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Nike Metcon 6 X Training Shoe Review

The Nike Metcon 6 X represents a radical new style of Nike’s top of the line training shoe. Here’s the Nike Metcon 6 X, also known as the Metcon Knows or What the Metcon edition shoe: Whoa – what’s up with the crazy styles? The Nike Metcon 6 is an amalgamation of classic Metcon shoes – and that’s where the styling cues from from. But, at the same time, it is an excellent training shoe – because it’s really just a Metcon 6! (We consider the Nike Metcon 6 to be the Best CrossFit Shoe for 2020.) Let’s take a deep dive into this shoe. Here it is, the Nike Metcon 6 X – and some more styles that you might prefer (NOTE: These are affiliate links) Let’s review this shoe. Nike Metcon 6 – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Why read when you can watch? Here’s a video review of the Nike Metcon 6 X from our YouTube channel: We’ll have an update with the Nike Metcon 6 X soon. The above video includes on feet, a detailed [Read more …]