Altama OTB Urban Assault Boot Review
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Altama OTB Urban Assault Boot Review

Let’s review the from Altama. This is similar, but different than it’s aquatic brethren – the Altama OTB Maritime Assault Boot – which we’ve also reviewed. The key differences here – this boot is meant for dry land – it uses a mainstream EVA midsole for cushion and a knit upper. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Altama OTB Urban Assault Boot – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Why read when you can watch? Our review pair is on order, while we wait for them to arrive check out this video from our YouTube channel about the OTB Maritime Assault Boot: Altama OTB Urban Assault Boot – Overview While Altama OTB Maritime Assault Boot is made for all tactical water operations, the Altama OTB Urban Assault is made for tactical land operations. It may look like Chuck Taylor initially, but the differences between the two will also be seen immediately. It is fashioned with convenient knit uppers and a justified, high balance sole so you can comfortably do anything. It has air mesh [Read more …]

GORUCK MACV-1 Lightweight Rucking Boot in Coyote Suede (6")

MACV-1 Lightweight Gen2 Boot Review – GORUCK

GORUCK, the rucking company, makes a lightweight jungle boot they call the MACV-1. And they’ve now launched the 2nd generation of this lightweight, comfortable boot. The newest MACV-1 boot has an improved rubber outsole for better all-terrain performance, and an upper made out of improved leather. But there is much more to this pair of boots – and that’s what we’ll talk about in this review. We’ve just received our pair of MACV-1 boots (6″ in Coyote Suede) and our hands-on (feet-on?) testing has begun. Consider this to be a “first look” and we’ll update with further details as we find out more about this great new footwear. Here’s the products we’ll be reviewing: Let’s take a close look. GORUCK MACV-1 Video Review from our YouTube Channel Want to see these bad-boys in action? Check out these videos: Here’s the Black Leather version: This video focuses more on the GORUCK Rucker, but it’ll give you an idea of how we test this gear: MACV-1 Lightweight Rucking Boot – Sizing Let’s talk about fit and sizing because that is what most [Read more …]