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Don’t tear up your good wedding ring when you are working out – rock a Groove Ring instead. Your training apparel and gear are not complete if you don’t have a fitness ring. A fitness ring or silicone ring is made for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who put so much value on their wedding ring but still want to wear a ring to the gym to show their devotion and commitment. Here are some of the styles that are available now, via Rogue: Groove Rings – Overview Wearing your wedding ring or any traditional ring in the gym can be harmful to them, especially if you are using different equipment. Or, even if you placed it in the locker room before your workout, there can be instances that you can misplace or lose them. With silicone rings, you can still wear a ring that conveys commitment, love, devotion, and style and not worry about those things while smashing your workout routine. The best and the most practical way to cherish your ring that symbolizes your commitment is to wear a [Read more …]

Rogue Ohio Power Bar Aggro 3x knurl
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Rogue Ohio Power Bar Aggro – Aggressive Knurl

Is regular barbell knurl not tough enough for you? If so, you want to check out the Rogue Ohio Power Bar Aggro. The small intersecting sets of parallel lines on the shaft of Olympic Barbells is what you call the barbell knurling and is designed to build friction between your hands and the bar for improved grip. Aggressive knurling is made to better your grip on heavy lifts and is exceptionally valuable for deadlifts. Here’s some of the styles we are going to look at: Rogue Ohio Power Bar Aggro – Overview The AGGRO™ variations of Rogue’s 45LB Ohio Power Bar are meant for lifters who want more aggressive knurl than the standard model. Two choices are available: 2x AGGRO and 3x AGGRO. The 3x AGGRO is Rogue’s most aggressive knurl to date and one of the most cutting and ruthless on the market. If you are doubtful of your tolerance level, it’s better to stay away from this option. Without sacrificing the knurl geometry, Rogue increased the depth and coarseness of the Ohio Power Bar knurling of these AGGRO [Read more …]