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TRX Kevlar Ab Slider

Get your core in shape with the TRX Kevlar Ab Slider. Ab workouts are essential not only to get the abs you’ve been longing for but also to strengthen your core and, as a result, support your whole body’s health. A strong core helps you do daily tasks easier, improve posture, increase stability, decrease the risk of injury, and avoid back pain. Get it now – from TRX: TRX Kevlar Ab Slider – Overview Get stronger with the TRX Kevlar Ab Slider. This set of training discs upgrades your every plank, pushup, lunge, mountain climber, and more by adding a sliding challenge to your hands or feet that compels you to fire up your core as you maintain stability. This allows you to exercise on any kind of surface and get a perfect glide all the time. It comes in two designs—a soft back for floors or a hard back for carpet. It is excellent for leveling up the challenge of any TRX Training Club® workout, other at-home workouts, or just anytime on the go. You can pack them in [Read more …]