OOFOS OOriginal Thong right side
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OOFOS Sandals for Men

OOFOS makes the world’s best sandals (flip-flops). I found this brand via GORUCK – they had a very time-limited OOFOS sandal branded with the GORUCK spearhead – but they are all sold out – nd have been for quite some time. But that’s OK because you can get OOFOS Sandals from Road Runner Sports. (They don’t carry the GORUCK spearhead branded version though…) Exercise is good for the body as it helps in promoting general health. But exercise is also demanding on your joints, especially your feet and ankles. This can lead to fatigue, muscle tightness, discomfort, and soreness. To reduce pressure and demand on your feet and joints, recovery footwear is essential. Rest those weary dogs with these OOFOS sandals and flip-flops: OOFOS Sandals for Men – Overview Recovery footwear can help ease fatigue, pain, and tightness and make you feel recharged. OOFOS sandals can help you with this. They are made with proprietary OOfoam™ technology that helps absorb 37% more impact than traditional foam footwear materials. The patented footbed on each sandal cradle and supports arches. When paired [Read more …]

Patagonia Womens Airshed Pro Pullover worn back
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Trail Running Clothes for Women from Patagonia

Let’s take a look at Trail Running Clothes for Women from Patagonia. Trail running takes you out of the gym and the familiar road to deep nature. Aside from the new places and the beauty of nature that you’ll discover, trail running also gives health benefits. Here are some of its benefits. From Patagonia: Trail Running Clothes for Women from Patagonia – Overview Running in itself is a great way to improve endurance, but trail running is more challenging because of the uneven surfaces, inclines, and declines which better your endurance. Trail running engages more muscle groups not usually used with road running because of the bumpy trails, which also helps improve your balance. Seeing nature and its beauty is very refreshing not only to the eyes but also to your mind. Trail running helps both with physical and mental health. But trail running can be tricky so being prepared is essential. Consider the terrain, weather, and other elements you can encounter so you can get a smooth experience. Here are some gears you can wear should you decide to [Read more …]

Nike Metcon 8 Flyease - Mens left side
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Nike Metcon 8 Flyease – Men’s

Let’s take a look at the Nike Metcon 8 Flyease – Men’s. This “FlyEase” variation of Nike’s Metcon 8 men’s cross-training shoe has specs engineered to the demands of championship athletes—similar to all Metcon 8 series. Nike FlyEase allows you to enjoy sports no matter your ability with technology designed from insights from the disability community. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Nike Metcon 8 Flyease – Men’s – Overview As the latest version of Metcon, the Metcon 8 Flyease offers a more breathable upper than the previous edition to complement the standards of durability and comfort. This shoe highlights a unique, flexible heel that lets you step into the shoe without using your hands. It collapses when you step in, then snaps back into place to secure your foot. The lightweight mesh and strategically textured overlays keep your feet cool without losing durability, and Flywire cables integrate with the laces to secure the midfoot. The shoe has a wide flexible heel with an inner plate that disperses weight from edge to edge for [Read more …]

Rogue TAC Hat ranger green main
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Rogue TAC Hat

Get a tough, good-looking hat like the Rogue TAC Hat. Tactical hats differ from baseball caps, dad, or trucker hats. They have more rigid and durable materials than these hats and come with a wide range of functional, innovative, and battle-ready features. The Rogue TAC Hat (made by GORUCK!): Rogue TAC Hat – Overview The Rogue TAC Hat is a lightweight, military-style tactical hat/baseball cap with the Rogue logo across the front. It is a low-profile six-panel GORUCK cap made from a sweat-wicking material. This cap also has a streamlined interior sweatband and a classic curved brim. It can be adjusted through a 3.5” Velcro® back closure, and the top of the hat is button-free. When wearing Peltors or other hearing protection, you won’t feel that irritating press down. The hat has a curved bill and comes in coyote, black, and ranger green colors. GORUCK TAC Hat Review By the way, this excellent hat is actually made by GORUCK. We’ve reviewed the GORUCK TAC Hat in the past. One BIG caveat – the GORUCK version of this hat has a [Read more …]

GORUCK Bullet 15L chair

New Bullet 15L Colors

The newest GORUCK Bullet 15L is a great little rucksack (backpack) for fitness. And it gets even better with these New Bullet 15L Colors. The 15L Bullet is a grab-and-go daypack. One day it’s an expedition to the beach; the next, you’re filling it with essentials for a day hike. The Bullet is the solution if you want a streamlined yet highly packable backpack. Get it now – only from GORUCK: New Bullet 15L Colors – Overview New to the Bullet is the 210D Cordura fabric used at the back panel and under-shoulder straps. This fabric allows you to wear this with a tank top or even shirtless with no friction burns, no matter the weight you put in the Bullet. Like other GORUCK rucksacks, the Bullet also opens flat, making it easy to pack and organize. It has the same design as the Special Forces medical rucks. This ruck has a simple and sleek design with only a single compartment and three interior pockets, including one for your Ruck Plate. All 10LB, 20LB, and 30LB Ruck Plates will fit [Read more …]

