Nike Wildhorse 6 and Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 6 - Trail running shoes new for 2020
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Nike Trail Running for 2020 – Nike Wildhorse and Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger

This week Nike is launching updates for two of it’s signature trailing running shoes: the Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger, and the Nike Wildhorse. These fresh new updates are just the start – look for more updates to the Nike Trail Running line throughout 2020. This is the 6th version of each shoe. That means these are fine-tuning updates – because you don’t mess with success. Where can you get these? Roadrunner Sports has them : Both represent alterations that focus in on serious trail running performance. After all, a trail run is a lot different than your standard road run – or run of the mill track workout. The Wildhorse now includes Nike’s React foam – this amazing foam cushion system brings more comfort and stability underfoot – and returns energy to you with every footstep. The Kiger’s improvements focus on keeping mud, muck, and water out – with a stylish new upper. Photo Credits Product photos on this page are property of Nike, Inc. This website is not affiliated or associated with CrossFit, Inc. CrossFit is a registered [Read more …]

UA HOVR Machina Running Shoe on the road
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UA HOVR Machina – Running Shoe from Under Armour with Real-Time Form Coaching

Let’s take a look at the UA HOVR™ Machina – the new running shoe from Under Armour. UA likes to say it is “MORE THAN A RUNNING SHOE.” Why? Because it includes a revolutionary new feature – real-time form coaching to let you become a better runner. What can you train for with these? If you are racing for a spot at the trials, shaving off seconds from your 5k best, qualifying for a marathon – or just want to improve – these shoes can give you the extra edge. The Machina is the newest shoe in UA’s HOVR lineup. In the past runners have been force to choose between high-cushion running shoes for longer distances races or lightweight for speed. But UA has struck a perfect balance with the HOVR lineup – so runners don’t have to sacrifice either. The UA HOVR Machina mixes the speed of a racing shoe with the comfort of a long-distance shoe. And let’s talk about real-time Form Coaching. This is a revolutionary running training tool for 2020. REAL-TIME FORM COACHING THE UA HOVR [Read more …]

UA HOVR shoes being used for running on the road
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UA HOVR Running Shoe Lineup Updated for 2020

Under Armour’s HOVR line of running shoes have made a name for themselves. And as UA likes to say they are “Propelling runners into the next decade” with the announcement of new versions of the HOVR running shoes for the year 2020. The UA HOVR lineup is a proven winner. And they’ve got models of running shoe for every runner. There’s some new additions too. Under Armour is known for giving athletes the tools and gear they need to perform at their best. And their proprietary UA HOVR™ cushioning system is just one example of that. Launched in 2018 UA HOVR™ cushioning was quickly added to all UA’s performance running shoes. HOVR provides energy return with every foot strike. The overall goal is to make every stride feel light and bouncy – to keep the runner moving forward. Bouncy foam like HOVR an be a double edge sword though – a softer foam is slower – while for energy return you need a crisp rebound – and that means a firmer cushion that may be less comfortable. But UA HOVR [Read more …]