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Let’s review Assault Bikes (from Assault Fitness) If you are looking for an extra-ordinary ride, the Assault Bikes will totally bring on the adventure you are looking for. Nearly all of your body muscles will have to work hard when you use AssaultBikes because it is a full-body exercise. Get ready to keep your heart pumping and your sweat springing when you use one of these beasts. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Assault Bikes – Overview One of the reasons why using Assault Bikes is hard is because it automatically ramps up resistance as you push, pull, and pedal with greater speed and force. This means the harder you go, the harder it gets. Using Assault Bikes is a form of cardio workout which improves your cardiovascular health. It is a unique mixture of an upper/lower body workout, and it is likely to increase the heart rate with some force and power. Riding on the Assault Bike is also a perfect workout if you only have fifteen minutes before work. Using Assault Bikes [Read more …]

GORUCK Simple Side Pocket pocket on ruck

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Let’s review GORUCK Storage Accessories. When you travel and go outside, you want your stuff to be organized and accessible so you can freely do your activities without any disturbances (like finding a misplaced charger). Save time, manage more activities, and have longer times doing outdoor adventures with GORUCK Storage Accessories. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: GORUCK Storage Accessories – Overview GORUCK Storage Accessories provide you with straightforward pockets and kits with killer versatility and admirable durability. GORUCK is known for the best, most rigid rucking gear, so it is expected that these pockets will last long. These pockets also provide expansion or organization of your GORUCK Rucksack storage as they can be attached to them. GORUCK Storage Accessories offer you an array of different pockets to suit your taste, preference, and need. There’s always a GORUCK pocket to systematically organize your electronics, cables, camera, batteries, hard drive, etc. GR1 Field Pocket The GR1 Field Pocket is a multi-functional pocket, and you can use it as a toiletry kit or as an organizer [Read more …]