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Blitz 30 Packs

Let’s take a look at the Blitz 30 Packs from Mystery Ranch. The Blitz 30 Pack has plenty of brilliant design features that make this bag one of the more versatile Mystery Ranch backpacks. This pack can move anywhere from the jungle to the office because of its tactical appearance and features. From Mystery Ranch: Blitz 30 Packs – Overview The Blitz 30 Pack has a 1770 cu-ins volume that can be compressed when not full so as not to look too big when you have to bring it to the city. It is made from durable 500D CORDURA® fabric fused with valuable features and clever organization, making it a cross-functional EDC. It has a low-profile, removable webbing waist belt that allows you to have access when you want it or keep it simplified. This pack provides quick access through the body panel and gets you straight to the necessary tools. It also comes with a padded floating laptop sleeve that fits laptops up to 15”. Three main pockets and ample PALS webbing are available to keep you organized while [Read more …]

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Gunfighter SB Backpacks from Mystery Ranch

Get a highly functional, tactical backpack with the Gunfighter SB Packs from Mystery Ranch. Mystery Ranch unveiled the new limited-edition set of backpacks ready for streetwear and have lightweight design. Mystery Ranch creates better, more robust, flexible, durable, and more comfortable backpacks. They make tactical backpacks for soldiers, firefighters, skiers, hunters, climbers, and everyday users with challenging activities. From Mystery Ranch: Gunfighter SB Packs from Mystery Ranch – Overview The Gunfighter SB or Special Blends Packs have a low-profile, minimalist structure for brief missions. The packs are available in two sizes—14L and 24L. 14L is compact at 2.3 lb, measuring 16.75″x10.25″x9.25″, and is perfect for a day tour. 24L is bigger at 2.9 lb, measuring 21.21″x10.25″x10.25″, and is ideal for an overnight getaway. 14L has a 2-zip, rip-zip style opening, while 24L has a 4-zip, rip-zip style opening, both used for fast, full access to the main pack. These packs have a lightweight design and are made from 330D Cougar Nylon with DWR and PU coatings for ultimate durability and protection from weather and UV rays. Both sizes have laser-cut [Read more …]

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Low Vis EDC Packs from Mystery Ranch

Every Day Carry (EDC)? Let’s take a look at Low-Vis Packs from Mystery Ranch. These are great for EDC on the down-lo. Not everyone wants to get attention while doing their mission; that’s why others prefer to use low-vis bags. Low-vis bags can be used in many events and easily match different environments such as tactical operations, challenges, nighttime missions downrange, and other circumstances requiring invisibility. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Low-Vis Packs from Mystery Ranch – Overview Low-vis packs should not call attention with their colors, so choosing colors like black and gray is the way to go. Your packs should also be robust enough to keep up with you on a mission. Mystery Ranch designs low-vis packs that feature the same design principles and durability that Mystery Ranch is known for. Mystery Ranch stays true to its martial origins while adjusting to the various needs of tactical professionals everywhere. They are made to endure the severest commute, wherever that may be, and are built on the specific needs of servicemen. Their [Read more …]

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Women’s Outdoor Backpacks from Mystery Ranch

Here’s the latest in Women’s Outdoor Backpacks from Mystery Ranch. From aggressive day trips to plain overnighters or a week-long mission, carrying the right gear will help make your adventure more fun and less taxing. But with a thousand different brands, styles, and designs in the market, it can be hard to find the right backpack for you. Take a look at some of these backpacks from Mystery Ranch and see if there is one that fits your activity. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Women’s Outdoor Packs from Mystery Ranch – Overview When on the trail, a reliable and durable backpack is essential. The backpack you will bring depends on the duration of your hike or mission. If you are going on a long backpacking trip, you will need a large hiking backpack. It also has to be comfortable on your back for a fun and convenient trip. Other features that need to be considered are the compartments, materials used, closure system, hydration compatibility, pockets, and weight. Outdoor packs need to be durable [Read more …]

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EDC Packs from Mystery Ranch

Need EDC (Every Day Carry)? Check out these Everyday Carry Packs from Mystery Ranch. Everyday Carry, or EDC, is a collection of things you carry in your pockets or your bag every day. These essential items that you can’t leave the house without daily need a durable and convenient pack. This is where the Everyday Carry Packs come in. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Everyday Carry Packs from Mystery Ranch – Overview With an Everyday carry pack, your life becomes better, more convenient, and more manageable, and you can maximize its performance and efficiency as you have easy access to your belongings. It also makes you ready for unanticipated circumstances so you can save precious time. If you want to save money in the long run, getting EDC that is durable, reliable, and durable is a good idea. But what do you put in your EDC? It’s your essentials — phone, keys, wallet, keychain, multitool, knife, flashlight, pens, paper, watch, and the list goes on. Full Moon Mystery Ranch kept their promise of [Read more …]