Rep Fitness Rep AB-4100 Adjustable Weight Bench black with an atlete 5
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Rep AB-4100 Adjustable Weight Bench

Rep has a wide variety of weight benches for your home or garage gym – and the selection just got better. Here’s the new AB-4100 Adjustable Weight Bench, from Rep Fitness. An adjustable weight bench is essential when building a home gym because it presents a durable surface. The exercises you can execute using a weight bench are limitless — from chest presses and dumbbell row to tricep dips and shoulder press. Here are some of the weight benches you can get now, from Rep Fitness: Rep AB-4100 Adjustable Weight Bench – Overview Because it offers adjustable levels of flat, incline, and decline, an adjustable weight bench offers versatility, providing various exercise assortments and full-body exercises. It has a solid and stable surface making it great for any exercise, specifically weightlifting. It is a great tool to increase upper body strength, and by exercising from multiple angles, you can also strengthen back muscles and enhance flexibility. An adjustable weight bench is also great if you have limited space as it can be adjusted, and you will no longer need more [Read more …]

Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench main
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Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench

Let’s look at the super-tough Monster Lite Competition Bench from Rogue. A competition bench meets all competition specifications and provides fantastic benefits to the body and overall health. Using a competition bench burns calories because you are engaging different regions of your body at once. It also improves bone health as its impact goes deeper than your muscle tissues. Using a competition bench is also an efficient compound movement as you engage your triceps, pectorals, anterior deltoids, and even some of the muscles that cover your ribs. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench – Overview Manufactured in the USA, the Monster Lite Competition Bench presents a unique patent-pending Rogue design, highlighting 3×3” 11-gauge steel tubing (as well as 3/8″ & 1/4” flat plate where necessary), finished in MG Black with bright zinc hardware. It is also equipped with a set of ML J-Cups for built-in rackability with any standard barbell. It is fitting to a small garage gym or a big high school/college/pro weight room. The bench is both durable [Read more …]