GORUCK American Training Shirt Review

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Let’s review the GORUCK American Training Shirt.

This is my new favorite workout shirt.

GORUCK American Training Shirt
GORUCK American Training Shirt – a great shirt for just about everything.

Why? It’s stretchy, tough, fits well, and it is made in the USA (with a lifetime guarantee.)

Want to find out much more? Read on…

Here’s some of the styles tested:

American Training Shirt (Black) It's tough, it's stretchy, and it's great for just about every workout. We love the American Training Shirt. Made in Spokane, WA - with a lifetime guarantee.

American Training Shirt (Charcoal) Shown here in Charcoal color, it's made from a blend of synthetic materials for maximum performance. These materials are much better than cotton.

American Training Shirt (Navy) Shown here in Navy. This color is shown in several of the testing photos in this article.

American Training Polo (Navy) Keep it classy with a Training Polo - same great features with a more formal look. Don't count this shirt out -it's excellent too! The sleeves are longer - which means they don't ride up as much.

GORUCK American Training Shorts (7.5") These are low-cut, short shorts (7.5" inseam). They've got a soft inner liner, so you can wear these for your workout - and nothing else.

Let’s review this high-performance training apparel for men.

GORUCK American Training Shirt Review – Video Review on our YouTube Channel

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GORUCK American Training Shirt Review – Overview

First of all, let’s talk about the fit and cut.

This shirt is cut for an athletic fit with short sleeves.

I don’t want long baggy sleeves on a workout shirt, but short sleeves sometimes ride up too.

GORUCK American Training Shirt CrossFit WOD Rower
The American Training Shirt has an athletic fit with short sleeves. Here it is under testing in the hot Florida sun on the Concept 2 Rower.

The sleeves on this shirt do tend to ride up a bit, and if you are rucking with a GR1 rucksack or similar, this can lead to some abrasion from those tough straps – but you can just tug the sleeves back into place – or tighten up the backpack straps.

Overall, the sleeves on the GORUCK American Training Shirt are a good compromise – it’s just the right length.

They nailed the length of the whole shirt too – not too short, not too long. Perfect.

American Training Shirt from GORUCK - CrossFit WOD apparel
The length on this shirt is perfect (at least for me.) You can also see the "off the shoulder" fit as well. This is a Men’s Large – I’m 6’2", 195 lbs.

These shirts are made from a proprietary fabric developed by GORUCK.

It is 77% Nylon / 19% Polyester / 4% Spandex. These synthetic materials make for far better performance than something like cotton.

Rucking in a cotton tee-shirt can result in a water-logged, sweat soaked shirt.

Super sweaty cotton shirt
Here’s a water-logged cotton shirt after a 3 mile ruck march with 20 lbs and Bullet rucksack. You an easily see that it is dripping wet with sweat.

GORUCK American Training Shirt Fast Drying
This is a photo taken after lugging around that same rucksack, same distance – with the American Training shirt. Does this shirt look wet to you? It is, but not anywhere near like the cotton shirt was.

The American Training Shirt can get drenched, don’t get me wrong, but it much more sweat wicking and quicker drying by a long shot.

Amercian Training Shirt Moisture Wicking and Fast Drying
During a hard workout you are going to get sweaty – the difference with a good shirt is just how quick it dries off – and doesn’t carry around tons of water.

These materials are light-weight – coming in at 5.6 ounces per square yard.

Is it tough?

Yes. It won’t pill like cheaper, delicate shirts.

The American Training Shirt from GORUCK won't pill
Delicate shirts can pill when subjected to the abrasion from a heavily loaded backpack – not this shirt though. After many, many miles with heavy load there is no pilling.

It will stand up to the center knurl on your barbell, or the abrasive 1000D Cordura that gives GORUCK backpacks their toughness.

No pilling here.
No pilling. This was after much rucksack abrasion (sand bag and ruck sack)

It is tough and comfortable too – it is soft on the inside.

These shirts are made in the USA – in Spokane, Washington to be exact.

GORUCK American Training Shirt - Flag on the Hem
Made in the USA.

