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Longhorn Bar – Camber Bar from Fringe Sport

Take the strain off your shoulders with this new Camber Bar from Fringe Sport. Fringe is based in Texas, so they’ve christened this as the “longhorn bar”. A camber bar is a cutting-edge and effective squat accessory that helps improve your squat strength and strategy. It is designed for those with shoulder mobility problems or upper body injuries. With this bar, the weight plates are placed a little off-center from the upper part of the barbell rather than underneath. Get it now, from the wise-guys (and gals) at Fringe Sport: Longhorn Bar – Camber Bar from Fringe Sport – Overview The Longhorn bar provides incomparable stability and comfort on your back, ideal for those long training drives. It rests naturally on your back, either in a high bar or low bar position. The bar also offers relief and comfort to your shoulders, wrists, and even biceps. Because of its altered angles and relaxing bend, you can enjoy the smoothest ride as it reduces shoulder torque and wrist strain. You can squat easier and deeper with it as it is made [Read more …]

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Kabuki Kadillac Camber Bar

Kabuki has a new camber bar – check out the Kabuki Kadillac Bar. You can get it from Rogue. The cambered squat bar has an upper horizontal steel bar with two vertically-welded steel posts extending under it. The bar also has a design that makes it more comfortable for people with shoulder mobility problems or upper body injuries to carry. Get the best, from Kabuki: Kabuki Kadillac Bar – Overview The cambered squat bar is state-of-the-art and a highly efficient squat accessory that can help improve your squat strength and strategy. Its weight plates hang 14 inches lower than a standard barbell and are positioned somewhat off-center from the upper part of the barbell rather than straight underneath. It is more challenging, though, to balance with this barbell because the weight plates can swing forward and back as you move. Because of its design, you can decide to put your hands on the upper portion, the same as with a standard bar. You can also place your hands on the vertical posts at differing heights. This grip change enables people [Read more …]

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New Rogue Multi Grip Bars

Get a better grip when you bench with the new Multi-Grip Bars from Rogue. Multi-grip bars or football bars are used for strength training. They help you get stronger, enhance training variety, and facilitate the proper form when used correctly. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: New Rogue Multi-Grip Bars – Overview When holding a multi-grip bar, your hands are placed in a neutral grip position with your palms facing each other. This grip lets your shoulders be efficiently placed in a retracted and depressed position while lifting the barbell. It also has various handle widths to choose from, so you can adjust your hand placement depending on your body size and frame. This variation in grip also allows you to change your grip depending on your exercise. You can do different activities with a multi-grip bar, such as the bench press, bent-over row, overhead press, skull crusher, hammer curl, and other workouts you’d complete with a straight bar. Rogue MG-4F Multi-Grip Bar The Rogue MG-4F Multi-Grip Bar is a patent-pending design and is [Read more …]