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TRX Kevlar Ab Slider

Get your core in shape with the TRX Kevlar Ab Slider. Ab workouts are essential not only to get the abs you’ve been longing for but also to strengthen your core and, as a result, support your whole body’s health. A strong core helps you do daily tasks easier, improve posture, increase stability, decrease the risk of injury, and avoid back pain. Get it now – from TRX: TRX Kevlar Ab Slider – Overview Get stronger with the TRX Kevlar Ab Slider. This set of training discs upgrades your every plank, pushup, lunge, mountain climber, and more by adding a sliding challenge to your hands or feet that compels you to fire up your core as you maintain stability. This allows you to exercise on any kind of surface and get a perfect glide all the time. It comes in two designs—a soft back for floors or a hard back for carpet. It is excellent for leveling up the challenge of any TRX Training Club® workout, other at-home workouts, or just anytime on the go. You can pack them in [Read more …]

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TRX Resistance Trainers

Here’s an overview of the TRX Resistance Trainers from TRX. If there is a door, tree, beam, or any solid support, you can use resistance trainers and start resistance training to work all your muscle groups. Resistance training is an easy and beneficial way to exercise anywhere by challenging your body in situations of instability to develop your power, flexibility, stability, and more. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: TRX Resistance Trainers – Overview Resistance training is the same as weight training and strength training and uses resistance to muscular contraction to increase strength, anaerobic stamina, and mass of skeletal muscles. When done regularly and constantly, your muscles become more robust, and you get other health benefits. A versatile fitness program includes resistance training to develop physical performance, movement control, walking velocity, functional independence, cognitive skills, and self-esteem. It also builds strong muscles, boosts resting metabolic rate, and reduces fat weight. You can use different tools like free weights, medicine balls, weight machines, resistance bands, suspension equipment, and even your own body weight. Here [Read more …]

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TRX Suspension Trainers

Here’s the newest in TRX Suspension Trainers from TRX – of course. A suspension trainer is an elastic band with handles on each end installed on a doorframe or a ceiling. One of the best things about a suspension trainer is it is small, so you can take it with you wherever you go, and when you do, it’s like you packed your home gym with you. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: TRX Suspension Trainers – Overview Suspension training utilizes body weight to strengthen muscle, lower blood pressure, and lose fat through resistance workouts. It involves the core by rendering functional weight-bearing movements using the body’s average weight. It is a challenging workout, but it is not as excruciating as it seems and can be done by even novices. Suspension training movements add an extra element to bodyweight training and can be used in many ways. When using a suspension trainer, you are in control of how much you want to test yourself on each workout by changing your body position to add [Read more …]

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Workout Apparel

TRX Training Apparel for Women

Let’s take a look at TRX Training Apparel for Women. Making the most of your exercise is mainly achieved by proper workout attire. Aside from choosing the right gym, an amazing trainer, and functional shoes, wearing the right clothes can improve your performance. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: TRX Training Apparel for Women – Overview Compression apparel is tight but provides breathability and allows air to circulate when worn during a workout, keeping you cool. Compression apparel has fabrics that add pressure to your muscles aiding in blood circulation and supports the recovery process as you workout. Compression clothes are stretchy and support movements such as stretching and lifting. They are less dangerous than wearing loose and relaxed clothing so you can exercise for a more extended period. Compression apparel is efficient in reducing muscle cramps and fatigue not only during workouts but also after workouts. Most of these apparel have sweat-wicking properties to keep you dry and are soft as they fit next to your skin. TRX is a fitness company that [Read more …]

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Workout Apparel

TRX Training Apparel for Men

Let’s take a look at TRX Training Apparel for Men. For every activity, there is proper clothing, and this includes your workout. In choosing the appropriate clothing for working out, it is crucial to consider the training, the weather outside, and the setting you will be performing it in. The materials used in this clothing are also essential to consider. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: TRX Training Apparel for Men – Overview One of the things to consider when choosing the proper clothing when working out is the weather. When it is hot, loose clothing can help avoid heat-related illnesses and lets air cool your body and dry sweat. Using materials with sweat-wicking properties is also important. When it is cold, picking easily layered clothing lets you change clothes as your workout ignites and add layers if you become chilly from sweat. Wearing a cap and a beanie can also give warmth to your head when running outside. Choose clothing that can give you a range of motion so you can complete the [Read more …]