GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt Review

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Let’s take an in-depth look at the GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt.

GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt (Black or Brown)
This is a Grip6 web belt with a sharp looking spearhead logo on the buckle. It’s easy to put on and looks sharp. Available in Brown or Black.

Why are we reviewing this belt?

It’s a nice belt, but expensive. So you probably want to take a careful look at it before you buy.

Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at:

GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt (Black) The GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt is a Grip6 belt with a nice looking GORUCK spearhead logo. It's lightweight, simple, and made in the USA. Shown here in Black.

GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt (Brown) Also available in Brown. The buckle is T6061 aluminum, and the web is high-strength nylon. The patented design is simple and durable. There's really nothing to break.

GORUCK Simple Shorts (Men's Navy) Need something to do with your GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt? Use it with Simple Shorts. Cut like formal shorts - they have pockets and belt loops. This means you can wear them like normal shorts- and they look like normal shorts- which means you can use these in just about any occasion. Want the comfort of athletic shorts but a more formal appearance? These are your best bet. Shown here in Navy.

Spearhead Tactical Belt (Coyote / Coal) The Spearhead Tactical Belt is easy to adjust and doesn’t slip or stretch over extended time and use.

GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt – Overview

The GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt is a Grip6 belt.

It provides a minimalist look with extreme durability.

GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt - Side by Side
Simple, tough, durable, and it looks good. The GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt.

Ever had a belt break? Yep – it happens. And the more complicated the belt, the more likely it’s going to fail when you need it.

It’s a web belt, so it is low profile. Itlies down flat and won’t protrude out from the pants or dig into your skin.

GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt Brown Buckle
For the Brown color belt, the buckle is Gunmetal color.

This uses the Grip6 patented no-slip locking mechanism to keep the belt in place all day long.

GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt Black and Brown together
The buckle on the Black belt is also black – glossy.

(NOTE: The belt does tend to slide around a bit, at least in our testing – meaning you’ll notice after a while the buckle is off to the left or right, but this is purely aesthetic. The belt stays as tight (or loose) as you apply it.

GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt side by side 2
Both look good.

It’s got a sharp-looking spearhead logo. This spearhead logo is laser cut into a buckle made from T6061 Aluminum.

You ain’t gonna break this buckle.

GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt Black Buckle Closeup
Closeup of the Black belt buckle

The web belt strap itself is woven with high-strength nylon webbing.

The whole thing is very lightweight and can be packed into a minimal space.

Lastly, it is made in the USA.

GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt
Made in the USA>

Spearhead Tactical Belt

A tactical belt is a belt used in a military or law enforcement setting, which you can configure depending on the application. The GORUCK Spearhead Tactical Belt can be used for EDC and CCW purposes while being on a minimalist look and style. This tactical belt is wider than the regular Spearhead belt measuring 1.75” for additional stability and support.

GORUCK Spearhead Tactical Belt Coyote - Etched firearm
GORUCK Spearhead Tactical Belt Coyote – Etched firearm

It has a no-slip locking mechanism that keeps the belt in place all-day and lies down flat and won’t bulge out from the pants or dig into your skin. It has a strap woven with high-strength nylon webbing and has a strap break strength of over 2,000 LBS.

GORUCK Spearhead Tactical Belt Coal - Etched front
GORUCK Spearhead Tactical Belt Coal – Etched front

GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt – In Summary

Need a simple, good looking web belt?

The GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt delivers.

It’s expensive, but it’s also light and ultra-durable.

Impressed with this belt? You may also be interested in Simple Shorts or Challenge Pants – also from GORUCK.

GORUCK Spearhead Web Belt in Brown
Closeup of the brown belt

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