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Women’s Workout Shorts from Hylete

Let’s take a look at Women’s Workout Shorts from Hylete. Whether you are doing HIIT or running, it is undeniable that workout shorts are very comfortable to use. Shorts allow plenty of air to flow generously around your legs, keeping you way cooler than leggings. They are overly lightweight and enable a maximum range of motion, making them a great race-day choice. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Women’s Workout Shorts from Hylete – Overview Getting yourself reliable and comfortable workout shorts shouldn’t be underestimated. Take into consideration factors like the material used. When you workout, it is normal to sweat hard, so a moisture-wicking fabric should be considered. If you are running miles after miles, shorts with a built-in liner that don’t hinder your stride is what you need. They should also be comfortable and breathable so you can do more. Here are some workout shorts from Hylete. Hylete is the maker of premium performance athletic apparel, made for the modern athlete and priced for everyday use. They design premium fitness apparel with [Read more …]

GORUCK American Training Shorts Navy and Camo Review (3)
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GORUCK American Training Shorts Review

Let’s review the American Training Shorts from GORUCK. Whatever sports/workout you engage in, wearing the right sportswear can make the most out of your exercise. Appropriate activewear makes it more natural for you to move, keeping you cozy and cool, and nothing gets more satisfying than wearing shorts during workouts, especially in summer. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Let’s take a look. Training Shorts from GORUCK – Overview GORUCK captured the hearts of many with their rugged rucksack/backpack. But making the best and the most rigid rucking gears did not end with their backpacks. GORUCK included training shorts in the list. They even managed to combine both tough and comfortable in these training shorts giving you a fantastic look and feel. These training shorts also create another buzz in the CrossFit world as they bring the best feeling and performance. They fit great, non-restrictive, and can be your favorite everyday shorts. These are 7.5″ inseam. In my book that’s “shortie shorts”. It’s definitely an “above the quad” fit. Here’s a photo (provided by [Read more …]