Infinity Run reduced running injuries by 52% compared to the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 in a study of 226 men and women during a 12 week run training program (injury = missing 3 or more consecutive runs due to running related pain). Our study found that 30.3% of Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 runners experienced an injury but only 14.5% of Nike React Infinity Run runners experienced an injury.” Where can you get it? Road Runner Sports: How does it reduce injuries? Foam – lots and lots of foam – but specifically this is Nike’s React cushioning foam. This newest version of the shoe also has an improved FlyKnit upper and provides a secure and cushioned feel. Officially, this version of the shoe is [Read more …]

Nike Metcon 5 AMP WETEST with fade away upper
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Nike Metcon 5 AMP WETEST Fade Away Upper Shoe Review

Now that the Nike Metcon 6 is out – the Metcon 5 is getting hard to find – but Rogue Fitness still has the Metcon 5 for sale. Nike has just released an exciting new version of the Nike Metcon 5 cross training shoe – one of the best trainers for CrossFit of 2020. Here’s the brand new Nike Metcon 5 AMP with a Fade Away Upper (Also called the Nike Metcon 5 AMP WETEST (We Test.) What’s a Fade Away Upper? It’s easiest if we show you… Ok, so that’s pretty cool. The Fade Away Upper reveals underlying colors as you train over time. Nike has an unsurpassed sense of style when it comes to good looking training shoes. By the way, the official name of this is “Black/Laser Crimson/Oracle Aqua/Black” and style number CD3395-006. Let’s take a closer look. Fade Away Upper in the Nike Metcon 5 AMP In a nutshell, here’s what “Fade Away” will do. As you train from day to day, the shoe’s upper will gradually peel back its top layer, revealing the bold new [Read more …]