Rogue LB Competition Plates - 2021 Games 55lb
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Used Competition Plates from the CrossFit Games 2021

For a very limited time Rogue is selling the used Competition Bumper Plates from the CrossFit Games 2021. Having IWF-spec competition plates in your home gym is a bit of a luxury because of its price but if you are serious about CrossFit and weightlifting, they are a must. They have advantages and great features that back up the price so you can think of it as a valuable investment. These are marked in pounds, not kilograms. Consider this to be your chance to own a little bit of history: Competition Bumper Plates from the CrossFit Games 2021 – Overview The Rogue Fitness Competition plates are well-made and solid, and they adhere to IWF weight/color specifications. They are 450MM in diameter, with chrome-plated steel disc inserts and a 50.40MM collar opening for a firm, stable hold. These competition bumper plates use a two-piece chrome-plated design instead of a three-piece zinc-plated hub design used by other plates. Rather than being painted on the rubber, all the lettering on the plates is raised for a bolder look with a gloss-matte-gloss textured matte [Read more …]

CrossFit Games 2021 - Fittest Woman on Earth

The 2021 CrossFit Games

The 2021 CrossFit Games has ended, and the Fittest Man and Woman on Earth have been determined. Held in Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI, the Games started running from July 27 to August 1 and was participated by more than 600 athletes across 27 diverse divisions as they battled for the title of the Fittest on Earth®. Justin Medeiros and Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr are the 2021 CrossFit Games Champions. Teens, individuals, teams, masters, and the inaugural adaptive division joined the competition, and unlike last year, this year’s event allowed sports fans and viewers to attend the Games, giving the event a lively atmosphere. The Games tested athletes in different fitness events from heavy cardio – a mile swim with fins followed by a three-mile kayak paddle — to the “home run derby” of CrossFit, the one-rep max snatch, to more classic chippers, like the four-rounder of rope climbs, ski erg, and sandbag carries. The Games also added a twist on a normal movement – handstand pushups that, rather than being performed against a wall, were freestanding. After small sets of [Read more …]

Rep Fitness Excalibur 20 kg - Stainless Steel sleeves
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REP Games Sale 2021

Pssst…. It’s 2022 now – and REP’s game sale is over – but check out these deals – which they’ve got year round. The CrossFit Games is on and so is REP’s Games Sale. The sale of the year is finally here! Rep Fitness offers this seven-day sale for some of their high-quality gym equipment to pump up your fitness. Here are some of the equipment that is on sale until August 2nd: REP Games Sale – Overview Rep Fitness is giving you the opportunity to set up your home gym effortlessly and economically. Rep Fitness provides high-value fitness equipment supported with the pledge of trust, expertise, and innovation. From barbells to flat benches, Rep Fitness offers you these pieces of equipment at a lower price. They strive to be the leader in fitness innovation worldwide, and their team works hard daily to make that dream a reality. Their durable pieces of equipment are also backed up with a warranty. Games Home Gym Package The Games Home Gym package gives you the ability to customize and choose the equipment you [Read more …]