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GORUCK isn’t exclusively about rucking – they make a great cross training shoe too – here’s the GORUCK Ballistic Trainers. Take your workout outside of the gym with the Ballistic Trainer. It is a versatile and functional training shoe to face the real world of weighted ruck activities, sandbag workouts in dirty settings, even conditions where you need better traction, and surroundings where you need more support. This is a great shoe for CrossFit style workouts (F45, etc.): GORUCK Ballistic Trainers – Our Review Hey! We’ve reviewed the GORUCK ballistic trainer. Overall, it’s a competent – if somewhat boring looking- CrossFit shoe. But, not everybody wants flashy shoes – so these are great for that. Find out more in our GORUCK Ballistic Trainer Review. GORUCK Ballistic Trainers – Overview The best feature of the Ballistic Trainer is its 3X support™ and 3X stability for all three of your arches. The dense PU foam insert is custom-made to fit the outlines of the foot and support all the arches. Three different rubber compounds form a single, seamless rubber outsole. The forefoot [Read more …]

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GORUCK Ballistic Trainer Review

GORUCK just launched their newest training shoe: the GORUCK Ballistic Trainer. GORUCK makes serious, well thought out, and high quality training gear. They are looking to shake up the functional fitness/CrossFit WOD training shoe space with this new shoe. How well does it work? That’s what we aim to find out. We’ve got our review pair – and testing is underway. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: GORUCK Ballistic Trainer – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Why read when you can watch? Check out this video from our YouTube channel: Check back in a few weeks, and we’ll have the results of our side by side testing. GORUCK Ballistic Trainer – Overview This is GORUCK’s first attempt to create a functional fitness (aka CrossFit) style training shoe. How about some stats right up front? Upper MaterialsKnit mesh (forefoot) / Ballistic Nylon (Midfoot and heel) Weight15.0 ounces (Men’s Size 11) Drop8 mm CushioningMinimal SizingTrue to size. Toebox is wide Let’s start from the ground up – with the outsole. The all-rubber outsole provides grip in [Read more …]