Nike Free Metcon 4 worn
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Women’s Nike Free Metcon 4 JE

The Nike Free Metcon 4 shoe has been a big hit for Nike – this CrossFit training shoe offers great support and good looks. The newest version for women is the Women’s Nike Free Metcon 4 JE. The Women’s Nike Free Metcon 4 JE is a training shoe that integrates flexibility and support, so you efficiently transition from weight lifting to speed drills. The original Metcon mesh is back and better than ever, plus other features that made this shoe perfect for Bootcamp, weightlifting, sprints, HIIT workouts, and intense gym workouts. Get it now – from Road Runner Sports: Women’s Nike Free Metcon 4 JE – Overview The special edition Nike Free Metcon is designed to pay tribute to Joanne Ernst—an American former triathlete who won the 1985 Hawaii Ironman Triathlon. The 4 JE brings back the super-tough yet breathable mesh from the original version. The upper gets enhanced with a Huarache-inspired strap and rubber-striped sidewall that encloses your heel to brace you for movement in all directions. You can speed around the track with a flexible forefoot and stable [Read more …]

Reebok Cardi B Let Me … Be Next Level Energy Collection 2
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Cardi B “Let Me Be … Next Level Energy” Collection from Reebok

Cardi B is on fire – here comes the latest “Let Me Be … Next Level Energy” Collection. It’s a collab with Reebok – of course! The new Reebok x Cardi B collection makes a remark with intensified colors and energy to match. This iconic and enduring collaboration achieves a new level of boldness. The latest collection is all about living life in an energized state and embracing the peaks of life. Only from Cardi B – and Reebok: Cardi B Let Me … Be Next Level Energy Collection – Overview The Reebok x Cardi B collection is inspired by Cardi B’s bold attitude, unmatched energy, and sensory overload. This partnership creates an extensive footwear and apparel collection that lives up to Cardi’s iconic energy titled “Let Me Be…Next Level Energy.” It comes in a two-part capsule that highlights a color palette reflecting some of the most vibrant crystals on Earth. In the first part of the collection, which will launch in mid-October, Reebok and Cardi B will introduce two new footwear silhouettes: the Club C Cardi V2 ($120-$150) and [Read more …]

Rogue USA Nylon Lifting Belt brandname
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Breast Cancer Awareness

Let’s take a look at the Pink edition equipment from Rogue for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every year, Rogue offers a special collection to join other organizations in raising awareness about the effect of breast cancer and helping major breast cancer charities. By supporting this collection, see how you can help those fighting or fighting breast cancer. Get them now , from Rogue: Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022 – Overview Rogue has presented a collection of apparel and equipment in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Proceeds earned from the sales will be donated to the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research at Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. World-renowned experts at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC – James) endlessly seek a picture of a cancer-free world. The Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research is crucial to this vision. By supporting research, drug development, and innovative therapies, the fund, through philanthropic support, is changing the way breast cancer is prevented, [Read more …]

Reebok National Geographic Nano X2 Grow Training Shoes 8
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National Geographic Nano X2 Grow Training Shoes

The National Geographic Nano X2 Grow Training Shoes are the newest special edition of Reebok’s newest cross trainer. Reebok and National Geographic come together to celebrate and bring awareness to the world’s wild and endangered species by creating uniquely combined patterns inspired by these beautiful animals and applying them to the upper of the shoe. Two colorways are available; both are made with at least 50% plant-based materials (not animal-based products). Get this great CrossFit training shoe from Reebok: Reebok Nano X2 Review We reviewed an earlier version of this shoe – check out our Reebok Nano X2 review for lots of photos – like these… National Geographic Nano X2 Grow Training Shoes – Overview The National Geographic Nano X2 Grow comes in two colorways: The Soft Camel/Light Sand/Gravel colorway shows formidable species such as the Python Snake, Puffer Fish, Poison Dart Frog, Scorpion, Grizzly Bear, and more. The second is Core Black/Stone/Khaki, inspired by the biggest wild cats like the Tiger, Cheetah, and Jaguar. The graphic on the upper of each Nano X2 Grow blends patterns that resemble these [Read more …]

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Tribe WOD Gym Hammers

Take a walk on the wild side with the Tribe WOD Gym Hammers. The sledgehammer is one of the old-school training tools that helps build and develop raw strength and explosive power. You can swing or slam it, and as a result, you’ll build strength and power and even improve wrist stability and toughen the forearms and grip. Get crazy : Tribe WOD Gym Hammers – Overview The main benefit of a sledgehammer is that it provides a total body workout that develops your strength and power. Repetitive slamming of a sledgehammer can help build endurance in your shoulders, back, core, and arms. Using one hand in slamming enables you to develop core strength and improve balance. A sledgehammer is a great addition to your gym equipment for strength training. It forces you to do multiple-joint movements focusing on acceleration, speed, sharpness, coordination, and mental endurance. Here are some tools from Tribe WOD that are designed to enable, support, and push your self-betterment. Thor Hammer Series With the Thor Hammer Series, you can do different exercises such as power snatches, [Read more …]