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AssaultRunner Pro Versus AssaultRunner Elite

Let’s look at the treadmill options from Assault Fitness – the AssaultRunner Pro and Elite. Assault Fitness’ AssaultRunner is not your ordinary treadmill. It has zero electrical consumption and works on your energy with a low carbon footprint. It is also one of the lightest treadmills and is easy to transport and move around. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: AssaultRunner Pro Versus Elite – Overview For more than 20 years now, Assault Fitness has been designing and developing elite fitness equipment. They are known for making AssaultBikes, AssaultRowers, and AssaultRunners. Running on their Assault Runner is like running on air but with a powerful blow and will give you a complete beating. It is designed to mimic on-road running and burns more calories than an average motorized treadmill. It can even sustain over 150,000 miles of intense running. It depends on your strength and you can push it as hard as possible because it has no maximum speed. It is also compact and light, making it easy to transport and push around. The [Read more …]

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AirPlus Runner from Xebex

Need a non-motorized treadmill? Check out the Xebex AirPlus Runner. A curved treadmill is a modernized curved-shaped running machine powered entirely by your legs and created for natural human movement. It is very identical to outdoor running because it doesn’t use electricity and no top speed. Because of its curved, slatted running surface, you can move the treadmill belt using the balls of your feet, pushing your body ahead as you do. Here are some of the equipment that is available now: Xebex AirPlus Runner – Overview These curved treadmills are versatile and have many applications that include Aerobic Fitness, Anaerobic Power and Capacity, Speed Training, Rehabilitative Locomotor Patterning, and Decreased Ground Reaction Force Training. A curved treadmill engages more muscle groups than traditional treadmills, and you can only increase the pace by working out harder. It is also less harmful to the joints because the rubber surface of a curved treadmill absorbs the impact on your joints and connective tissue, avoiding injuries often connected with hitting the ground. You can also burn 30% more calories on a curved treadmill. [Read more …]