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SURGE21 Backpack from King Kong Apparel

Let’s take a look at the SURGE21 Backpack, from King Kong Apparel. Look forward to putting on the work with the SURGE21 Backpack. Whatever challenges you face, you can be prepared to conquer them with the brains, muscles, and beauty of the SURGE21. From King Kong apparel: SURGE21 Backpack – Overview No matter how dynamic or challenging your activity, the SURGE21 Backpack can match your and your activity’s energy. The SURGE21 is a compact backpack with remarkable confidence and punch. It weighs 1.0 kg with a 21L capacity and is designed for light travelers. It measures 47cm/18.5″ (height), 30cm/12″ (width), and 15cm/5.9″ (depth). The foldable top closure of the backpack has expandable volume and adjustable compression. It also has an internal drawstring closure, contoured shoulder straps, and a padded back. The backpack can fit a 15″ laptop, a pair of shoes, two water bottles, and other items. It has three internal and external pockets for small items like mobile phone, headphone, keys, and more. SURGE21 Backpack – In Summary That’s our close-up look at the SURGE21 Backpack. This backpack is [Read more …]

King Kong Apparel ZONE28 Duffel insert
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Meal Prep on the Go

Serious about your nutrition? Then you probably prep all your meals beforehand. But how do you transport a whole day’s worth of meals – to work, to the gym, or anywhere else? King Kong Apparel has some innovative solutions for Meal Prep on the go. Let’s take a look. Excellent meal prep bags are an easy solution if you keep trying to get fresh and clean food ready and be on time in your busy schedule. Meal prep bags are carry-case insulated lunch bags made to carry your homemade food without spoiling. King Kong Apparel made bags for this purpose, and these bags are also functional as they are durable. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Meal Prep on the Go – Overview King Kong Apparel started in 2011 and ever since was making the best quality and most functional gym bags. Their bags use heavy-duty buckles for ultimate security, rip-proof lining to protect what’s inside your bag, and other durable materials to provide your gear with the best protection. King Kong bags are [Read more …]

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CORE51 Gym Duffel Bag

Need a duffel bag for the gym? Check out the CORE51 Duffel. Your gym bag is not supposed to be a mysterious-smelling hole where you put everything in it. With Core51, you can have the proper organization of all your gym stuff, allowing you to categorize them inside your bag. King Kong Apparel makes high-quality and functional gym bags for modern and active athletes, even reinventing the expectations of what gym bags should be. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: CORE51 Duffel – Overview Core51 Duffel is 46% bigger, giving maximum functionality and enhanced support to lifters. Core51 has an exclusive weight belt holder that guarantees performance isn’t jeopardized. You can wrap your belt around the duffel instead of putting it inside and take up most of the space. It has a generous main compartment highlighting more pockets and compartments. It has a 15″ internal padded laptop sleeve and a sealed internal shoe compartment so you can keep your clean gear smelling fresh. Core51 has two expandable bottle holders to keep you hydrated throughout [Read more …]

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CORE35 Gym Duffel Bag From King Kong Apparel

Need a gym duffel bag? You want to check out the innovative designs from King Kong Apparel like the CORE35 Duffel. If you liked CORE25 but need a bigger bag, the CORE35 Duffel is the answer. This duffel bag is your lifting partner if you are a weightlifter as it offers a clever way of storing your belt outside the bag instead of inside. It comes in 35L with three colors. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: CORE35 Duffel – Overview This beefed-up duffel bag is created to put everything you need and support you every time you walk into the gym. The bag measures 28cm in height, 45cm in width, and 28cm in depth, weighing 1.8 lb. At 35L, CORE35 has plenty of pockets for storage and helps keep your gear separated and organized. It is carry-on compatible and has a landscape Velcro patch over the King Kong logo. The difference between this duffel bag and other King Kong duffels is the unique weightlifting belt attachment. This innovation allows the bag to be used [Read more …]

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CORE25 Backpack from King Kong Apparel

Here’s the new CORE25 Backpack from King Kong Apparel. Gym rats start to go to their favorite hideout again as commercial gyms start to open after a long hiatus. Going to the gym requires you to bring a bag for all your stuff and a good bag is a necessity for its functionality. If you are a weightlifter or a powerlifter, you’ll especially love this new backpack from King Kong. This backpack will not only carry your gym apparel but also your lifting belt in a brilliant way. Here’s some of the styles that are available now: CORE25 Backpack – Overview CORE25 Backpack has a smart feature that allows you to wrap your weight lifting belt around the bag. This gives advantage and convenience to lifters whose lifting belts take up so much space in their gym bag. In addition to the versatility of this bag, you can also hang small accessories like keys at the front of the backpack. Each side of the bag has a pocket just in case you bring a water bottle and a protein shaker [Read more …]