They are exceptionally high quality and backed by the Scars lifetime guarantee.

That’s right, a lifetime guarantee.

On a shirt.

It’s almost like they are daring you to try and destroy it…

Pair this top with the Simple Shorts – and you can do ANY workout.

GORUCK American Training Shirt CrossFit WOD apparel Assault Bike
Rogue Echo Bike? That’s a hot and sweaty workout. You can see the subtle speardhead logo on this shirt (Navy) and the American flag down on the hem. The shorts are Charcoal Simple Shorts.

GORUCK American Training Polo Review

Need to keep it classy?

You can get that same great performance fabric in a polo shirt with a collar.

GORUCK American Training Polo
GORUCK American Training Polo in action. The shirt is soaked, this is after about 10 miles with 30 lbs.

Why a polo shirt?

The collar might help provide a little sun blocking in the heat, but it’s not that large.

Here’s the real reason.

You’ll probably like the performance, fit, and comfort of the American Training shirt so much, you’ll want to wear it everywhere.

But, not all social settings will accept a t-shirt.

GORUCK gives us a polo shirt and now it’s appropriate for business casual at work, business travel, on the weekend with family, and pretty much anywhere else.

GORUCK American Training Polo
Here’s another benefit to the polo – the sleeves don’t ride up as much, which means those tough straps on the rucksack isn’t causing discomfort.

The sleeves on the Polo shirt don’t ride up as much – at least not for these 14″ mini-pythons.

(Yes I measured them.)

The sleeves on the t-shirt are shorter and tend to ride up a bit, and then those scratchy, abrasive 1000D Cordura shoulder straps are rubbing on the tender part of your arm.

The subtle spearhead logo looks good and is just enough to pique someone’s interest – but doesn’t scream “I’m a walking billboard.”

GORUCK American Training Polo Spearhead Logo
The subtle spearhead is just enough to stand out, but not too much.

Thank you GORUCK!

By the way, this new generation of the training Polo is far superior to the previous version.

The old Polartec based fabric was too heavy, and quite frankly not that comfortable to wear. It was too “rubbery” for my tastes.

GORUCK has solved those problems with the new Training Polo.

Also – of course the American Training Polo is Made in the USA.

GORUCK American Training Polo - flag on the hem
Made in the USA (just like the Simple Shorts I’m also wearing here.)

For a real knockout combo – try pairing this shirt with Simple Pants or Challenge Pants.

GORUCK American Training Polo - No Pilling
No pilling on the polo. It’s tough.

How Did We Test?

I did all sorts of workouts with these shirts – and casual wear too, of course.

Ruck marching with a heavily loaded backpack.

GORUCK American Training Shirt Rucking
The GORUCK American Training Shirt in Navy – after a short ruck march. I’m not smiling, because it’s hot and humid.

The daily WODs from the GORUCK Sandbag & Ruck Training program.

GORUCK Sandbag
GORUCK Sandbag – very versatile because you can carry it all sort of different ways – including the bear hug.

(By the way, read my review of the GORUCK 60lb Sandbag.)

CrossFit style WODs.

GORUCK American Training Shirt CrossFit WOD Clothes
GORUCK American Training Shirt in Navy (and Simple Shorts) on the Rogue Echo Bike as part of a CrossFit WOD style workout.

And some good old fashioned heavy barbell workouts too.

The shirts passed with flying colors – and I look forward to see what GORUCK comes up with next.

GORUCK American Training Shirt Review – In Summary

It’s soft but tough.

It’s stretchy and pill resistant.

It’s lightweight and moisture wicking.

But most importantly, it’s comfortable and it fits well (athletic cut).

It performs when it matters and has a lifetime guarantee – so go ahead and do your worst.

GORUCK American Training Shirt
One tough shirt, but it’s comfortable too. Pair it up with Simple Shorts and you have a great combo.

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GORUCK American Training Shirt
A sandbag get-up. The first one isn’t so bad, it’s the next 20 that really take the wind out of you.

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GORUCK American Training Shirt
Sandbag front squats.

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