New Reebok Nano 9 Style – The Beast

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Reebok is launching a nice new color combo of the excellent CrossFit shoe: the Reebok Nano 9 Beast.

It looks great – and you can see they’ve slightly tweaked the visual style from the previously released shoes.

What makes it “beastly”? We hope to know more soon, but for now you’ll have to be content with hearing about the basic features of this great CrossFit shoe.

Reebok Nano 9 CrossFit Shoe - The Beast
The newest version of the Reebok Nano 9 “Beast” has a new look to the upper. It’s quite a bit more nuanced than the bare Flexweave upper on the earlier shoes. Is there a reason for this difference? We don’t know – but hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Reebok Nano 9 CrossFit Shoe - The Beast
Here’s a good view of the side of the Reebok Nano 9 – notice the tough rubber protection wrap in the back of the shoe. It is very tough. What you can’t see here is the midsole – which is inside the shoe. It is stable in the heel, but offers better cushion at the same time for better running performance.

Reebok Nano 9 CrossFit Shoe - The Beast
Reebok Nano 9 has a 4mm heel to toe drop – just like the previous iteration of the shoe. This relatively “low profile” heel to toe drop means it is a very versatile shoe.

Reebok Nano 9 CrossFit Shoe - The Beast
From the top view, you can see the one feature know and expect from the Reebok Nano 9 – a really wide toebox. This shoe is great for CrossFit athletes with wide feet. If you’ve tried the other shoes, and they were too tight in the width, the Reebok Nano 9 is probably the shoe for you

Reebok Nano 9 CrossFit Shoe - The Beast
These shoes have the CrossFit label right on them – as they are designed for, and approved by CrossFit athletes. This is also a great look at the collar of the shoe that features a very comfortable bootie like fit.

Reebok Nano 9 CrossFit Shoe - The Beast
The two piece outsole offers exception stability – and has "metasplits" for even more versatility.

When will the “Beast” be available?

We’ll let you know as soon as we can. We expect it soon.

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