KOBE V Protro Chaos Colorway Basketball Shoe
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KOBE V Protro Basketball Shoe from Nike Releases Jan 3rd

The KOBE V is a low-top performance basketball shoe from Nike. To ensure you look good on the court these are known for the memorable colorways. And since their debut in 2009, they have consistently matched all the flash (and substance) of their namesake: Kobe Bryant. The KOBE V is now available, and is in Protro form. What’s Protro? It’s a term that Kobe came up with himself – it means Performance + Retro = Protro. So now you know. Here’s how the various outsole and midsole features are constructed. Here’s an up close look at the tech in these great basketball shoes.

UA Trek Collection - Performance Apparel
Workout Apparel

Under Armour New UA Trek Release Combines Run, Outdoor, and Style in Performance Apparel

Under Armour (UA) has revealed it’s new performance apparel line – UA Trek. UA Trek is performance apparel and footwear that fuses run, outdoor, and style. As you can tell from the name, these are outdoor focused workout clothes. For the reveal, the UA team traveled to Iceland with some up and coming athletes. Who is on the roster for the reveal? Angelina Krawczyk is a distance runner, soccer player and nature enthusiast. Cailee Grayhorse is a native of Venice Beach and also a model and softball athlete. Myles O’Neal is also a part of the club -he’s a family member of basketball royalty (as you can tell by the name) and an influencer of youth culture. Lastly, former track athlete and artist Will Breveard took part as well. Let’s take a look. As winter sets in throughout the northern hemisphere, temperatures are dropping. And no matter whether you are traversing a dynamic cityscape or the backcountry – you need to look at UA Trek. This is the 2nd drop of “UA Trek”. It includes a complete head-to-toe collection of [Read more …]

Reebok Nano 9 - Black/White/Porcelain
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Reebok Nano 9 – New Styles for 2020

The Reebok Nano 9 is the OFFICIAL CrossFit Training Shoe for the year 2019 and 2020. It’s the only shoe that has the CrossFit stamp of approval on it. And that’s not just because there is a contract between Reebok and CrossFit – this is a very good shoe for cross training, functional fitness, and the CrossFit WOD. We’ll tell you a bit about it, while we showcase some of the newest styles.

NikeCourt Melbourne collection
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NikeCourt Melbourne Collection Tennis Clothes

Did you know Melbourne is one of the hottest tennis courts used for a Major? And soon, 700,000 people will flock to the opening slam in Australia to see the action. NikeCourt is Nike’s line of tennis clothes – made for performance and good looks. And later this month, NikeCourt will unveil their 2020 collection. And it’s gonna be hot – so NikeCourt designers developed a knee-length bodysuit for women as a baselayer. This garment was designed using Atlas body-mapping to identify the areas that tend to overheat. For women that is typically under the bra and at the neckline. But what Nike has done here is to piece this garment together to maximize breathability for those hotspots. Why use a base garment? It serves dual purposes. Players often want to combine a cooler outfit and still present a unique style on the court. (After all – who doesn’t want to look good under the watchful eye of thousands of tennis fans?) A base garment makes these performance clothes a modular system. Players can choose tanks, crop tops and skirts [Read more …]

CrossFit Shoes

Nike Metcon 5 AMP – New Colorway for 2020

Now that the Nike Metcon 6 is out – the Metcon 5 is getting hard to find – but Rogue Fitness still has the Metcon 5 for sale. Are the current Nike Metcon 5 styles (Nike calls them “colorways”) too tame for you? Then feast your eyes on the Nike Metcon 5 AMP in Black / Fire Pink / Green / Strike Blue Fury. The Nike Metcon 5 AMP is a colorful addition to the Nike Metcon 5 line of shoes. These shoes are popular for expanding the boundaries of the modern cross-training shoe performance. Thanks to the ultra stable heel and outsole they offer increased stability for weightlifters , but still have greater flexibility in the forefoot for runners. CrossFit shoes also need to be tough. The Nike Metcon 5 uses durable, haptic 3D print on the mesh upper that will offer superior durability- especially in the high-wear areas. This is because the print is applied more densely in the areas that get the most wear – like on the edges of the toebox, for example. And hey – [Read more …]